12:43 | December 19, 2018



Road trip!!!

This road trip from Santa Monica to Ventura California was sooo beautiful! I feel like the camera didn’t fully capture the beauty of the drive. Or I just failed to film well enough to “capture” the beauty hahaha. Either way, take my word it was better than it looked!

Hope you enjoy this vlog <3




8:47 | December 9, 2018




This is the vlog after the vlog where I got WAY too excited to be in New York. The result? A hangover that has left my energy levels… somewhat less that ideal lol.

Still a fun day and we even got in a cute little photoshoot!

Hope you liked this video <3




2:44 | December 5, 2018



ok, THIS is by far the most fun i’ve had… ever

I know I said that about my last post, so I guess I’m a big liar… but NYC has an energy that is so crazy awesome! This was my first night exploring the city and I was SO excited to be there. If you can’t tell by all the strange “sound effects” i’m making in the video lol.

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6:30 | November 29, 2018



Exploring Lake Atitlan!

Makes me sad to say this is the last Guatemala vlog! Such a fun trip, and beautiful country.

Hope you enjoy this edit from Lake Atitlan 🙂




6:15 | November 25, 2018



Guatemalan adventures!

It has been A WEEK, let me tell you. Here are my first two vlogs from my Guatemala trip. And unfortunately no, the second is not clickbait, we were almost robbed while hiking!

Guatemala is such a beautiful country, and I had a great time even though there were some sketchy incidents throughout the trip.

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8:32 | September 13, 2018



lol excuse the clickbait title

Gotta keep things dramatic for YouTube, you know how it isssss.

SO yeah, my video schedule got a bit messed up due to some horrid food poisoning I got a few days before we left Tulum. Now, I am back to health and in Vancouver! Very nice to be able to eat and drink water again. Montezuma certainly got his revenge on me……….🤢 tmi? 😂


I am actually really enjoying the cool weather here in Vancouver right now, it’s a nice change to the blistering heat in Mexico.

Filming something very exciting today, that will be live on Sunday! Gotta go get ready for that, so I will talk to ya soonies.




8:27 | September 11, 2018




This was probably Troy’s favourite thing he got to witness. So evil.

That’s what love is though, right? Making your partner consume gross bugs? Yeah… something like that.

Ok team, new vlog for you today. This was SUCH a fun day, minus the bug eating incident. We managed to find Pablo Escobar’s old hideout in Tulum, which was definitely one of the coolest things we saw.

Hope you enjoy this video!!




4:40 | September 4, 2018



Me posing about at Kin Toh

Hey bloggity friends! How are you today?

Happy to share today’s vlog with you – it was such a fun day and I love being able show you what things are REALLY like, outside the instagram post. You know?

Highly recommend trying out Kin Toh restaurant in Tulum. The venue itself was a whole experience AND the food was super delicious! Also if you want to sit in one of those fancy “nest” seats…. make sure you grab a group of friends before you go. $700 USD min spend is a pretty penny. It’s so weird that literally nobody talks about that on social media. SO many people are posting photos up the ying yang from the nests at Kin Toh but nobody mentions you can’t actually eat there without agreeing to a min spend. $700 USD was for the “worst” nest, the nicer ones only go up from there. Either way, we had a beyond fabulous time at Kin Toh. Definitely my favourite meal of the trip.

Can’t wait to talk to you again, thanks for being here!




11:38 | August 27, 2018



Suytun Cenote, Tulum

Well this was certainly a neat day.

AND BY NEAT I MEAN IT WAS EPIC. Beyond epic. I can’t even believe a place like Suytun Cenote exists. Truly felt magical.

This ended up being a weird two day vlog, but I think it worked out okay as a mini weekend episode? Maybe? What u think…


I posted about this on my instagram/facebook pages yesterday but wanted to address it here too. These last few months I’ve put my focus 100% into vlogging so that I can improve my skill and make fun episodes that I want to watch with friends and family. Vlogging is super fun, and I love it the mostest. BUT, something I really want to start integrating back into Skinny Belle is more personal videos. The goal being getting to know eachother better and talk about the stuff that isn’t just sunny travel videos. You know, the messier stuff. LIFE stuff.

Sooo yeah! If you have any topic requests, slide on into my dms or comment below or email me. Whatever you like 🙂 (no subject is off limits 🙂 )



9:05 | August 24, 2018



Beautiful ancient ruins in Tulum

Hey bloggity friends!

Got a new vlog for you, and this time we checked out some Mayan Ruins in Tulum. These were so gorgeous and I loveddddd how we had the whole place to ourself! There is nothing worse (imo) than going sight seeing in a huge crowd of tourists. So pro tip, if you are planning a visit to the Tulum Ruins you can pay more (80 pesos during regular hours, 240 pesos before/after regular hours) to go inside the ruins BEFORE or AFTER hours and it’s TOTALLY worth it!

Anyways, sitting here in my favourite coffee shop in Tulum writing to you. The wifi in our AirBnb is a bit slow and it takes about 3 hours to upload there whereas here in takes 10 minutes. Plus I get to consume even MORE caffeine. Win win if you ask me.

One thing that has been a challenge throughout these last few months traveling is eating vegetarian/vegan. I like to try and have 80% of my diet be plant based. But I’ve been finding in places like Costa Rica and Mexico there are limited options plant-based protein options. Considering making a video on this and how I am managing it soon. If you are interested in something like that, feel free to slide on into my dms and lmk.

Just rented a car for some adventuring that is going down this weekend, so I’m going to go meet up with Troy now to get us some wheeeels!

Talk soon!