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Jacket: John + Jenn / Sweater: Zara / Shoes: Converse / Jeans: Citizens

Okay soooo I took a wee little trip to London last week! I’d never been before, so it was unreal to get to see the city and catch up with some friends who are living there right now. ūüôā

When I travel I am not big on doing the “touristy” things, but I always feel this obligation (guilt?) to do them. Do any of you get that feeling too? Honestly it’s ridiculous haha. So anywho, to avoid myself feeling guilt ridden, I’ll go and power through all the touristy stuff just to “say I did it.” And if I am being honest I usually really enjoy myself once I start touristing haha. Because hell, things are famous for a reason. It usually means they are good.¬†

The photos above are me fresh off the plane (9.5 hours dbsjaguehskiwgdb 😭) powering through a few touristy things. I was quite jet lagged and definitely not feeling fresh, but it was a great time anyways.¬†

I have lots more great photos to share with you, and my tips for the best places to go in London! (Aside from the tourist traps 😉)





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Top: Billabong / Skirt: Billabong

I’m really not sure if I could ask for a better backdrop. Would you look at it?! I mean come on…. so beautiful¬†😍

For the second leg of my Philippines trip, I was fortunate enough to travel to an area called Puerto Galera. Not going to lie, I definitely was notttt as big of a fan of Puetro Galera as I was of Popototan Island. But, more on that later! I will be posting a summary of my Philippines trip shortly. For now, we focus on my gorrrrrgeous mermaid coloured outfit from Billabong. 

The colours on this Billabong crop top/skirt combo are to DIE. They are perfect for the upcoming spring season, and I will definitely be rocking this outfit many times over the coming months. You guys already know this, but I am a major sucker for crop tops. They are soooo sexy to me, but not like in-your-face-check-me-out¬†kind of sexy. Crop tops are more…. I’m-so-sexy-but-still-demure-and-modest. You know? lol. Anyways, love crop tops. They are the shit. Especially ones made by the great people at Billabong.¬†

CLICK HERE to check out the Billabong crop top I am wearing in the photos above! I wear a small.

CLICK HERE to get your hands on the skirt above! Also a size small.¬†‚ėļÔłŹ

So much fun wearing this outfit, especially in such a gorgeous location! I was so impatient to share these photos with you guys haha I am obsessed with this outfit.¬†😄

Talk soon!





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My thoughts on Popototan Island + a resort review!

The benefits of jetlag? Getting to witness and capture the most beautiful sunrises. And two breakfasts. Eating two breakfasts is only acceptable when nobody sees you eat the first. So being the only one up at 5 am every day for the past week? Not so bad if you ask me.¬†😉

Staying on Popototan Island (near Coron Island) in the Philippines has been an unparalleled experience. It is honestly so chill here and I am getting way too comfortable with the “island life.” My daily schedule pretty much consists of eating (duh), sitting on the beach, snorkling, eating some more, napping, drinking some beer, napping, and sitting and watching the sunset. Again, getting wayyyyy too used to this schedule I have going on here haha. Real life might be a wee bit of a struggle when I get home.¬†😂

The resort we have been staying at is called Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort. I have been getting lots of questions about my stay on Popototan so I figured I would give you guys the dirty deets on the exact place I was staying. Let’s call this… hmmm… how about we call this review “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The Good

Uhmmmmmm have you seen the photo above? It is freakin’ gorgeous. The island itself is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The sunsets, sunrises, days….. it’s all fantastic. Not to mention the foliage (trees n’ stuff) is also super cool here on Popototan Island. So lush, it makes me wonder how many days a year it actually rains here. We didn’t have a drop of rain all week long.

In terms of the hotel and rooms, it is pretty rustic feeling but I honestly didn’t mind it at all. Everything is clean and new, it just wouldn’t be a 5-star status if you ask me. Like I said before, I am major feeling the island vibes right now so I kind of really like it haha. But if you are planning on making a visit here be ready for a rustic style¬†resort.¬†

The staff at Coral Bay Beach and Dive are so helpful, kind, and fun to talk with. To me this also makes a big difference to the enjoyment of your stay. The owner, a very tan Danish guy, is quite the character too haha. That would be the one who was giving me a hard time about wifi on my first day there.

Shitty wifi. Yes, I am putting this under “the good” section. Seriously. Me. The most internet loving person in the world (exaggeration but whatevs) is putting complete crap wifi under the “pro” list. It was honestly a really refreshing experience to not have my eyes glued to my phone all day long. And to be forced to actually pick up a book and read it? A great thing if you ask me.

The Bad

The food. So I was definitely sneaking in two breakfasts every day because that was the best meal they had. The food was honestly awful, and really pricey for the Philippines. There was nowhere else to eat on the island (they totally know this so tricky tricky) so you don’t have much of a choice but to eat in the Coral Bay restaurant. What we did to come prepared was bring some snacks with us for when we didn’t feel like the restaurant food.

The Ugly

Yep I got nada. If you think anything is ugly about a gorgeous private island in the middle of the ocean, you are straight up weird my friend. This was truly a great place to stay and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Okay folks, that’s all from me for today! LOVE YA BABESICLES¬†😘¬†😘¬†😘

P.S. If you have any more questions about my trip, please comment below!

P.P.S. More photos coming from the resort over the next little while! Stay tuned. 

P.P.P.S. ur the best K THNX BI.





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My best travel tips for all you babes out there!

Hellooooo from the Philippines! Right now I am in the airport in Manila, waiting for my flight to go to Coron Island.¬†🎉¬†So, I thought I would share some of my favourite travel tips for you while I wait!

Being a frequent flyer, there are lots of tips and tricks I have developed over the years to make your flying experience a little more comfortable. These tips are meant to keep you healthy and refreshed for your trip.¬†😊

Let‚Äôs be real. Flying is overall just generally an unpleasant experience. The air is dry, your stomach is all pissed off because you are way too high in altitude, and you are basically stuck in a tin flying can way high in the ski with a million other coughing/sick/snotty people. Can you tell I don‚Äôt love to fly? It is just a necessary evil to get where you want to go haha. And I love to travel… so I deal.

Here are some of my favourite ways to stay fresh while flying:


Eye Masks

Sephora Anti-Aging eye masks. THIS SHIT WORKS. Think about that super dry on the plane. Bringing these little masks of wonder along with you with change your world. You can use them on the plane (I have no shame… literally) because they don’t require any washing. Just put em on for 20 minutes and take them off, and you will be a new woman by the time you land. Or if you have pride, put these on as soon as you get to your hotel!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil. I generally just always travel with coconut oil because it is a super good way to refresh your skin and hair after a long flight. I like to use this instead of face cream on my first night of a trip to make sure my skin is extra hydrated. 


Vega bars. Food on planes sucks. Whether you are in business class, economy, whatever. It sucks. I make sure to bring along something healthy to snack on like a Vega Bar, so I don’t get all bloaty and gross from eating plane food. Bloaty and gross is not a cute look.

Small Meals

Do notttt overeat on planes. No big meals before or during. I don’t know about you guys but my stomach hates me the entire time I am flying. The bloat is very real. Bleh. So yea, no big meals!!


Sanitizing wipes. Planes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Do you think the staff actually wipes down the area around each seat between flights? Yaaaa right. You can bet there is just an annual/monthly cleaning of the plane. Germs, ew. So bring along some wet wipes or sanitizing wipes (something that will kill those germs) and wipe down the area around you on the plane. You will be happy you did when you see the layers of gross brown gunk coming off the arm rests. #nasty

Tea (not to drink!)

Order a cup of tea, and breathe in the steam through your nose. No, I am not losing it (k well maybe a little lol but whatevs.) This will hydrate your nasal passage and help fight the dry recycled air that is going around the plane. This will make you feel sooo refreshed when you are flying.


Okay that’s all for now! I have a few more tips that I will share with you later, but my flight is boarding so I’ve gotta run! Love you guys <3 Can’t wait to update you from the island!¬†





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A recap from my trip to NYC!

Okay so it is pretty much a requirement that the first time you visit New York you do some touristy things.. so needless to say I was all about them tourist activities while I was visiting last weekend. Usually I avoid anything that screams “tourist” like it’s the plague… but hey, when in Rome. Here is a little re-cap on my favourite things I did while visiting NYC:

Empire State Building

Literally had no intention of going up the Empire State before I arrived in New York. Like I said, I usually seriously dislike touristy things. This time being a dweeby tourist was TOTALLY worth it. The view from the top of the Empire State is for sure one of the top 5 most beautiful views I have seen in my life. No photos can ever portray how incredible that view was. $30 well spent for sure. 

The Food

The food. Ahhh yes. I think I just ate my way around the city. I honestly can barely even remember most of the things I ate because they were so frigging awesome I blacked out. Yes, that’s a thing that happens when I eat. A few key foodie things I loved were the bagels at Bagelsmith, meatballs at The Meatball Shop¬†(<– insert ball joke here) and the Taco Morelos food truck (<– shit was reallll authentic and oh so delish.)


The Metropolitan Museum of Art was for sure a cool experience. Not going to lie, I am kind of like a small child when it comes to being in museums. I think its fun for a little while and then I am happy to leave pretty quick. So I came, I saw, I went. #culture

Vintage Shopping

Okay so I really didn’t do any non-vintage shopping in New York. Every store I saw on 5th ave we have here in Vancouver, so I wanted to do something a little bit different. Something I can’t get at home. And let me tell you, NYC vintage stores are a wholeeeee different ball game than the vintage shopping in Vancouver. Bigger, better, and just all around winning. I could spend hours and hours looking through the beautiful pieces in the vintage shops of NY.

Brooklyn Bridge

So obviously from the photos above ya’ll can see that I walked the Brooklyn Bridge. As a tourist/first time visitor, it was basically mandatory haha. Super cool bridge, but way too many people. And the bike lane NEEDS to go. Why the hell is there a bike lane taking up 50% of the area space on one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city? The bikers were angry, I was angry, no me gusta. SO yea, other than the ridiculous bike lane the Brooklyn Bridge was gorg.¬†

Central Park 

Walking around central park was a really unique experience. You are literally in a little nature oasis in the middle of this mammoth city. Pretty neat if you ask me. Definitely did not compare to the beautiful BC nature I am spoilt with all the time here, but it was still really cool. If I ever move to NYC I will definitely be going on jogs through the park, because neature. 


Definitely was a liiiiiittle bit of a trouble maker on this trip!¬†😈 We spent our evening checking out a variety of different nightlife venues, from small little bars in Williamsburg to unreal clubs in Manhattan like Marquee. There is a ridiculous amount of¬†fun places to go in New York, sooo stoked to go back and explore more!¬†

So those were some of the things I got up to while I was visiting the big apple! Totally fell in love with the city, it was so so gorgeous. AND, the people are SO nice. It was unreal. I don’t think I have ever had that many non-crazy strangers talk to me in such a short period of time.¬†Loved every second of it. That just doesn’t happen in Vancouver, we are a bit “colder” here haha.¬†

Anywho, cannot waittttttt to go back to New York! So freakin’ fun. Can you tell I am obsessed?? haha¬†💁

Do you guys have any great suggestions for things to do on my next trip?? Comment below!!





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Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Boots: Timberland / Shirt: Oak + Fort / Jacket: Vintage

Andddddd I’m back! Did you miss me?¬†

Decided that I needed a little bit of a vacation, so for the past week or so I have been in New York with one of my oldest and best friends. It was my first time visiting the city and I can most certainly tell you it will not be the last. I am totally in love.

First off, the culture is just fantastic. Everyone is so nice there, I have seriously never had that many non-crazy people talk to me in a short period of time… ever. I love the buildings, how people dress, the food, like… just everything. I will be posting my favourite things I did in NYC later this week, and would love to compare notes with you guys!¬†

Anyways, vacation is over and I’m back babies!!! Can’t wait to be posting again, I missed you guys ūüôā





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Can someone tell me when Vancouver got cold?

OKAY BUT FOR REAL. It is f’ing freezing right now in Vancouver. For all my American and international friends, it honestly never gets cold in Vancouver. Like, ever. The worst that happens is there is some wet snow during¬†December¬†and it is such a rare occasion that the¬†entire city basically shuts down. Panic ensues to say the least.

Anyways, it is freezing cold right now and I actually went out and bought a full down filled jacket with fur to stay warm. Never ever have I felt the need to do that before. Maybe I am just becoming more feeble at my ripe old age of 24. Or global warming is happening, who knows. Either way, this beauty of a jacket has come into my life because of the weirdly cold weather. 

Another thing that it is absolutely essential for you guys to know, is that I feel like a Russian mafia princess in this jacket. Like, THE MOST gangster. It is of the upmost importance to me to maintain a feelings of gangster at all times. So this coat definitely fits the ticket.

Coat from Danier, click here to check out their site!





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Las Vegas for the weekend!

What a weekend! Jetted off to go on another Vegas adventure last weekend.¬†Halloween weekend in Vegas?! Yes please. My favourite part of Halloween is checking out everyone’s costumes. It is always hilarious to see what people come up with. Let’s all ignore the fact that my costume was sobasic-it-hurts this year. I am a busy woman and didn’t have time to plan anything legit. I know, it’s no excuse.¬†😔¬†Next year I will get it together, because… #priorities. Halloween is practically a religious holiday to me haha. After college there are barely any opportunities to dress up anymore, so Halloween is pretty much it. And the sorority girl in me misses having at least one costume party every week.¬†😂

It was great to spend the weekend hanging out with friends, dancing, and enjoying¬†a festive beverage or 6. Basically that weekend ate up my whole 20% of my 80/20 lifestyle¬†for the week (click here if you haven’t read about the Skinny Belle lifestyle, it’s the best.) There were a lotttttt of sugary drinks and way too much delicious food happening. We had two equally fantastic dinners at Tao and Lavo. If you haven’t been, go. Yesterday. Such unreal spots.¬†

After a big weekend of eating and drinking, I am in full detox mode right now. Girl will be following my “recover from a weekend of overindulgence” plan, and practically bathing in coconut oil (<– it¬†is magical and makes everything better.)

How were your Halloweekends?! If you have a blog/instagram, link it below in the comment section so I can check out your costumes! 





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Woooo!!! You guys I had such a fun weekend in Vegas! 

So obviously this photo is not from Vegas…. I major failed at taking any photos this weekend because it was all fun all the time. I will be better next time, promise ūüôā But anyways, I am in the airport right now waiting for my flight back to Vancouver. I am going to need to do some serious healthy eating this week to make up for all the food and festive drinks this weekend. And rest, I need that. Lots of it.¬†

For those of you who might be taking a trip to Vegas soon, there are a few things you can do to make sure you stay healthy while you are staying out late and living it up.

Here are my fave quick tricks for staying healthy on a not-so-restful trip:


Bring like 740328742038748 packs of Emergen-C with you. Drink like 5 of those bad boys a day. It will save you, I swear haha. 


Drink way more water than you ever think you need. Keeping your body hydrated is so key when you are staying up late and dancing the nights away!


Eat it. All of it. Make sure your meals are substantial and you get some meat or vegetarian protein in you.

There you have it friends! Those are my quick and easy tricks on how to survive Vegas. I feel pretty damn good right now so I would say they are “tested and true.”

Lots of great stuff coming for you this week! I hope you are hungry, there are some tasty recipes coming your way. ūüôā





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Yesterday’s lunch situation was on-point. I was happy to be invited to a women in business lunch in the British Properties. There was an amazing motivational speaker at the event, who got me SO fired up on life. She spoke about playing to win, and how women can go from “successful” to “powerful” in the business world. That is my kind of shit right there. I totally love hearing the inspirational stories of others, and the powerful messages they have to share. Needless to say, the inspo was real.

Okay so now on to the important stuff. The food. High tea is seriously the best. Why? Because everyone knows that calories don’t count when things are miniature. Fact. LOL ok I am totally kidding, but really…. mini things are the best. Everything about high tea is so cute! I especially couldn’t stop eating those delicious pink mini-macarons. They were fucking fantastic.

ALSO. I have a public service announcement to make about macarons. A macaron is a small French confection that is meringue based and filled with buttercream (or something of the like.) A macaROON is a coconut or almond cluster. They are not the same thing. So pleaseeeeeee for the love of god don’t be going around saying how much you love macaroons when you are really talking about macarons. Please. Otherwise I might get a fork and take it to my eye. LOL. Kidding……….

So ya! Great high tea with a really inspiring group of women. It was honestly so amazing to be around such a great group of likeminded women, and meet some cool new people. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! And remember folks…. macaron, not macaroon. ūüėõ