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A cute little brunch spot in San Francisco.

Last weekend I literally spent the entire time just eating eating and more eating haha. Crap. But really, what else is new haha. We found the cutest little brunch spot called the The Plant Cafe Organic that sits you right on the water in San Fran. So pretty.

I had the freakin’ best Huevos Rancheros. Like, so good. I die. 

Anyways, here is a little life update for ya’ll. I am actually in Austin right now checking out the city. This is my first time here and so far I am loving it. The people are so damn friendly, and everyone wants to make sure you are happy. Also totally into the cute little Texan accents everyone has. 😂 I love being called ma’m hahah nobody calls you that in Vancouver. 

Off to explore more of this city, will share some pics with you guys soon 😘





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Another beautiful Canadian scene in Whistler, BC

Hi my loves!

Soooooo I literally spent this last weekend in freakin’ paradise. I can’t even tell you guys how much I need to be in nature to feel at peace. That shit seriously centres me. It makes you feel like you are just a small little piece of this world, and really puts you in a great headspace to solve problems that you may have initially thought were huge — but turn out to be quite insignificant. At least that is how I feel 😊

Anyways, I need my nature and this weekend without a doubt gave me that dose of medicine I needed. Anyone else feel that way too? Comment below!





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A flirty little suit by the babes at Soulstice Swim!

Looking back on some more photos from my Philippines trip over the holidays, and I came across these beauties. This definitely wasn’t the most ideal day (muggy AF and cloudy) but it was our very last day on Puerto Galera, and we made the most of it anyways! Right about now another vacation sounds like a faannnnntastic idea to me. Beach, swimsuits, beers all day long? Yep. Sign me up

For now it’s back to reality and seeing where my next adventure takes me! Also Valentines Day is coming up this weekend! Do you guys remember my post last year about Valentines? Click here to check it out. It is such a cute little holiday, even if you don’t have a bf. Just think about it as an opportunity to spread the love in any way that you can 😊 But, more on that later babes.






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Friends of Ours – The cutest brunch spot in London!

It would literally be a crime to go to London and not eat crumpets. And obviously while eating them be talking in a horrible English accent. “CRUMPETS! I’M IN ENGLAND EATING CRUMPETS!” <– shouted in a British accent.😂 Literally everyone in the restaurant hated me. I definitely would hate me too. 

Anyways, discovered the best little brunch spot that had the most bomb crumpet brekkie. Figs, honey, shortbread (uhg dying writing about this I want it again haha), some kind of weird English cheese, and just all around deliciousness.

The place is called “Friends of Ours” and is located in Shoreditch. Highllllllly recommend you check it out if you want to have a party in your mouth. <– lol. The coffee there was also to-die-for. Had an americano, and was it ever delish.

Happy Tuesday! Want to check out some recipes you can make for dinner this week? Check out the “Food” section on the tab above. 😋





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Sweater: Cheap Monday (similar) / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Shoes: Timberland

More snaps from London!

I am totalllllly obsessed with this look right now. A gigantic baggy sweater with my Timberland heels is pretty much my fall uniform. This outfit happens way more often than I care to admit lol.

Reasons baggy sweaters rock?

  1. They look chic AF.
  2. Comfort is king.
  3. Lots of room for eating (priorities.)
  4. When its f*cking freezing out, there is nothing cozier than a huge sweater.

Reasons I am OBSESSED with my Timbs?

  1. I feel like a hood chick while wearing them which leads to me feeling like a badass which leads to happiness. #science
  2. WATERPROOF. Anyone living in Vancouver understands why this is so important.
  3. Comfort is king. Again. So freakin’ comfy. 

Okay babes I gotta run!! Love you all to the moon and back. <3 







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My adventures through the Shoreditch neighbourhood in London!

Shoreditch was absolutely the best. I totally fell in love with the neighbourhood and spent a good amount of time there on my trip. Great food, art, shopping, and beautiful little streets to wander through all day.

Here were some of the highlights from Shoreditch for me:

ALBION CAFE – You have to eat here if you want to try traditional British food that doesn’t suck (if we are being honest the British are not exactly known for their cuisine lol.) It was seriously so delicious I can’t even. 😉 We had the Meat Pie which had nice big pieces of turkey and chicken (to die for) and the Braised Brisket Hash with Spinach and Fried Egg. Uhg so good. Miss it already. Click here to check out the full menu from the Albion Cafe.

STREET ART – Soooo much of it! My patience for art/museums is pretty slim at best (see my New York post lol.) For me, street art is literally the best thing because I can just look at it as I walk around doing my business. There was some awesome work done in Shoreditch and I definitely recommend you go check it out.

LABOUR & WAIT – Another store that I absolutely loved in Shoreditch. There is a lot of vintage going on in the Shoreditch neighbourhood which isn’t exactly my cup of tea, so I was happy to be exploring other non-vintage stores. Labour and Wait was a really cool home-ware store that had the cutest collection of kitchen stuff that all looked super vintage and cool but wasn’t really. It was awesome and I had a hard time not buying the whole store. I am a total sucker for kitchen stuff. 

BOXPARK – Food and shopping! The best of both worlds are combined in this unique pop-up mall that is made entirely of shipping containers (trendy, I know.) Mostly mainstream brands but it was a fun experience and I had awesome pulled pork there (and pulled pork is life.)

Okay that’s all for today folks! Do you guys have any fave spots to hit up in the Shoreditch area? Let me know in the comments below 🙂




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Jacket: John + Jenn / Sweater: Zara / Shoes: Converse / Jeans: Citizens

Okay soooo I took a wee little trip to London last week! I’d never been before, so it was unreal to get to see the city and catch up with some friends who are living there right now. 🙂

When I travel I am not big on doing the “touristy” things, but I always feel this obligation (guilt?) to do them. Do any of you get that feeling too? Honestly it’s ridiculous haha. So anywho, to avoid myself feeling guilt ridden, I’ll go and power through all the touristy stuff just to “say I did it.” And if I am being honest I usually really enjoy myself once I start touristing haha. Because hell, things are famous for a reason. It usually means they are good. 

The photos above are me fresh off the plane (9.5 hours dbsjaguehskiwgdb 😭) powering through a few touristy things. I was quite jet lagged and definitely not feeling fresh, but it was a great time anyways. 

I have lots more great photos to share with you, and my tips for the best places to go in London! (Aside from the tourist traps 😉)





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Top: Billabong / Skirt: Billabong

I’m really not sure if I could ask for a better backdrop. Would you look at it?! I mean come on…. so beautiful 😍

For the second leg of my Philippines trip, I was fortunate enough to travel to an area called Puerto Galera. Not going to lie, I definitely was notttt as big of a fan of Puetro Galera as I was of Popototan Island. But, more on that later! I will be posting a summary of my Philippines trip shortly. For now, we focus on my gorrrrrgeous mermaid coloured outfit from Billabong

The colours on this Billabong crop top/skirt combo are to DIE. They are perfect for the upcoming spring season, and I will definitely be rocking this outfit many times over the coming months. You guys already know this, but I am a major sucker for crop tops. They are soooo sexy to me, but not like in-your-face-check-me-out kind of sexy. Crop tops are more…. I’m-so-sexy-but-still-demure-and-modest. You know? lol. Anyways, love crop tops. They are the shit. Especially ones made by the great people at Billabong. 

CLICK HERE to check out the Billabong crop top I am wearing in the photos above! I wear a small.

CLICK HERE to get your hands on the skirt above! Also a size small. ☺️

So much fun wearing this outfit, especially in such a gorgeous location! I was so impatient to share these photos with you guys haha I am obsessed with this outfit. 😄

Talk soon!





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My thoughts on Popototan Island + a resort review!

The benefits of jetlag? Getting to witness and capture the most beautiful sunrises. And two breakfasts. Eating two breakfasts is only acceptable when nobody sees you eat the first. So being the only one up at 5 am every day for the past week? Not so bad if you ask me. 😉

Staying on Popototan Island (near Coron Island) in the Philippines has been an unparalleled experience. It is honestly so chill here and I am getting way too comfortable with the “island life.” My daily schedule pretty much consists of eating (duh), sitting on the beach, snorkling, eating some more, napping, drinking some beer, napping, and sitting and watching the sunset. Again, getting wayyyyy too used to this schedule I have going on here haha. Real life might be a wee bit of a struggle when I get home. 😂

The resort we have been staying at is called Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort. I have been getting lots of questions about my stay on Popototan so I figured I would give you guys the dirty deets on the exact place I was staying. Let’s call this… hmmm… how about we call this review “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The Good

Uhmmmmmm have you seen the photo above? It is freakin’ gorgeous. The island itself is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The sunsets, sunrises, days….. it’s all fantastic. Not to mention the foliage (trees n’ stuff) is also super cool here on Popototan Island. So lush, it makes me wonder how many days a year it actually rains here. We didn’t have a drop of rain all week long.

In terms of the hotel and rooms, it is pretty rustic feeling but I honestly didn’t mind it at all. Everything is clean and new, it just wouldn’t be a 5-star status if you ask me. Like I said before, I am major feeling the island vibes right now so I kind of really like it haha. But if you are planning on making a visit here be ready for a rustic style resort. 

The staff at Coral Bay Beach and Dive are so helpful, kind, and fun to talk with. To me this also makes a big difference to the enjoyment of your stay. The owner, a very tan Danish guy, is quite the character too haha. That would be the one who was giving me a hard time about wifi on my first day there.

Shitty wifi. Yes, I am putting this under “the good” section. Seriously. Me. The most internet loving person in the world (exaggeration but whatevs) is putting complete crap wifi under the “pro” list. It was honestly a really refreshing experience to not have my eyes glued to my phone all day long. And to be forced to actually pick up a book and read it? A great thing if you ask me.

The Bad

The food. So I was definitely sneaking in two breakfasts every day because that was the best meal they had. The food was honestly awful, and really pricey for the Philippines. There was nowhere else to eat on the island (they totally know this so tricky tricky) so you don’t have much of a choice but to eat in the Coral Bay restaurant. What we did to come prepared was bring some snacks with us for when we didn’t feel like the restaurant food.

The Ugly

Yep I got nada. If you think anything is ugly about a gorgeous private island in the middle of the ocean, you are straight up weird my friend. This was truly a great place to stay and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Okay folks, that’s all from me for today! LOVE YA BABESICLES 😘 😘 😘

P.S. If you have any more questions about my trip, please comment below!

P.P.S. More photos coming from the resort over the next little while! Stay tuned. 

P.P.P.S. ur the best K THNX BI.





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My best travel tips for all you babes out there!

Hellooooo from the Philippines! Right now I am in the airport in Manila, waiting for my flight to go to Coron Island. 🎉 So, I thought I would share some of my favourite travel tips for you while I wait!

Being a frequent flyer, there are lots of tips and tricks I have developed over the years to make your flying experience a little more comfortable. These tips are meant to keep you healthy and refreshed for your trip. 😊

Let’s be real. Flying is overall just generally an unpleasant experience. The air is dry, your stomach is all pissed off because you are way too high in altitude, and you are basically stuck in a tin flying can way high in the ski with a million other coughing/sick/snotty people. Can you tell I don’t love to fly? It is just a necessary evil to get where you want to go haha. And I love to travel… so I deal.

Here are some of my favourite ways to stay fresh while flying:


Eye Masks

Sephora Anti-Aging eye masks. THIS SHIT WORKS. Think about that super dry on the plane. Bringing these little masks of wonder along with you with change your world. You can use them on the plane (I have no shame… literally) because they don’t require any washing. Just put em on for 20 minutes and take them off, and you will be a new woman by the time you land. Or if you have pride, put these on as soon as you get to your hotel!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil. I generally just always travel with coconut oil because it is a super good way to refresh your skin and hair after a long flight. I like to use this instead of face cream on my first night of a trip to make sure my skin is extra hydrated. 


Vega bars. Food on planes sucks. Whether you are in business class, economy, whatever. It sucks. I make sure to bring along something healthy to snack on like a Vega Bar, so I don’t get all bloaty and gross from eating plane food. Bloaty and gross is not a cute look.

Small Meals

Do notttt overeat on planes. No big meals before or during. I don’t know about you guys but my stomach hates me the entire time I am flying. The bloat is very real. Bleh. So yea, no big meals!!


Sanitizing wipes. Planes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Do you think the staff actually wipes down the area around each seat between flights? Yaaaa right. You can bet there is just an annual/monthly cleaning of the plane. Germs, ew. So bring along some wet wipes or sanitizing wipes (something that will kill those germs) and wipe down the area around you on the plane. You will be happy you did when you see the layers of gross brown gunk coming off the arm rests. #nasty

Tea (not to drink!)

Order a cup of tea, and breathe in the steam through your nose. No, I am not losing it (k well maybe a little lol but whatevs.) This will hydrate your nasal passage and help fight the dry recycled air that is going around the plane. This will make you feel sooo refreshed when you are flying.


Okay that’s all for now! I have a few more tips that I will share with you later, but my flight is boarding so I’ve gotta run! Love you guys <3 Can’t wait to update you from the island!