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Jumper: Morrisday | The Label

How gorgeous is this spot?! Shot these photos at a super cute little heritage building in Osoyoos this past weekend. For those of you who have never been Osoyoos is located about 4 and a half hours out of Vancouver, and it is to-die-for. 

There is a gorgeous lake, vineyards everywhere, local fruit orchards, and a unique desert landscape. Osoyoos is definitely one of my top spots to visit in British Columbia. 

Now it’s back in the city for a few days. Desperately need to clean my house + get unpacked from all this travel lately haha. Better late than never ?



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Beautiful sunrise from Mt. Batur in Bali.

This was a fantastic experience in Bali. I feel like I keep saying everything is “my favourite thing”… but THIS WAS TOTALLY MY FAVOURITE THING!!😜 If you like hiking and early mornings, this is for you.

We were picked up from our Villa at 1:30 am and drove for about 2 hours up to the base of Mt. Batur, WHICH IS AN ACTIVE VOLCANO. (Yes, ACTIVE volcano.) 😐 From there, it was about a 2 hour hike up the volcano in the dark. Sounds sketch, and it kind of was haha. All you had was a small flashlight to navigate your way up this volcano (which I would like to point out was VERY close to rock-climbing… “hike” is a loose term😉) I’m one for a challenge so it was great fun for me.

Once you get to the top, you will freeze your ass off, drink some very questionable tea, sing Bob Marley in a hippie guitar circle, and wait for the sun to rise. Once it finally does, it is a thing of beauty. There were lots of people at the top of the volcano but it was so beautiful I honestly didn’t even notice it was crowded.

Can we also talk about the actual volcanic steam that is coming out of the top of the volcano? Yea, that was a thing too. (Again, slightly sketch lol.)

Anyways, if you are ever in Bali this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you need to carve out some time for. Totally recommend.

What do you think? Would you do this hike?? Comment below!



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Quite possibly the best day ever 😀

Welcome to Bali! This is where the final leg of my trip was spent. It was definitely a very unique spot that I feel a need to go back to because there was so much more to see. Whenever you are booking a trip, two weeks sounds like an ETERNITY. But in reality it flies by way faster than you could have imagined.

Anyways, one day we went to go visit some elephants. I would like to say we went to a beautiful elephant park in the middle of the jungle, but unfortunately traffic at this time of year in Bali is horrible and a 15 minute drive can take up to 2 hrs. So we just went to the closest elephant feeding area which was the zoo (gross, I know… but it did the trick haha.)

They are the SWEETEST ANIMALS EVER and I am in love. Totally need to go back and book a proper full day jungle elephant ride, one of the ones where they teach you how to ride the elephant without one of those horrible chairs on their backs. Just love those animals. Also that little bird was super cute eating his nuts there haha, couldn’t resist to post a few pics of him too!

Have you guys ever done elephant riding before? Any recommendations??



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Beautiful Thai temples in Bangkok!

Okay so full honesty here… this was THE HOTTEST DAY EVER AND I WAS DYING. Really though. Way too hot to be out and about and we lasted all of 30 minutes before we dejectedly retired to an air-conditioned cab.

Regardless, the temples were STUNNING. Totally recommend checking these out if you are ever in Bangkok.

Now, it’s off to Bali for the next few days! Make sure you are following me on instagram (@robynkimb) to stay updated with my travels 🙂



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Hong Kong during a typhoon = EVERYTHING IS CLOSED.

For real though. This area was near a big temple in Hong Kong, and was supposed to be a big tourist area where you can go get your fortune told, buy souvenirs, etc. Naturally we decided to go on day 1 of the typhoon, which essentially just shut down the entire city. So, here are some pics of my twirling around in my dress amongst all the closed shops. 

Bangkok update coming soon!



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My first few days in beautiful Hong Kong 🙂

Hong Kong? Yes please.

This is the first stop on my latest adventure! I’ve been in Hong Kong for a few days now, and this city is definitely one of a kind. The best way I can describe it is a mix of Vegas and Shanghai on steroids. Make sense? 😜

I’ve been getting over my jet lag and taking it easy these first few days. We are staying at the Peninsula Hotel (which is DOPE, follow my snapchat to see more 👻 @robynkim) and just laying low while we get used to the time difference. 

Plan for the next few days? Eat, eat, and eat some more. Woke up and had a great American style breakfast this morning which was a nice change from all the dumplings we have been eating. It is kind of dumpling madness right now, and I cannot get enough. Last night we had the best dumplings by far at a Chinese fusion restaurant called Ho Lee Fook (LOL, so much respect for that name 😂.) If you are ever in Hong Kong, you NEED to go here. It was unreal. 

Can we also talk about the spas here for a second? Sweet baby jesus are they ever nice. Got a killer massage yesterday then hung out in this “relaxation room” with fresh juices, fruit, coconut water, tea, etc etc etc. Basically it was heaven on earth. I don’t know about you, but when I am in a room full of “free” fresh juices I have an irresistible urge to drink ALL OF THEM — like I will never see a juice again in my life.😂 It is probably the student in me haha. 

There is some typhoon weather coming in today, so it will be a bit tricky to play tourist with my camera. But — there will be many more photo ops and I will be sharing my trip here with ya’ll. 

Lots of love!





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Nothing like a little black dress in Paris!

A few more photos from my Paris trip the other week for you guys!

Diddddd I mention I fell in love with Paris? Yep. Totally head-over-heels in love. This also could have been heavily impacted by the fact that I was drunk on croissants and macarons the entire time. Chocolate wasted for sure. I am literally the biggest sucker for anything sweet/carby/delicious so being in Paris was the equivalent of being a kid in a candy shop for me.

Also can we talk about how people dress in Paris? Everyone just looks better. The women are all SO beauti, I felt like a total creep just staring at everyone and trying to understand why French women are just so…. Je ne sais quoi. Creepiness aside, the women in France really do put themselves together fantastically and I was defs inspired by the style there.

Since I was in Paris, I decided what better to go with than a little black dress. It is a classic piece that you can literally wear 100 times in a hundred different ways. Which is totally winning in my books. What do you guys think? Oui? No? Comment below!!

ALSO, I am a bit late to this party (what else is new lol) but add me on snapchat! 👻@robynkim Let’s be friends 🙂

Love love!





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Shoes: Timberland / Jacket: Zara Paris / Pants: Aritzia

When I went to Paris this week, I honestly really wasn’t expecting much. I have never been one of those girls who “dreams of going to Paris.” For whatever reason, honestly hadn’t really thought of even going there. Let’s just say I majorly underestimated how much I would like Paris. I totally fell in love. 😍

Everywhere you go there there is just so much to see — no turn is a wrong turn. Getting lost in a city and exploring is probably one of my favourite things to do. Not to mention the food. Sweet mother of god was it ever good. One thing you should know about me, is I have a major sweet tooth. It is verging on not normal how much I like sweets. So walking around Paris was just a giant sugar rush for me lol. It was shameful how many macarons I ate at Laduree, honestly don’t even want to talk about it because it was that bad. 😂 And then there was the chocolates, the pastries, the desserts…. the list goes on forever. Basically what I am trying to say is my ass will be at the gym working off my bad behaviour for the next week LOL. Whatever, totally worth it. 





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A few snaps from Austin, Texas + a travel update!

What a week! If you guys follow me on snapchat 👻 (@robynkim) you know that I just spent this past week in France! It was so crazy busy that I haven’t even had time to upload any of the photos yet. Let’s just say blogging in Paris > everywhere. I am SO EXCITED to share pics with you! Everything is just prettier there haha.

For today, here are a few pics a took the week before in Texas. ☺️ I am back in Austin now for the weekend before I head to Vancouver on Monday, and I have lots more to share with ya’ll soon. Plus I have one of my #1 travel beauty tips coming your way because I was thinking about it and HOW have I not shared this with you yet?? Honestly no idea. Major fail on my part lol!

Also, on my way home from the airport last night in Austin I totally stopped at In n’ Out (shameful pics on my snapchat lol.) Why is it that every time I leave Canada/USA I always have the biggest cravings for “American” food? I never eat that crap normally haha it is so weird.

Anyways, happy Friday babes!! 😘





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Shoes: shoeme.ca / Pants: Aritzia / Top: Aritzia

Happy first day of spring everyone!

Here are some snaps of a cute lil’ outfit I wore out in Austin this weekend. It was hot as hell there and I was definitely glad to be wearing these loose linen pants. Noooobody wants to be stuffed into tight-ass clothes when you are in a place with high heat/humidity. It’s just a bad look all around. 

K also, can we TALK about my shoes?? Shoeme.ca hooked me up with these Jessica Simpson shoes, and I am alllll about them. I have been looking for some lace-up nude heels for a while because they go well with everything, and I am lazy so win-win. I’ve bought shoes from the Jessica Simpson a few times before, and I actually really love them. They are good quality and also super comfortable. Boom! Check out some other looks from her brand by clicking here

Hope you guys had a great weekend!