5:33 | December 5, 2017



Jeans: Parker Smith // Shoes: Converse // Sweater: Zara


Finally. My god. 😂

Flew all the way to Park City from LA to have the most epic of epic ski trips, and it only started to snow on the last day!

Classic. 😒

Regardless, still had a fabulous time this weekend. Got some skiing in at Deer Valley Ski Resort and Solitude Mountain, which both had considerably better conditions than what was available at our beautiful ski-in-ski-out resort at Park City.  😂

What the mountains lacked in snow, the city made up for in dining. 🍝 That is for DAMN sure.

Had a delicious meal at Fletcher’s on the historic Main Street in Park City, followed by hitting up a bunch of other cocktail spots to apres dinner 😉. Was overall impressed with the level of dining available, as I honestly have the lowest possible expectations for food/drinks anytime I am in a resort town. Tourism fuelled cities don’t tend to go above and beyond in the restaurant scene as most customers are just one-time visits.

Moral of the story: make sure you hit up Main Street in Park City!

Have a vlog coming later this week from our weekend in Park City where you can see some ski action and a few more details on what we did!

Pretty tired after our flight from Utah –> LA today. So going straight to bed, after all, it is 9:30 pm and that is WAY past my senior bedtime. 👵🏻




3:31 | December 2, 2017



First travel blog waddup!!

Well this is kind of exciting. Just made my very first travel vlog! Still getting a hang of this whole “vlogging” thing, but so far I really like it. It’s so fun to be able to bring you along with me wherever I go! ✈️

This video shares some fun things I did for my first time visiting Chicago.

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Posting today from Park City, Utah. We are about to go out and attempt to find some skiing here, but there is legit NO SNOW. Might go over to Deer Valley and see if there is more skiing there. Park City has one run open…. 😭 I WILL FIND SOMEWHERE TO SKI GOD DAMNIT!

Anywho, back to the vlog from Chicago. If you’re interested in checking out any of the stuff we did, here are the links:

Intelligentsia Coffee – https://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/millennium-park-coffeebar

Eataly Chicago – https://www.eataly.com/us_en/stores/chicago/

Chicago Public Library – https://www.chipublib.org/

Christmas Market – http://www.christkindlmarket.com/chicago/

Shopping – https://www.themagnificentmile.com/shopping/


Talk soon!




2:46 | November 30, 2017



Coat: Etnica

After a fun weekend away, I lay here in a bed of sickness and pain 😭😭😭 Flying is the worst. Actually, maybe it’s just my shiteous immune system but either way, girl is now sick. And tomorrow we are leaving for a ski trip to Park City.


So this is a public message to my body… GET IT TOGETHER GIRL. Cannot be sick for the first ski weekend of the year!! 😩

Anywho, while I am chilling in bed doing important things like catching up with all my missed Kardashian episodes (Kylie is sooooo preggers… amirite? Girl has been hiding from the media for months now and only wears massive baggy t-shirts. TELL US PLS IM DYING HERE!!! 😂) I am also going through my photos from Monday in Chicago!

Was my first time in the city and oh my god did I love it. Real for realz. Didn’t really expect much out of Chicago, not sure why, but I was very impressed. We had great food (if you are ever in Chicago go to Eataly, it’s the best. Used to eat there in Milan all the time!) and even better drinks.

There was this epic cocktail spot called The Aviary and they have hands down the craziest cocktails ever. I was snapping like a madwoman and even got in trouble for using flash. *Eyeroll* can’t tame me.

Oh and of course, we went and saw the bean. It is a very majestic bean. But more on that once I finish editing my vlog from the day. Hopeeeefully that will be up tomorrow, but don’t hold me to that. 😜

Okay back to go drink as many litres of water as possible to try and fight off this damn cold. Uhg. My lyyyfeeeee.



Biiiii ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜




6:29 | September 4, 2017



Dress: Some Days Lovin / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (old)

The trip to Croatia was for the wedding of some friends of Troy (bae ??) and I. It was a beautiful wedding, and took place literally right beside where I was obnoxiously standing and forcing Troy to take photos of me. #Bloglife, amiriteeee?!

This little town was called Rovinj, and I would highly recommend. It had these tiny little streets that were filled with cobblestones, V pretty. V Europe. Would go again for sure.

Can we take a second to talk about the freaking VEGGIES in Europe?! Yes, I am literally talking about tomatoes, cucumber, etc etc etc. ? ? ? I don’t know what we do in North America to so royally rob all vegetables of any flavour whatsoever (hello, GMO) but the veggies in Europe are so freaking flavourful! Flavour town over there. There was one restaurant that we kept going to again and again just to eat bruschetta. In the USA and Canada, bruschetta is kind of a bland and flavourless starter. Croatia? Sooooooooooo packed with flavour I couldn’t believe it. Not because they did anything fancy, literally just because their tomatoes actually tasted like a tomato. Go figure. ?


5:33 | September 4, 2017



Hi guys! Okay so this last week has basically 100% been the best week of my life. Hands down. I’ve been on many trips to many places, but this one was just unreal on so many levels.

Here’s why.

First, I lived on the bigger boat you see in the video above for an entire week. Fucking YES. All about that life. it’s like camping except boujee. ? On day two I got super seasick, but I am assuming that is because I am a weak little ginger who doesn’t have the stomach for intense things like sailing. My assumption is probably correct LOL. Anywho, this was also such a great experience because every day we got to go to different islands and see different things. And the most important part? The food was EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG. Full white-girl-basic I CANT EVEN. Like, so good. Think, the restaurant goes out on a little boat, catches a bunch of fish, cooks them, and serves them. ? Get. In. My. Belly.

So yes, if you can’t tell I had a great time. More to come.


6:40 | March 31, 2017



Some sights from Los Angeles last weekend

Can I go back already? Today was the first sunny day in Vancouver since I’ve been home. Not. Cool. 

Anywho, it has been a crazy busy week and I’ve been loving it! There is honestly nothing better than just giving’r and pushing yourself. So much great stuff on the horizon can’t wait to share more.

Talk more soon!


8:46 | February 13, 2017



Top: Hollister / Bottoms: Billabong

Nobody ever believes how frequently I shop at Hollister, especially in the summer. You can really find some awesome stuff there. I love their jumpers, sweaters, tanks, swimsuits, etc. Totally relaxed beachwear and perfect for vacation! The other day when I was on one of my Hollister trips, I found this super cute frilly swim top. There was a matching pair of bottoms too, but for me it was just way to many frills in one outfit haha. So just went with the top — more me.

If you don’t go in Hollister because it gives you nightmares of early 2000’s fashion, just give it a go. I have found some jems there 🙂

Paired my Hollister swim top with these dope Billabong bottoms! As you guys know Billabong has been one of my favourite brands for years. I love their beach style, and focus on surf culture. Brought tonssss of Billabong with me on my trip to Hawaii and did not regret it! So great to have them as a Skinny Belle partner. 

Also, thank GOD american companies are finally making euro-style swim bottoms. For a while there we were all walking around in diaper-style swimsuits… not cute. I am all about the sassy and cheeky swim bottoms (though my family gave me a bit of a hard time for it though lol ?) But you gotta do you!!

Hope you guys enjoy these pics from Hawaii, and love this little swimsuit as much as I do! Happy Valentines day 🙂


1:04 | February 11, 2017



Top: Billabong /  Bottoms: Billabong

Hey guys, sharing my Hawaii vacation pics at a bit of a delay here. I went in full vacation mode — nothing more than instagram was done for a whole week! It was AWESOME. Sometimes it is great to unplug and unwind.

But baby I am back! My Oahu vacation stories are long overdue, so here we go…

To start, SURFING. Love it like crazy, and go at every opportunity possible. The first time we went in Oahu (see my last post) it was an astronomical failure. We ended up at this military beach (random?) and had to find military personnel to “sponsor” us to be allowed to rent surf boards. Honestly had never heard of something like this before so the concept was all new to us. After stalking down and bothering a couple military guys (lol) and getting them to sponsor us, we were finally out on the water. The waves were TINY (like, the smallest) and the wind was crazy. There wasn’t enough surf to actually catch anything, so we ended up drinking margaritas on the beach and eating a bunch of junk food haha. #closeenough

Anyways, found another beach a few days later and killed it! The waves were a bit bigger and the wind was minimal. Surfing is so addictive, once you get a good wave you just want to go again and again. 

If you can’t tell, slightly obsessed with surfing and know it would be a huge part of my life if I actually had the opportunity to do it at home. More Hawaii pics and stories to come!

A big thanks to my friends at Billabong for this dope suit! 


5:17 | January 30, 2017



Top/bottoms: Billabong

Longboarding today! Got out there in some pretty savage waves/wind to do some surfing. Definitely was far from my best day on the water (like, the farthest), but it was still awesome to get out there for a little bit.

Enjoying our resort in the Ko Olina area today and relaxing for the remainder of the day! Have some super cute beach looks coming for you guys soon <3


10:34 | January 30, 2017



Shoes: Michael Kors / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Jacket: (I can’t remember will 2x check!)

HELLO FROM HAWAII!!!!!! If you follow me on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/robynkimb/) you have already seen the obnoxious amount of pics I have been throwing up on my insta story. This place, is heaven.

Before we get to that, here are a few more snaps from London last week! Totally in love with the Shoreditch area. Most locals say it is “so over” because it is too commercialized now, which I can really understand. As soon as big brand stores come in the charm of an area has a tendency to kind of die a bit. That being said, there are still tons of gems in there. Whether it be  restaurants, clothing shops, or vintage markets… Shoreditch did not disappoint (for me, at least.) Some of the best restaurants and shopping I have had in a while.

Anyways, now I am in Hawaii and about to go surfing (hell YEAH!) Going to be like Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, just you wait.