5:33 | September 4, 2017



Hi guys! Okay so this last week has basically 100% been the best week of my life. Hands down. I’ve been on many trips to many places, but this one was just unreal on so many levels.

Here’s why.

First, I lived on the bigger boat you see in the video above for an entire week. Fucking YES. All about that life. it’s like camping except boujee. ? On day two I got super seasick, but I am assuming that is because I am a weak little ginger who doesn’t have the stomach for intense things like sailing. My assumption is probably correct LOL. Anywho, this was also such a great experience because every day we got to go to different islands and see different things. And the most important part? The food was EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG. Full white-girl-basic I CANT EVEN. Like, so good. Think, the restaurant goes out on a little boat, catches a bunch of fish, cooks them, and serves them. ? Get. In. My. Belly.

So yes, if you can’t tell I had a great time. More to come.


6:40 | March 31, 2017



Some sights from Los Angeles last weekend

Can I go back already? Today was the first sunny day in Vancouver since I’ve been home. Not. Cool. 

Anywho, it has been a crazy busy week and I’ve been loving it! There is honestly nothing better than just giving’r and pushing yourself. So much great stuff on the horizon can’t wait to share more.

Talk more soon!


8:46 | February 13, 2017



Top: Hollister / Bottoms: Billabong

Nobody ever believes how frequently I shop at Hollister, especially in the summer. You can really find some awesome stuff there. I love their jumpers, sweaters, tanks, swimsuits, etc. Totally relaxed beachwear and perfect for vacation! The other day when I was on one of my Hollister trips, I found this super cute frilly swim top. There was a matching pair of bottoms too, but for me it was just way to many frills in one outfit haha. So just went with the top — more me.

If you don’t go in Hollister because it gives you nightmares of early 2000’s fashion, just give it a go. I have found some jems there 🙂

Paired my Hollister swim top with these dope Billabong bottoms! As you guys know Billabong has been one of my favourite brands for years. I love their beach style, and focus on surf culture. Brought tonssss of Billabong with me on my trip to Hawaii and did not regret it! So great to have them as a Skinny Belle partner. 

Also, thank GOD american companies are finally making euro-style swim bottoms. For a while there we were all walking around in diaper-style swimsuits… not cute. I am all about the sassy and cheeky swim bottoms (though my family gave me a bit of a hard time for it though lol ?) But you gotta do you!!

Hope you guys enjoy these pics from Hawaii, and love this little swimsuit as much as I do! Happy Valentines day 🙂


1:04 | February 11, 2017



Top: Billabong /  Bottoms: Billabong

Hey guys, sharing my Hawaii vacation pics at a bit of a delay here. I went in full vacation mode — nothing more than instagram was done for a whole week! It was AWESOME. Sometimes it is great to unplug and unwind.

But baby I am back! My Oahu vacation stories are long overdue, so here we go…

To start, SURFING. Love it like crazy, and go at every opportunity possible. The first time we went in Oahu (see my last post) it was an astronomical failure. We ended up at this military beach (random?) and had to find military personnel to “sponsor” us to be allowed to rent surf boards. Honestly had never heard of something like this before so the concept was all new to us. After stalking down and bothering a couple military guys (lol) and getting them to sponsor us, we were finally out on the water. The waves were TINY (like, the smallest) and the wind was crazy. There wasn’t enough surf to actually catch anything, so we ended up drinking margaritas on the beach and eating a bunch of junk food haha. #closeenough

Anyways, found another beach a few days later and killed it! The waves were a bit bigger and the wind was minimal. Surfing is so addictive, once you get a good wave you just want to go again and again. 

If you can’t tell, slightly obsessed with surfing and know it would be a huge part of my life if I actually had the opportunity to do it at home. More Hawaii pics and stories to come!

A big thanks to my friends at Billabong for this dope suit! 


5:17 | January 30, 2017



Top/bottoms: Billabong

Longboarding today! Got out there in some pretty savage waves/wind to do some surfing. Definitely was far from my best day on the water (like, the farthest), but it was still awesome to get out there for a little bit.

Enjoying our resort in the Ko Olina area today and relaxing for the remainder of the day! Have some super cute beach looks coming for you guys soon <3


10:34 | January 30, 2017



Shoes: Michael Kors / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Jacket: (I can’t remember will 2x check!)

HELLO FROM HAWAII!!!!!! If you follow me on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/robynkimb/) you have already seen the obnoxious amount of pics I have been throwing up on my insta story. This place, is heaven.

Before we get to that, here are a few more snaps from London last week! Totally in love with the Shoreditch area. Most locals say it is “so over” because it is too commercialized now, which I can really understand. As soon as big brand stores come in the charm of an area has a tendency to kind of die a bit. That being said, there are still tons of gems in there. Whether it be  restaurants, clothing shops, or vintage markets… Shoreditch did not disappoint (for me, at least.) Some of the best restaurants and shopping I have had in a while.

Anyways, now I am in Hawaii and about to go surfing (hell YEAH!) Going to be like Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, just you wait. 


9:00 | January 25, 2017



Coat: Small shop in Shoreditch / Shoes: Michael Kors / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

How cool is this location? This is called the Barbican Centre and it’s a multi-arts and conference venue for theatre, music, dance film… etc. There’s also residential apartments and offices. Such a cool area. I think it was built in the 70’s? Anyways, you would never know this is in London, a totally unique architectural look. Love it.

My jacket was found at this uber cool shop in Shoreditch, London that makes all of their apparel on site. It was the dopest. I am still having the worst buyers remorse that I didn’t pick up more stuff. It is literally killing me. The shopping in London was incredible, definitely need to do another trip over there with the sole focus of emptying my wallet. Yes, it would be 100% necessary. 😛

More photos to come! (Photos by Joe Davs)




10:47 | January 14, 2017



Robyn Gummer (8 of 11)

Robyn Gummer (4 of 11)-1

Robyn Gummer (10 of 11) copy

Robyn Gummer (1 of 11)-1

Robyn Gummer (9 of 11) copy

Sweater: Zara / Shirt: Zara / Shoes: Dune London

The jetlag, is SO REAL.

Welcome to London! I’ve been waking up at 4 am, and stumbling through my days in a zombie-like haze. 

The benefit to waking up super early? HYPER EFFICIENCY. I have been getting so much work done between the hours of 4 and 6 am, it makes me think I should wake up at this time every day. Then I spend about <10 seconds logistically thinking about actually waking up at 4 am every day and oh-so-quickly retract that thought. Have to say though, am loving the extra time to get things done.

Another thing I have learned waking up this early? Apparently there are other people who go to Oxford Street and literally wait for the shops to open… like… line up…. outside the doors……. Couldn’t believe people actually do that haha. Thought I would be the only one awake so early and keen to shop. 

On that note: shopping in London makes me wonder the following things: 1) WHY IS CANADA SO EXPENSIVE? 2) WHY DOES CANADA GET NO GOOD PRODUCT? 3) WHY IS THE QUALITY OF CLOTHING SO BAD IN CANADA? All good/valid questions. If anyone can report back and let me know why the f we get the short end of the stick in the retail world that would be great.

Essentially what I am trying to say is holy lord is the shopping ever good here. And so well priced too! Even with the horrible CAD –> GBP conversion. It is insane. 

Needless to say, I shopped my little heart out yesterday with all the other early morning retail keeners. 

Going to attempt to get a bit more sleep now. Key word: attempt. Talk soon!



10:00 | November 29, 2016








A much needed weekend away from the rain

Oh boyyyy has it ever been quiet here lately… HELLO FRIENDS! I have emerged from hibernation and am rejoining the human race. Seriously, those of you who live in Vancouver know exactly what I am talking about. It has rained almost EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY for the last two months. Every. God. Damn. Day. Saying that I have been hibernating is almost an understatement. But anyways, this weather-induced madness had to stop. So I took a few days and got my butt out and had the best time ever. ?

Lets start with my mini ski vacation. Spent 2 days skiing up in Whistler in 40 cm of fresh powder. This is the first two days the mountain has been open people, so this is big news. It was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to go again. Would you guys want to see some ski pics here soon? Let me know –> commentzzz!

After a good few days of skiing I got up at 3 am in Whistler and drove to the airport for an 8 am flight to Austin, Texas. As you can imagine I was extremely chipper and looked fabulously well rested upon arrival at the airport. In reality, I scarfed down a Timmy-Hoes bagel/coffee and crashed on the plane for 6 hours haha. Though the trip getting to Texas was a bit hectic and sleep deprived, Austin was SO great this weekend… it was warm and sunny compared to Vancouver. I even had to take off my sweater at brunch because I was TOO HOT. That is right, too hot. (If you live in Canada right now, this is a big deal.)

Okay that’s it for my little update today! Hope you are all doing great, wherever you are in the world :). My little spot on the internet has not been given the love it deserves from me these days, so thanks for still hanging out! Looking forward to sharing some cool stuff with ya’ll soon. ?



7:25 | September 2, 2016



Robyn Gummer (12 of 18)


Robyn Gummer (8 of 18)


Robyn Gummer (1 of 18)

Dress: Zara / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

This jumper is out of control cute. Was one of the funnest things that I’ve worn in a really long time haha. If it isn’t already obvious I loveeee to rock a good jumper, but the floral pattern on this one was just to-die-for. Zara just got these in and they are only $70 so I would get on that and pick one up quick if I were you. ?

ALSO. Friends who live in Vancouver… where did summer go? Why is this happening? Monday morning this week it just turned full on rainy/gross/dark/cold fall. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS. Girl was not ready for rainy season yet, and this sudden change in temperature is coming as a bit of a slap in the face if you ask me. Yes, the rainy season does bring snow on the mountains (which is THE BEST thing ever… because skiing ?) but I still wasn’t ready. Looks like I am going to have to take a trip south soon. ?

Anywho, enough complaining. IT’S FRIDAY PEOPLE! And we have a gorgeous long weekend ahead of us!!!

What are you going to be doing this weekend? Comment below!!