12:33 | November 5, 2014




It is finally here!! I am so thrilled to share my second Skinny Belle workout with you, this one targeting your booty and legs! This is one of my favourite workouts to do because I find that I see results really quickly with this one. If I am feeling like I need to boost my workout routine a bit, the Sexy Booty and Legs Workout always makes me feel better. 🙂

You might be wondering why I do no repetitions of exercises in this routine (ie: complete this workout 3 times through.) This is simply because I find comfort in only having to do something one time through, instead of repeating a workout several times. So sometimes I design my workouts so I only have to go through the routine one time… it just seems easier even though you are doing just as much work! Haha. It’s all about tricking yourself. 😉

Save the above file to your computer or phone, and keep it with you while you are working out to follow along! I love to hear your experiences with my workouts, so please comment below and let me know how it went for you!

If you are rushed for time, check out my 12-Minute Total Body Workout for a quicker workout!





12:02 | October 23, 2014







Welcome to the very first Skinny Belle workout! I am so excited to share my favourite workout routines with you. For each workout post, I have made a downloadable JPG file that covers the whole workout (with directions) so you can easily save it to your phone and look at it while you are at the gym! The photos shown above are just a little preview of what the whole workout entails. 😉 So make sure you click the Skinny Belle Workout link to get the whole workout!

The Skinny Belle 12-Minute Total Body Workout is a great way to get your core in quickly after a solid cardio session. I like to do this workout after I have ran for about 6 km to make sure my core is staying tight. This super quick core workout is intended to be done after at least 30 minutes of your favourite cardio.

This is one of my fave workouts because it’s fairly easy and quick. Nobody wants to be spending hours working out… aint nobody got time for that! Having efficient workouts makes them 1) wayyy less intimidating to do and 2) less time gobbling for your day.

So CLICK HERE to check out the 12 Minute Total Body Workout! Can’t wait to start working out together! Let me know how you like this workout in the comments below. <3





4:56 | October 9, 2014







Replacing your running shoes isn’t something we talk about very often. But, we totally should! Running in used and worn out shoes is actually the most common cause of running injury. When your running shoes get old, the cushioning and shape of the shoe break down which makes you end up running on flat shoes. This increases the high pressure impact on your joints, which is no fun for anyone. Having high impact on your joints can cause long term problems, which can be solved in the short term by investing in a new pair of kicks! Also, working out is WAY more difficult when you are doing it in old worn out shoes. Whenever I buy a new pair I always feel like a rockstar haha… soooo new shoes = easier workouts? I’m down.

How often should you be replacing your shoes? About every 300 – 400 miles. How to track this? I like to use the Nike running app. It actually motivates me to go out because it shows you where you ran and how far. And okay, this might sound lame, but when you have a really good run there is this voice on the app that congratulates you… and its weirdly rewarding lol.

Another easy way to tell if you need new running shoes is to go and try on a brand new pair which are the same as your current pair. If they feel much more buoyant and the old ones feel flat, then that’s a sign that its time to get a new pair! Basically just use your judgement, but don’t be running around in old shoes that will hurt your joints.

I’m off to go break in these bad boys. Happy running everyone! 






12:18 | September 28, 2014






Recently, I have rediscovered my love for jump roping. Seriously don’t judge me… its amazing. For so many reasons lol. 

First, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima jumps rope. I mean, anything that woman is selling I will buy. But really… HAVE YOU SEEN HER? If she’s doing it, I’m doing it. (She also has two kids… just saying.) 

Second, jumping rope is an unreal way to get both your cardio in and tone your muscles at the same time. It works both your upper and lower body, which gives you an awesome full body workout.

Third, it’s a great calorie burner is you don’t have much time or want to get your warm-up in quick.

Andddd lastly, it is SO MUCH FUN. Can you see the sheer joy on my face in the first photo? I was having so much fun I almost (key word: almost) forgot that I was exercising like a boss. It brings you back to the good old elementary school days 

You definitely need to try adding in some jump roping to your workout routine. I started doing sets of 500 as a warm-up to my core routine. It’s the best… give it a go!