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Today I wore head-to-toe Urban Outfitters. Why? Black Friday made me do it. I swear! I definitely have some sort of problem, because when there are sales, I convince myself that by spending a bunch of money I am somehow actually “saving my money.” I know it’s a trap, I know I’m not ACTUALLY saving money… but I cave every time. Give this girl a good sale and I will be on it like a fruit fly on fruit. I kid you not. I can’t stop myself! Haha oh well… If impulsively buying pretty new clothes for a low price is my only vice, I’ll take it! I’d say that still sounds like winning to me. 😉

Anyways, back to this gorg outfit. I am in loveee with this outfit because I feel like it’s totally a classic “Robyn” look! Anything that is long and flowy is right up my alley. I always feel so elegant and glam when I wear outfits like this, which is probably why this is one of my go-to looks.

Check out these other outfits here, here, and here which have a similar feel!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂






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Oh myyyy lawwwwwd is this post overdue! I cannot believe I haven’t written about this yet. Efficiency. SNOOOZEEEE… BORING! *You say.* I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you, because being efficient is probably the best skill of all time. WHY?? Well, because then you have time to fill your life with all the fabulous things you want in it!

There is a reason in lots of my food posts I talk about how quick and easy a meal is. Because I am the efficiency queen! ***Disclaimer: this is totally self proclaimed… just let me have it.. okay? haha 😛

When you are more efficient with your time, you can do all the things you want to do. Suddenly you will have time to see all your besties (because, we alllll need to see our besties on a regular basis! It is basically free therapy + the cost of wine LOL.) That hobby you wanted to take up? DONE. Want to get your Skinny Belle workout in? EASY. You now have time to do whatever your heart desires.

I am all about getting things done and not letting them dribble along so that I can get to my favourite things in life.

Another reason being efficient with our time is the BEST is because it will make us all queens. (Side note: I am over being a “boss.” I have officially decided that being a queen is far superior.) If you are efficient with your life and the things you wish to have in it, you will find yourself achieving all your goals faster than your ever thought possible. Is that the right path to being a queen? Yes. Yes it is.

Okay okay so enough of my blabber. Now that I have told you that being efficient will make you a queen, as well as make time for all your favourite things… HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

Here’s the skinny:

  • Write it down!!! I like to make a “to do” list every night before I go to bed for the next day. This way, I can mentally be prepping myself for all the awesomeness I am about to fill my next day with.
  • Take writing it down a step further… schedule your day! By this I mean write down about what time you will do each task throughout the day, and stick to it! If something is taking wayyy longer than necessary just move along and come back to it later.
  • Get enough sleep! (<– post coming on this soon) Seriously this is so important. I am literally the worst when I don’t get enough sleep. So unproductive and just generally a grumpy-pants lol. 
  • Find the time of the day when you are typically the most productive, and capitalize on this! (<– business school moment lol.) For me, this is first thing in the morning. I am a freaking rockstar queen in the mornings! Come night time… things get super sketchy for me haha. I tried to send an email last night and I cant be sure if it actually made any sense…

Those are my favourite tips for being productive, and eventually becoming a queen of life.

So now, I want to hear from you guys! Do you want to see more posts like this one? What are your fave kind of posts I do?! Telll meee! I love to hear your feedback, so throw a comment in the comment box below. <3





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Doing cardio is actually my favourite way to get my fitness in. I just love the feeling of running and find that it makes me physically feel the healthiest. For me, I do some of my best brainstorming or problem solving while running. It is a nice time where you can think and just focus on your strides. Anyone with me on this one?!

For all of my workouts I have posted so far (Sexy Booty and Legs Workout and the 12-Minute Total Body Workout) I do interval cardio training as my warm up. Sometimes I will do a longer cardio session (45 minutes usually) as my whole workout, but it depends on how I am feeling that day!

So… What is interval training you ask?? Basically it is alternating between period of high intensity cardio to periods of low intensity cardio multiple times during a workout.

My routine (which is just what works best for me) is to warm up power walking for about 10 minutes, and then do 3 minutes jogging, and two minutes power walking. Repeating the 3 and 2 pattern as many times as I feel like! Most of the time I will do these intervals for 30 – 35 minutes total. 

What are the benefits of interval training? Well… Here’s the skinny!

  • You will burn more calories over a short period of time in comparison to steady rate cardio.
  • Improved your cardiovascular fitness (AKA a healthier heart!)
  • I find it makes a workout more interesting… and the time passes faster haha! 😛
  • Interval training burns more fat than just traditional cardio.

And there you have it! So glad I got to get a bit of a run in and share with you my favorite interval routine. Do any of you do intervals in your workouts?!





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Breakfast is by FAR the best meal of the day. Sometimes when I go to bed at night I am thinking about how excited I am for it to be morning so it can be breakfast time again. No, I am not kidding haha.

Why do I like eating breakfast so much? First off, there are SO many amazing things you can eat for breakfast, for example: Breakfast Cake, Skinny Granola, or Pumpkin Pie Granola. Second, eating breakfast is a great way to make sure you are staying in the best shape possible. There are so many health benefits to eating breakfast it’s actually ridiculous! Now, what exactly are these mysterious health benefits?

Here’s the skinny:

  • Eating breakfast controls your hunger later in the day, and reduces your chances of unnecessary overeating!
  • Breakfast is associated with improved cognitive function (especially memory.) Who doesn’t want to be a smarty-pants! Gotta build our empires, right?!
  • Your mood will be improved significantly! The happiest women are the most beautiful women. 🙂
  • Having a morning meal also helps with weight loss. It will reduce excess snacking later in the day.
  • And lastly, breakfast improves your strength and endurance (AKA you will have more energy to workout!!) After breakfast give the Sexy Booty & Legs Workout a try and see the difference in energy you have!

Now that you know allll about why breakfast is so fab, I will fill you in on that delicious breakfast I posted above. This was hot old-fashioned oats cooked with almond milk and my famous gingerbread spice mix (<– I will give you guys the recipe later!) I topped my oatmeal off will all the best treats. There was shredded coconut, prunes, gojji berries, mulberries, and chopped brazil nuts. Soooo delish. 

What are your favourite breakfasts to eat?! Let me know in the comments 🙂





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In the winter time I am totally guilty of wearing all black, all the time. It might also be a Vancouver thing because I feel like everyone here just wears black all winter long! I have been trying to switch it up lately and wear a bit more colour, but today I went back to my usual all-black ensemble and was loving it haha.

So it was the windiest day EVER when we shot these photos. For real. I was trying to be like Beyonce (in all her glorious fabulousness) with her constant wind fan, but my attempts were futile at best. I have got to hand it to the woman… HOW DOES SHE CONTROL HER HAIR with all that wind!! It was basically impossible, so I went for the “I’m going really fast on a boat” look with my hair. Not that I had a choice LOL.

Moving right along… Lets start with the shoes. Because they are beauuutifulll and I love them. Michael Kors made these bad boys, and I can’t get enough of their asymmetrical shape. So gorgeous.

My skirt (which is actually a dress, sneaky sneaky) is from Club Monaco. The dress’ neoprene material is super cool because it makes it hold a really nice shape. The sweater is from American Apparel and it is definitely a staple piece for me in the winter. Throw a nice big sweater on top of any outfit and I am one happy camper!

What are your staple clothing pieces for the winter time? Comment below and let me know!