3:28 | November 6, 2014







Disclaimer: I have a slighttt obsession with peanut butter. Seriously, I love it. It makes me so happy. So it is only appropriate that I share with you my absolute favourite snack that I had today… Apples and peanut butter! Ohhhh how I love that sweet and salty goodness 😀

Peanut butter is a great snack because it has lots of protein and will keep you full until your next meal. It also contains lots of healthy (and unsaturated) fats, similar to those found in avocados and olive oil. The above factors make peanut butter a great skinny snack, because it keeps you full longer and helps stop you from giving in to those nasty junk food cravings!

Another super important thing… Buy REAL peanut butter. What is real peanut butter? Well, the only ingredients on the jar should be peanuts and salt. The majority of peanut butters on the shelf have the first ingredient as being icing power. Icing powder = cake icing = frosting for breakfast = NO. It’s gross, just don’t do it. Buy the real and delicious peanut butter that will better your health instead of yucky sugar disguised as a nutritious product. Keep an eye out for peanut butter labeled “natural” when you are shopping, as it will most likely be the real stuff! But check the ingredient list just to be safe. 🙂

What’s your favourite snack? I also really like this pink hummus recipe. Let me know in the comments below!





12:33 | November 5, 2014




It is finally here!! I am so thrilled to share my second Skinny Belle workout with you, this one targeting your booty and legs! This is one of my favourite workouts to do because I find that I see results really quickly with this one. If I am feeling like I need to boost my workout routine a bit, the Sexy Booty and Legs Workout always makes me feel better. 🙂

You might be wondering why I do no repetitions of exercises in this routine (ie: complete this workout 3 times through.) This is simply because I find comfort in only having to do something one time through, instead of repeating a workout several times. So sometimes I design my workouts so I only have to go through the routine one time… it just seems easier even though you are doing just as much work! Haha. It’s all about tricking yourself. 😉

Save the above file to your computer or phone, and keep it with you while you are working out to follow along! I love to hear your experiences with my workouts, so please comment below and let me know how it went for you!

If you are rushed for time, check out my 12-Minute Total Body Workout for a quicker workout!





12:00 | November 4, 2014







Yolk's 2


This weekend I visited Yolk’s Breakfast for brunch. They have a food cart, food truck, and a restaurant which is located on Hastings and Clark in Vancouver, BC. When we arrived we pretty much knew that our meal was going to be unreal simply by how great our server was. All of us at the table were debating if our server was a part-owner of the restaurant or something, because she was THAT good. Turns out she was just really good at her job, but she made our experience great right from the get-go.

The restaurant location itself is nothing to fuss about, but its old-school style gives it that unique Vancouver charm that I love. The menu is super fun, it looks like one of those magazine quizzes we did when we were kids to see if you were a “tomboy” or a “girly-girl” haha! Check out Yolk’s full menu here.

I ordered Yolk’s classic Poached Free-Range Egg Sandwich, but I got mine made over Truffle-Lemon Hashbrowns instead of an english muffin… because HOW could I not. I mean seriously… TRUFFLE LEMON HASHBROWNS!! It was just the best. The other dish we tried was their Braised Beef Shortrib Eggs Benny. It had these amazing beer batter onion rings on top, which were sprinkled in blue cheese. Basically a heart attack on a plate. The braised beef just melted in your mouth and the whole time I was just wishing that the meal would never end. 😛

One thing that I really loved about Yolk’s Breakfast was that the eggs were free-range. I only eat free-range eggs at home and I find it makes such a difference in the taste and appearance of the egg.

If you can’t tell already, I had a great time at Yolk’s and highly recommend it it anyone looking for a beyond-delicious brunch!

For another brunch recommendation of mine, click here!





12:22 | November 2, 2014








Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend. I just had to share these photos with you that we took yesterday in Vancouver. We made the trek down to Wreck Beach to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, and ended up seeing this unreal sunset! It is the days like these that make you realize what a beautiful city Vancouver really is. The gorgeous sunny days make up for all those rainy ones in-between haha! 😛





1:35 | October 29, 2014








Halloween is almost here!!! I absolutely love Halloween because it is such a great excuse to dress up and have fun with friends. That being said, I get super excited for any holiday/event where there is a bit of a theme. The sorority girl in me just can’t be tamed… any excuse to dress up and I’m there! 😉

To get ready for the Halloween festivities I decided to make some candy apples. They kind of count as being a not-so-awful Halloween treat… I mean, there is apple in there! Does that count as nutritious? Sure, lets just say this is a “healthy” Halloween treat…

These were super fun to make and ohhh so simple. I decided to decorate mine with chocolate, candy corn, and Reeses Pieces. You can really use whatever candy treats you like though!

What’s in it:

  • Green apples
  • Bag of mini caramels
  • Treats to decorate with (this is all up to you!)
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • Sticks

Unwrap all those little caramels and put them in a pot on the stove (probably invite some friends over to do this because it took forever haha.) Then add your 1 tbsp of milk to the caramels and melt them on low heat. While you are stirring the pot of caramel and waiting for it to melt, put whatever you chose to use for your stick into the apple. I used black bamboo shoots for an extra spooky look! Then, dip your apples into the caramel and cover them in a fairly thin even layer. Put your apples on a wax sheet and let dry!

If you want to add decorations with candies or chocolate, add them before the caramel on the apple hardens so you can just press them on! This Halloween treat is super fun to do with friends, and a great way to spend your Halloweekend!

Can’t wait to share more Halloween fun with you guys. 😀 Hope you are having a great week! Talk soon.