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Hi everyone! So I took these photos when I was up in Whistler this weekend. The original plan was to shoot this dress out on the end of a dock on this gorgeous frozen lake. Because that’s a normal thing to want… right? I had a vision, JEEZE. So anyways, we get out there and its about -100 degrees Celsius and I am slipping and sliding all over the place in my heels on this stupid frozen dock. I think I slightly resembled a drowning squirrel, at least that’s how I felt lol. This would be the point when I promptly declared that I hated Canada and had no idea why I live in such a cold place. Weird, because I love skiing and that’s in the cold. But apparently I don’t like the cold so much when it is off the mountains haha! Don’t worry, I actually do love Canada lots I was just angry at that the weather was stopping me from getting my perfect shot. 😛

Once I realized it was basically like the North Pole outside, I decided it would be better to shoot this look inside. Not the original style of photo I wanted for you guys today, but I don’t have hypothermia so that’s a plus. (Only a problem Canadian bloggers will understand haha.)

This dress is a new find from Free People. The material is soooo cozy, it’s a great dress for winter. One of my favourite parts of the dress are the cutouts on the arms and waist. They add such a nice shape to the dress, which tends to emphasize them curves. (Yes, them curves. Lol.)

My shoes are from Nine West, and are also so comfy (especially for heels!) I am totally into the pointed toe look these days. There will be quite a few more shoes like this coming your way soon! Check out this post where I also wore these shoes. 

And finally, my beauuuutiful pearls. These bad boys are from Birks. They make me feel like a freaking rockstar. Why? Whooooo knows. Just something about them. Do you ever have that? When something you own just makes you feel outrageously fab for no good reason? It’s kind of the best! Haha 🙂 

Can’t wait to share my upcoming posts with you, lots of fun stuff planned!





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So many photos!!! I was THE most annoying person at the restaurant last night haha… “GUYS DON’T TOUCH I NEED PHOTOS.” Sorrrrry friends. 🙂 All the photos were so worth it though, because this meal was unreallll.

We were at a place called Rajio Public House, which is a Japanese tapas-like place located in Vancouver, Canada. It was sooooo scrumptious. I plan on becoming a regular here very quickly. I honestly can’t even remember everything we ate, because we ordered so much food. Sometimes this thing happens when I eat where I literally can’t remember eating because it was SO good. It kind of feels like when you have had one too many glasses of wine, except I haven’t had any wine. Haha!

Since it was so delish (and because we ordered such an outrageous amount of dishes,) I will link you their menu here. Seriously recommend going here if you are ever in Vancouver. It is such a fun dining environment, and their decos are beyond cute.





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When it comes to sports, there are not many that I would say I am necessarily really good at. Skiing? That’s my jam. Back in the day, when I was just a young & delicate flower, I was faced with one of life’s many difficult decisions (first world problems.) Should I focus all my efforts on ski racing? Or, diversify my athletic portfolio and learn to do some other things. Naturally, I chose to focus all my attention on skiing. Because how could I not… it’s so awesome! Just to START bragging about how awesome this sport is… think about the travelling, dangerous high speeds, thrill of the competition, and the views. Ohhhh those gorg mountain views. Skiing is something you can do for your entire life, and it is such a great way to stay fit.

Anyways, the point of this post is to talk about maintaining your fitness by doing the things that you love. The gym is great for staying fit year round, but sometimes it can be nice to skip the gym and get yourself outside to do something that you love! 

This can literally be anything. Do you like walking? Get outside and walk! Do you like bike riding? Brush the dust off your bike and take it for a spin! It makes exercise so much more fun if you are just doing something you love. For me that is skiing, and oh sweet baby jesus do I love it. The best part? I am getting in a killer workout and not even thinking about it! 

So… tell me! What are your favourite ways to get active outside the gym?!





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Today I wanted to share my favourite tips on how to not overindulge at holiday dinner parties. The holiday season is such a wonderful time of year, because it provides us with the opportunity to spend lots of time with family and friends. I love it! Usually this quality time spent together is based around food — GOOD food. Because, tis’ the season! Every year even the healthiest of people completely abandon their regular healthy-eating routine and end up spending extra hours in the gym in January to make up for the excessive overindulgence. I don’t want you to have to do that! So, everyone, let’s remember the world balance this holiday season and keep ourselves in check… CHECK YO SELF! (Had to, sorry lol)

Appies will be the death of you during this holiday season. (<— seemed like an appropriate opening sentence.) Seriously they will! Think about it. At holiday parties, there are appies GALORE. You are so excited that all your favourite foods are in mini bite size form (because duh, everything is cuter when it is mini…) They look so innocent, cute and little. So you will casually have one bite, another, another, another, and ANOTHER. Because these seemingly innocent small bites are so delicious.

Nowww comes dinner. This is the moment when you usually realize how obscenely full you are. And it never makes any sense because everything you ate was so small! But, it adds ups my friends. Seriously. The applies will kill you. Having tons of mindless little snacks before a meal is totally unnecessary and will stop you from enjoying the best part of a dinner… the actual meal!

Here’s my philosophy. Skip the appies, and eat the damn cake. YES! Eat dessert! Having one reasonably portioned piece of dessert will be way less detrimental than an uninhibited amount of appetizers before dinner.

A few more tips on how to not completely lose it at a holiday dinner:

  • Don’t go to the event starving! Have a healthy snack right before you go to dinner. Like this Peanut Butter Apple snack.
  • Keep a glass of wine in your hand all night! That’s right everyone, wine in your hand, ALL. NIGHT. LONG. (lol) It will keep your hands busy and stop you from reaching for those tempting appies.
  • Treat yourself, but only to your most favourite things. There is no point having a dessert if you don’t even like it. Don’t eat something just because it is there; eat it because you genuinely love it!
  • If an event is “appies only” (no dinner portion,) same goes as above! Pick your absolute FAVE appies, and just eat those. Don’t try one of everything, because chances are you don’t even like half the food anyways haha. 
  • Focus on your friends and family! After all that is why you are there. Make sure you are paying more attention to your conversations than your food. 

Keeping yourself Skinny Belle during the holiday season will allow you feel great while still enjoying all the best things about the holidays. The above tips are just my favourite ways to make sure I can enjoy all my favourite treats, without overindulging. After all, everything in moderation! You should be enjoying the holidays and all the fab things that come along with them, but not at the expense of your health. 





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Helloooo everybody! Would you LOOK at this beautiful coat?! I am obsessed with it right now (well, not literally obsessed but you get the picture lol.) It is made by SOIA & KYO and oh boy did they ever do good. It fits like a freaking glove! And there is still room to add more layers underneath, which is a total necessity when things get chilly here in Vancouver. Love love love it. 

Today was an all-leather kind of day. I went the whole 9 yards and paired my leather pants with leather boots. My life is CRAZY, I’m aware, thank you. 😉 The pants are from a local Vancouver store I love called Aritzia, and my gorg ankle boots are by Michael Kors.

Check out another one of my favourite winter coats here. Have a great Wednesday!