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While I was having my mini-vacay this weekend, I started to think about some real hard-hitting stuff. Like… What am I going to eat during the Super Bowl on Sunday?! Life changing, I know.

Either way, I was getting all excited about what food I could prepare for friends to snack on while watching the big game. I am admittedly not a big fan of football, but I am a big fan of looking cute in a jersey. Yes, I am that girl.

So here is what I came up with. I thought I would show you two of my “appetizer hacks” in my new Super Bowl Snack series. These appies seem really impressive to guests but are stupid easy to make. Let’s be real here. Nobody has time to spend hours prepping food that will be inhaled in less than a minute. AND, we need to maximize our time allotted for putting together cute outfits to watch the game in. Priorities, people.

Today I will show you one Part 1 of my Super Bowl Snack series, and I will post Part 2 on Sunday morning. (You will see why when I post!)

If you cant already tell from the photos, these are little Caprese Salad Poppers! They are low in calories and look/taste freaking amazing. All you do is buy the mini-bocconcini cheese, grape tomatos, and fresh basil. Go ahead and pop those bad boys on toothpicks like I did in the photos above.

In a little bowl mix together extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of salt. This will be your dip for the Caprese Salad Poppers! These are so fresh and healthy, and chances are they will be a nice refresher between the sips of beer that will undoubtedly be happening.

Hope you are just as excited about these little treats as I am!! Have a great rest of your week, and make sure you stay tuned for Super Bowl Snacks: Part 2 on Sunday morning <3





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This weekend we went on a very Canadian adventure… off-roading in the mountains up in Kelowna, BC. I absolutely love to get outdoors and explore, so much fun.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember that I mentioned I found a really cool French company a few weeks back. Well, my order came in and I can finally share my awesome discovery with you!!

See my fab new glasses? Well, I found them from a little online shop called Polette. They are French, they are chic, and I am in love. Polette’s concept is spot on. They are all about making high quality glasses (and sunglasses… summer is coming!!) without the nasty price tag. They are an online store, and they ship worldwide!! Yes, for once Canada is not left out. I am always so happy any time a company offers worldwide shipping haha.

So, what is the magic behind Polette’s low prices and high quality? They are the only intermediary between their factory, and the end customer. SMART. And, they have a huge selection of all-original frames, which I spent far too long browsing through. Minutes turned into hours and then there I was at the checkout! 😛 Want to take a look for yourself? Click here to see their range of styles (vintage, classic, retro… all the good stuff.)

My Polette glasses arrived just before I took off for the weekend, so obviously I rocked them the entire time. Totally in love with this brand right now. If you want to learn some more about my French crush (oui oui!!) check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments below! <3





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Lets start by saying how under-appreciated sandwiches are. As a food category, they have such an average reputation. When you think of a sandwich it is usually like “uhg fine. I guess I will have a sandwich today… boringggg.”

I am here to resurrect the glory of the sandwich!!! Yes, the glory. That word was chosen carefully and deliberately. When I make a sandwich, it is basically an art. (If I do say so myself 😉 ) It is a way I can put all my favourite things between two beautiful pieces of artisan bread. What is not to like?!

The bread? The carbs? Get over it!! Seriously. You will not (I repeat) will not get fat if you eat a slice of bread. Denying yourself of bread all the time is the ticket to over-indulging. So as I always say, remember to have balance in your diet. Sandwiches are a thing of beauty, and also so healthy. Don’t get hung up on the “carbs.”

Okay so back to it. Here’s what’s in my sandwich du-jour.

  • Terra breads green olive bread (its so freaking good)
  • Goat cheese
  • Thin sliced purple onion
  • Tomato
  • Roasted turkey (<– healthiest meat option by far!)
  • Sprouts
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Salt/pepper to taste

And there you have it. Sandwiches are the easiest thing to throw together, and they can taste so amazing if you use the right ingredients!

Happy sandwich-ing friends!





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This is pretty much as close to a uniform I will ever get. I am a huge fan of long skirts (what else is new) and any sort of little crop top. So this ends up being my outfit 9 times out of 10 haha! This black skirt is my favourite right now, and I cannot get enough of how sheer it is! I don’t think you can really see it in the photos too well but it is super sheer in person. I find it makes an otherwise conservative skirt a little sassier. 

My crop top is from H&M, and I literally paid $5 for it!! Sales are the BEST. It was actually a really loose top, but I decided I liked it better tied up like this. I was feeling bad, you know how it is ;).

Outfits like this are what I wear when I am feeling lazy and want to be comfortable, yet still look glam.  There is something just so beautiful about a long skirt… It may or may not be that they make me feel like a princess. OKAY FINE. That’s totally why. Girl can dream though, no?

Now off to have some dinner. Have a great night! <3





6:14 | January 20, 2015







Okay so I stumbled across GOLD the other day. There is no way that I was not going to share this with you guys. I may or may not have been Googling natural wrinkle prevention solutions. (It happened, just accept it.) I am all about prevention of wrinkles and am always looking for way to keep my skin wrinkle free. On this particular day, I was feeling like I needed to amp up my regular beauty routine a little bit.

What did I find?! GELATIN. I literally have no idea how I did not think of this before. Gelatin is basically a way to reduce (yes, REDUCE) the look of wrinkles. Kind of like botox… but no needles here. I am definitely not a medical expert, so I did my research and from what I can see gelatin really does reduce the look of wrinkles!! And obviously I just had to share the love with you. Want to know what other amazing things gelatin can do for you?

Well, here’s the skinny:

  • First and foremost… reduce the look of wrinkles!! Even with sun exposure!!! **Happy dance**
  • Supports hair and nail growth! Again… amazing! If you have weak hair or nails, gelatin could be the fix.
  • Gelatin is also known to improve your digestion.
  • A minimal source of protein (protein is still protein so yay!)
  • It is great for bone strength, and can help improve joint pains. I often get sore hips from running, so this is perfect for me!
  • Gelatin can help detox your liver!

Okay so how does all this business work?

Gelatin is basically a colorless, tasteless, and water-soluble protein prepared from collagen! You know, that stuff that is put in skin creams and costs the price of a brick of gold? Ya, collagen skin cream. That’s a big no-no. And here’s a little fun fact… collagen can’t even be absorbed through the skin! So hah! No more expensive creams for us.

Okay so, what is collagen? Collagen is the main structural protein found in grass-fed animal connective tissue. According to this study, “collagen is one of the primary structural elements of your skin, and providing the building blocks for this important protein can ensure that your body is able to create enough of it.”

After reading a lots of studies just like the once I referenced above, and I basically whipped out my credit card right there and ordered some gelatin pills online. Click here to see which gelatin capsules I ordered (5 bottles, to be precise haha.)

What other ways can you make gelatin a part of your diet? You can order the powder straight up and just mix a tablespoon or so into your tea at night! And the last (and best option in my opinion) are the gummy jellys!!! Adult gelatin gummy bears? Yes. Please. (I may or may not already take an adult gummy bear multi-vitamin every day… they are awesome, just saying.)

I have been taking my little gelatin capsules religiously for about two weeks now and have already started to notice a bit of a difference!! Literally can’t believe it took me this long to discover this secret.

Be sure to do your own research and see if taking gelatin is right for you! This is just what I have found works best for me 🙂 ***Also: if you haven’t noticed yet, this is NOT a vegetarian product!