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Smoked salmon is such a delicious snack, and a great way to get your protein in! These Smoked Salmon & Dill appies are a great skinny option for either an appetizer or a light snack! They are super easy to make, they look beautiful, and taste amazing.

Today I made two different versions. I made half with goat cheese and the other half with cream cheese. Just really depends what you feel like eating!

Here’s the skinny on what is in these Smoked Salmon & Dill appies:

  • Smoked salmon
  • Fresh dill
  • Goat cheese or cream cheese
  • Cucumber

Okay so this is so easy I am not even sure if it counts as a “recipe.” But you guys know me, the simpler the better. It is a tough life being a girl boss, we gotta be efficient! Alight, cut up your cucumbers into nice thick slices. Put your goat cheese or cream cheese on top of each cucumber slice (or do half of them cream cheese half goat cheese…. where my bad bitches at!!) Then, take your smoked salmon and make a little teepee shape on top. S’cute! And finally, put a little bit of that delicious fresh dill on each bite. 

Guys I just crushed all of these and they were freaking awesome. My recommendation? Go to the store and get these ingredients now and have a party for your taste buds. Yes, a taste bud party. (I am officially losing it.) If you like this recipe, check out my other Smoked Salmon Bite recipe too.





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My committed relationship with Citizens of Humanity has continued. How they made a pair of jeans that manages to fit me this well is seriously impressive. Hence why I keep buying new pairs of the same fit…. lol. If you couldn’t guess already these are the signature cut of jeans I wear called Rockets. And we will be besties for ever and ever and ever. 🙂

Ripped jeans are one of my major essentials for spring. They are such an easy piece to wear and they add a bit of excitement to any outfit. For example, really all I am wearing today is a t-shirt and jeans (duh.) But, wearing ripped jeans just gives the outfit that little extra bit of je ne sais quoi. Jeans and a t-shirt are one of the sexiest looks to me (yea I can be kinda country sometimes 😉 .) I think when you feel comfortable you always look the most beautiful. So, wear what makes you feel comfortable and you will glow like the queen that you are!

My t-shirt is so cozy. It is a bit hard to tell in the photos but it is this gorgeous soft knit material. (Again, spicing up a classic.) I picked this one up at Aritzia in Vancouver. White tee and ripped jeans? Love love love it. 

And finally, the footwear. These shoes mean business. I am super into big chunky shoes at the moment, and these are definitely big, and they are definitely chunky. It isn’t often you say you want something big and chunky… lol am I right?? But ya anyways, into this look right now. My kicks are by Woolrich, and they are actually made of woven wool.

Okay so talking about sexy again… what do you guys think is the sexiest look? Are you more a casual kind of gal or do you like glam more? I think switching it up and keeping people guessing is always exciting 😉 Let me know what you think in the comments below! 





7:40 | April 5, 2015







Happy Easter everyone! I spent my long weekend up in the mountains. AKA my happy place. 🙂 There is no better feeling to me than being out in the fresh mountain air, and skiing all day long.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite ways to stay motivated with my fitness. To start, it is so important to do something active that you love. It just makes things so so so much easier haha. Second, (and today’s main topic) is setting personal goals and challenges for yourself. Lately I have been challenging myself to try new things on the mountain to make sure I am always improving at what I love to do. Since I grew up downhill ski racing, I have a bit of a lazy tendency to just want to do the nice groomed runs. Why? Because I’m good at it and it comes easy to me. In my opinion, it is so important to be continuously improving at anything you do and always striving for excellence. Repeatedly doing the same thing over and over can get you into a bit of a “rut.” Your skill level will not improve, and you will become bored and uninterested with the activity because nothing new or exciting is happening (at least that happens to me lol.) I tend to be very motivated by tangible results, or visible improvements in my skill level. This is why I have been challenging myself with my skiing (and in most things I do) to make sure that I am always improving, and always striving for excellence. When you push yourself, you will usually discover that you are better at something or can do things you never even thought you could! Personal challenges in themselves are enough to keep me going up the mountain, and striving to do better. It makes things a bit more interesting, you know? 

What do you do to keep yourself motivated in your fitness routine? Setting personal goals/challenges for myself is a big one for me, and I really recommend you give it a go! Comment below to tell me your favourite way to stay motivated 🙂







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The other day someone asked me what my favourite food was. Without even thinking I answered “salted tortilla chips.” Honestly, if I could have them with every single meal of the day I would. There is something so satisfying and delicious about the nice crunch and the saltiness of corn tortilla chips. Oh god I am getting hungry again just thinking about it haha!

To feed my tortilla chip addiction (rehab is not necessary yet…lol I kid I kid) I created my own home made tortilla chips. In addition to my tortilla chip addiction, I also have a lime addiction. For anything that tastes good with limes I tend to add about 6 times the amount of lime that any other normal human would. Why? Because limes taste freaking AWESOME. Given my natural need to be efficient with all things in life, I was quickly lead to combining my two favourite things. Salted tortilla chips + lime = heaven.

And I’m not talking about the Tostitos crap where there is some sort of sketchy green powder all over the chips that someone called “lime.” (Okay those taste really good too but they are so bad for you.) Back to the point here… my Lime & Sea Salt Chip recipe was born. And yes, it really is a simple as it sounds.

Want to make your own chips at home? Here’s the skinny:

  • Corn tortillas (usually found near taco making stuff)
  • Limes
  • Sea salt (coarse)

Turn your oven on to 350. I usually don’t even let it preheat all the way, I just turn it on a minute or so before I want to use it. Next, cut up your corn tortillas into the desired chip size (it’s an art, really 😉 ) Lay out the corn tortilla pieces on a baking sheet. Make sure they are not overlapping each other. Squeeze some lime all over the chips. The more lime, the more flavour. YUM. And lastly, sprinkle salt all over your chips! I like to use really coarse sea salt, but use whatever you like best!

Now toss this in the oven and WATCH IT CLOSELY. I am not kidding here. These go from soft to burnt in like 0.00000005 of a second. At least that has been my experience haha. Watch them in the oven for about 6 – 9 minutes. Do not forget about them!! They will burn. You have been warned.

Once they are just slightly browning on the tips, take the chips out of the oven and let them cool for a second (it will be hard but do your best) and then go ahead and dig in! These Lime & Sea Salt Chips taste great with my Skinny Belle Guacamole for Cheaters or my favourite Pink Hummus

Okay now one last thing… why should you bother making your own chips? They are soooo much healthier! They are not deep fried, there are no weird preservatives added to them, and you can just make as many as you want to eat! I don’t know about you guys but if I have a large bag of chips in front of me, it is super hard to not just crush the whole thing lol. So homemade is always better for health reasons, and I find it fun to make them myself too!

Have you ever made your own chips before? Do you have a different way of doing it? I want to know!! Comment below <3





6:46 | March 31, 2015









These beautiful creamy colours are killing me! The eggshell/white/brown tones… *yum*. Throughout the winter I am totally guilty for dressing in an all-black uniform all the time. It just seems safer with all the rain and gross weather haha. Now that things are starting to warm up a bit here in Vancouver, I have been more than happy to break out lighter shades. When it comes to spring outfits, I am all about neutral colours. Well if I am being honest I usually just wear neutral colours all year round. By neutral colours I mean grey, white, eggshell, cream, black (if its winter), and whatever other shades I am missing here haha. 

The reason I like to keep my closet to mostly neutral colours is they tend to create the most classic looks, and more importantly you can wear them more than once. If I buy a really bright and colourful top, I will probably wear it once (maybe twice if I am feeling bad) :p When I buy a piece that is a neutral colour, I will mix and match it with all my other neutral colours and wear it many times! That is why I recommend buying as many neutral coloured clothing pieces as possible. It just makes putting something together in the morning that much easier. That being said, obviously a sista needs to go wild once and a while and add some bright and vibrant pieces to her closet. You know??

Alright guys, on to what I am actually wearing. Both my dress and my jacket are from Zara! To be honest I never started shopping there until I went to Spain and discovered the Zara there…. sweet jesus is it ever amazing. Everything is sooo much cheaper and there are so many more options. Anyways that experience opened my eyes to shopping at Zara in Canada, and I actually really like it! My favourite part of this outfit is the jacket. It is a perfect “between season” spring jacket. Totally going to rock it with some ripped jeans soon.

As for my shoes, I am IN LOVE (yes, l-o-v-e) with these right now. They are so freaking comfortable, and they match so easily with most things in my closet! Again, waddup neutral colours. I can’t actually remember the brand right now…. (awkward my bad) but I will check when I get home 🙂

Do you guys prefer neutral colours like me, or are you more into bold and bright colours?! Let me know in the comments below <3