2:59 | April 3, 2019



3:11 | April 1, 2019



First vlog back in California waddup!! So nice to be back home (for a few days lol) before I take off on the next adventure.

Wanted to go out to Malibu to visit Point Dume, and was it ever amazing. The wildflowers out in Malibu are insane right now! Nothing more beautiful in my opinion.

Okay short post today because honestly I am still super jet lagged and about 1 minute away from falling asleep on my keyboard lol.

Have a great day!


10:03 | March 28, 2019



What it’s really like traveling alone.

After a month of solo travel in Bali, I figured it was about time to post this video. Let’s call it the conclusion to my Bali trip and first time traveling alone.

Since it was my first time truly traveling alone, I decided at the beginning of the trip that I would record a video diary of my time in Bali. Anything to do with feelings/experiences on solo travel!

This is what I came up with, and I wanted to share it as a *hopefully useful guide to anyone thinking of traveling solo. Maybe “guide” is the wrong word… “realistic expectations” might be more appropriate. haha

It’s important to me to always be honest with you. And when I am vlogging, I am stoked 99% of the time. But there was a lot of time off camera on this trip where things went wrong and/or I wasn’t super excited about where I was. So I wanted to share both the good and the not-so-good parts of solo travel to help give you a realistic summary of what the experience was like.

Hope you enjoy this video – and thank you for your support on the Bali series! So much more goodness to come – every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 😉


1:51 | March 27, 2019



Today I discovered what is hands down my favourite beach in Bali. I feel like I say this about most places I go in Bali, but this is REALLY the best beach. And that is my final answer lol 😉

This spot is located at a chill beach club called Sundays. Sundays Beach Club is in Uluwatu and it was STUNNING! The club itself wasn’t super fancy or anything like Omnia, but the beach was amazing. The water is bright blue and there’s no strong current so you can actually swim!

For real this was the first time I swam in my entire month in Bali. Wild.

Had a grand old time eating, drinking, and hanging out on the beach! Highly recommend if you are ever in Bali.

Only a few days left and I’m off! This trip has flown by, can’t believe I’m almost done 🙁

Talk soon!’


2:51 | March 25, 2019



Today I visited the famous Omnia Bali! This place has been super hyped up, and I really wanted to go for myself and see if it was as amazing in person.

I think the thumbnail makes it obvious but Omnia Bali was a GOOD TIME! So beautiful, luxurious, and the vibe was RIGHT.

In the video I briefly mentioned price but honestly it was so loud it was hard to vlog lol. The prices there are expensive for Bali standards, but for USA standards, they are VERY reasonable. I think the min spend is about $100 per head, which if you compare that to Vegas, is nothing!

Definitely recommend checking out Omnia if you are ever in Bali. It’s located in Uluwatu so about a 1-2 hour drive from Canggu depending on traffic. Pray for no traffic cuz it took forever for us haha!

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Thanks for watching!