1:13 | February 15, 2018



When you’re expecting a puppy…

LOL! Totally kidding, I am not actuallllly expecting a puppy for Valentine’s Day.

… or am I… 😂

hahah anyways,

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!!! ❤

No matter what your relationship status is this year, I hope you are having a happy day. Treat yourself, buy yourself something sweet/salty/carby… whatever floats your boat and wash it down with some rose. Because, we deserve it.

All about just having a great day today, with or without a significant other! You can easily get drunk and judge the olympics from the comfort of your own  home, and have a  grand old time. I did it last year (minus the olympics part) and it was fab.

This year, I have a bae, and we are actually just chilling out tonight. We will be doing our very official ‘Valentine’s Day date’ this weekend when the restaurant craziness calms down.

So the plan to get drunk and be an at-home olympic figure skating judge still stands lol.

Anyone else doing this tonight?? Just me?

Message me your vday plans on instagram! Love to catch up with you guys and know whats happening in your lyyyfeeee.

Hugs and kisses! 😘




5:52 | February 14, 2018



Lake Tahoe is the best!

Ah yes, here it is friends! My official travel vlog from Lake Tahoe. I love this because I feel like I get to have you along with me on my trip. Much more personal 🙂

We skied a total of 3 days, and I give my reviews on all 3 mountains local mountains we tried: Northstar, Squaw, and Alpine Meadows. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places, and there is nothing quite like traveling into the nature for a few days.

If you guys like this vlog, it really super helps my content get shown through the YouTube algorithm if you throw it a “thumbs up” and/or leave a comment! 👍🏻

More importantly, it helps me learn which videos you like the most. 😊

I need to go to sleep meow, because I am meeting a friend for an early morning hike tomorrow. FITNESS AND SUCH. 💪🏻

Talk tomorrow! 😘




12:41 | February 10, 2018



Champagne apres at Northstar Resort

What a week! 🎿

Last night we arrived home pretty late from our ski trip to Lake Tahoe. It was one hell of a great trip. Tried to snap as much as I could on my instagram stories, but I was so happy just skiing and enjoying life that I actually kind of forgot about instagram for a hot minute.


I. Know.

It was legit a like a day, but I missed doing my usual snap-everything-I-see-and-do routine. 😝 Also there was barely any service, not because we were in a super remote location, but because I have what is likely the worlds shittiest cell carrier lol.

I digress.

Our trip to Lake Tahoe was abosultely amazing. We were there for 4 days and did 3 full days of skiing. I was a happy little clam indeed. ☺

We stayed in a condo right at the base of Northstar Ski Resort, which were as ski-in-ski-out as it gets. Literally about 6 ft between the base of the ski hill and our front door. Not too shabby at all. 👌🏻

Throughout the trip we actually skied on 3 different mountains.


Northstar is pretty flat, but a really chill fun mountain. The pictures of me getting loose at the champagne apres above are at Northstar. They do a pretty epic champagne toast at 2 pm every day.


So if you are novice/intermediate skiier or an advanced skier who likes to be lazy, this is the mountain for you.


I can’t EVEN with the name of this one. Like, just say it out loud… s q u a w….. Not the prettiest. BUT, the skiing here was super fun! Lots more terrain and a bunch more challenging runs. So you aren’t sleeping half the time while you are skiing. lol.


Also so great! A variety of terrain here, so it’s good for any level of skiier. My only complaint would be the food was so nasty it was almost inedible. And it was hella expensive. Not impressed. I mean, all ski resorts are way overpriced but at least you expect the food to not look like something served at a federal prison. You know? I don’t ask for much. Just edible.

And of course, I was vlogging this whole trip! So I will share the video in a few days so you can get some visuals on all these different mountains. Really excited about this vlog, because you really get to come along with me on this trip. Pretty awesome.

Time to go start getting ready for dinner. Tonight I am making some sort of mushroom/quinoa/arugula concoction that I will 99.99% be insta-gramma-lamma-ing. Stay tuned if you’re into that kinda thing. 😜

Happy Friday you sexy beasts!





5:47 | February 8, 2018



This is low-key my favourite glam tutorial yet!


But first, I need to tell you something. Or, bitch. Whatever.

There is good news, and bad news.


This Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial is so damn good. It is the perfect flirty, natural, yet sexy look for the big day. We even use some Kylie Cosmetics products, which always make for a big sexy pout. 💋 And the eyes are a bit more spicy than normal with pink tones and a soft winged liner.

This glam is everything. And you neeeeed to try it! 💞


(This is the part where I bitch. Sorry but I need to tell you what is going on!!)

I posted this last night on YouTube, and it was LIT. So many views, comments, and likes! As a new YouTuber, that is a V big deal. And I was stoked!

This morning I woke up to a bunch of messages telling me that the video randomly cuts off 3/4 of the way through the tutorial. 😭 There was no way to fix this, so I had to delete my video and repost it (the version you see above.)

This majorly sucksssssss.

Re-posting a video means losing all momentum from the awesome possum engagement I had on the original version. NO FUN AT ALL. 🙅🏼 Apparently this issue of videos getting cut off was happening to a bunch of other people this week as well. 😔

Anyways, I’m in the process of healing my mind, body, and soul from this deep trauma. LOL totally kidding, but it did suck.

Needless to say, the whole situation was frustrating. But now I’ve gotten it all out, and we can move right along.


The video is now live IN FULL so you can see how I got my Valentine’s Day glam! This is the exact look I’ll be doing for my Valentine’s Day date this year. So if you want to get the look, or get some inspo, check check checkkkkk it out

If you guys like this video, tell me by throwing it a big thumbs up! 👍🏻 It’s really helpful to know which videos you vibe most 😊

Hope you enjoy the tutorial. I am off to drive about 9 hours to get home from Lake Tahoe! It’s been a super fun week and I am soooo sad to leave. Girl had the best time skiing all day every day.

We shall talk back in LA!

Love you guys. ❤




3:53 | February 5, 2018



Yesterday in Yosemite

Hey friends!

A quick hello from Yosemite. We arrived yesterday just in time for sunset and were able to catch some gorgeous magic hour light here. ✨

Legit to get this photo Troy and I were RUNNING through the forest like a couple of wild hoodlams to get to the spot where the sun was still shining (shit was rapidly setting) and scraping our knees and falling all over the place.

(I’m crazy, fully aware lol)

Mid run we realized there was a path just a few meters to the right of us, where the normal not-psycho people were walking to get to the same spot.


I mean, whatever right? If it takes running through a thick forest to get “the shot” before the sun sets… gotta do what you gotta do.

Maybe this is why everyone hates millenials… hahah 😆

Anyways, Yosemite is INCREDIBLE. We really didn’t have enough time to actually explore the entire park, as we only arrived shortly before sunset. Way way way too much to see even in a whole day. So we are planning a proper 3 day trip or so in the summer to go back and see everything that Yosemite has to offer.

I might even camp. 😱 A slightly horrific and wild thought, but it might happen. At least it would make for good comedy lol.

For the short while we had to enjoy Yosemite yesterday, I honestly could not have been more impressed. There is just no feeling in the world like realizing how tiny and insignificant you and your problems are. Hahah really though! When you are sitting at the base of this majestic cliff, it honestly makes your problems seem SO insignificant. Because you realize how small you are in comparison to this rock, and even this universe.

OK that got real philosophical. Not typically my style but the mountains give me alllllll the feels. ❤️

Moving right along….

*Awkward cough*

Today we are in Lake Tahoe!

We are staying in this dope condo in the North Village, and though there isn’t a lot of snow it is still fun fun fun. Nothing makes me happier than being in a ski village, and obviously skiing.

It is my sport, my life, my love. If you are new to Skinny Belle, I actually grew up downhill ski racing (aka those weirdos in the spandex suits who race around the poles in the snow) so this is really the only sport I am good at haha! Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Ok off to go bother Troy (bae) and make him come with me to get my ski bindings adjusted to my new boots. As one does.

Talk soon! 😘