5:46 | April 17, 2018



Join me in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

I was so happy to vlog this because it is my first day BACK FROM HAVING THE FLU!!!

There is no better feeling in the world than coming back to health after being sick. Because there is also nothing worse than being stuck in bed, feeling poppy, and being HELLA BORED. Like, the most bored of all time.


(Yes, the dramatics are necessary.)

You can imagine the joy of being able to leave the house.

Anywho, Santa Teresa is pretty great! Today’s vlog shares my favourite lunch spot (shocker, foodie stuffs 😉 ), a cool surf competition, some adventuring, and fun times in the pool at our AirBnb!

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Let’s talk about something that hasn’t really been formally addressed here. You’ve probably noticed a lot more videos and less photos lately on Skinny Belle.


But for reals, figured I would share wtf is up with all the videos and lack of other content here.

Videos feel like a much more personal way that we can connect with one another. I love photography and still do lots (see my instagram!) but writing to you never feels as personal as talking to you directly in a video. So for now, hope you are down diggity down for this, as I plan on focusing my energy on creating awesome/funny/useful videos. Or at least that is my hope for them.😜

It’s been a HUUUUUGEEEEEE learning curve making videos, and I am confident that every upload will be better and better.

Change is good, and this little bloggity blog has changed to be more video focused. For now. 😉 Who knows what will be next!!

So yeah…. thought we should talk about that. Cuz I just kind of went and did it and didn’t really address it at all. Not that it’s something that needs addressing anyways?


There you have it. Lots of videos on Skinny Belle. 🎥

SENDING LOVE AND HUGS AND KISSES YOUR WAY! (I’m V chipper today if you haven’t noticed lol!)

Until next time. 💞


4:34 | April 12, 2018



It’s official. Obsessed with Nosara, Costa Rica.

I’ve got to say, Nosara was way more my jam than Tamarindo. It was much less touristy and much more cute/chic/my vibe. That being said, Nosara was definitely still a tourist driven spot, but not the bad kind of touristy. If that makes sense..


New vlog! From, you guessed it… NOSARA!

This was for sure my favourite part of the trip so far. The boutique hotel we stayed in was called the Vivo Nosara Hotel and it had the besttttt little brunch cafe on site. We had the smoothie bowls EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. because they were so good. The staff was kind enough to make me custom smoothies that didn’t include the approximate 56329 ingredients that hurt my stomach.

Ha… ha… ha…. kidding. But not at all. My stomach sucks and basically all the things hurt it.


Meaning to say that the team at Vivo Nosara Hotel was awesome and worked with my ridiculous dietary restrictions.

Anyways, we had a great stay. I share all the best things to do, eat, see, and where to stay in further detail in the vlog above!

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7:36 | April 8, 2018



Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel vlog!

Well folks, there we have it! My very first vlog all the way from Costa Rica 🙂 Let me tell you, it is VERY likely that my hair will be in braids like this for every video/photo/whatever for this whole trip. The humidity does NOT do fabulous things for my mane.

I mostly just look like Monica from Friends when the crew went on vacation lol!


We spent the first few days here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It is definitely a super touristy town with prices comparable to Hawaii… I KNOW. Who would have thought.

But it was still very beautiful and we had the best time. Watch the video above to see what Tamarindo looks like and what I did on day numero uno! (That’s me practicing my Spanish 😉 )

Writing to you now from Nosara, and omgggg is it ever amazing here. Vlogging today so I will have you fully updated in a few days. Still learning to edit these dang video thingymabobbers and it takes me a while lol!

Anywho, I gotta go. Ya girl has a date with a fresh fruit smoothie. #romance


Pura vida!


4:41 | April 1, 2018



Scotch tape, works every time!

New makeup tutorial!!!

These are sO MUCH FUN TO FILM. I love glamming SOOOOooooOOOoooOOOO MUCH! And my new camera makes it so much easier to see wtf is going on on my face.

You know?

This tutorial was inspired by a look that Chloe Morello did of Bella Hadid. The badass winged liner was achieved VERY easily by using some scotch tape! Watch the full video to see how I did it!

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3. More. Days.


Like wtf? Is this life?

Ya girl cannot wait. I am so impatient with these things. Not going to lie the last few weeks in Vancouver have felt like a lifetime. Time always seems to move extra extra slow when you are excited about something.

Do you feel like that too ever?

Anywho… I’ve got about 6 million chores to do before I leave. Really annoying pre-travel stuff haha. SO IMA GO DO THAT.

Hope you like the video!!




5:50 | March 28, 2018



Yup, so this is happening!!!

The last week of my life has been consumed by two things:

1) fighting with my 9 year old laptop which is dying a shockingly fast death lol, and

2) preparing to MOVE TO COSTA FRIGGIN’ RICA!!!

Like, what?

I can’t wait to post my first instagram from Costa Rica with the caption “NEW NUMBER WHO DIS.” I’m such a loser. This legitimately excites me. You heard it here first folks.

Nobody steal my caption. #originalthots

Want to know the full juicy details on Costa Rica? Watch the video above and at about 6:45 mins I get my life together and tell you wtf is going on and WHY I am moving to Costa Rica!

But actually you should probably watch the whole vlog, because I got up at 5 am to film some EPIC SUNRISE SHOTS on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver.

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This is what’s happening. Next week, I shall begin my Costa Rican adventure. And ya’ll are coming along for the ride!! This girl is finally semi getting the hang of vlogging and Ima film the whole dang thing.

I will also have a new laptop so the technical difficulties experienced this past week will hopefully be reduced to a minimum. 🔥


I’m off to go watch some sort of trashy tv show. Haven’t picked my poison yet. But it’s gonna be minimal on the intelligence high on the entertainment value.

CANT WAIT TO BRING YOU TO COSTA RICA!!! Is this even happening?!?!

Love you, miss you, hugs for you.