5:18 | December 13, 2017



Meet the first ever shiteous iPhone pic that graces my blog. Had a cute video to post, but NOOOOOO. WordPress is a fickle bitch sometimes. 😒

KK moving right along from my rage at WordPress to happier things…

SUPER stoked on this Kylie Cosmetics giveaway I’m hosting. Mostly because I low key wanted to keep this all for myself. And because I would legit be using it like daily… but this girl defs has more than enough makeup right now so I figured I would give away a Kylie Cosmetics 4 pack of Velvet Liquid Lipsticks!

This box was a limited edition run made just for Top Shop, and the colours are SO DOPE.

Here’s what they look like:


1) Subscribe & turn on notifications for Skinny Belle Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUI4T7riAxLPSV4htxMFLqw?sub_confirmation=1

2) Follow Skinny Belle – The Podcast on Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/skinnybelle

3) Comment “done” on this instagram post –https://www.instagram.com/p/BcoGIopgX9R/?taken-by=robynkimb

Good luck!!

***Contest open to USA and Canada only! Ends Dec 20th 😄

I think this exciting contest has officially cured me of my WordPress related rage. 😜





7:14 | December 10, 2017



There’s nothing quite like buying presents for yourself 😉

Ah yes, tis the season of giving. 🎁 Giving to all the people you love in your life. And guess what. Want to know who I love most? ME! 😂

*Think: that Sex in the City Episode where two guys were fighting over Samantha and she had to choose which one she wanted to be with. In the end she chose herself because she loved her the most 😆 What a woman. I aspire. 👑

So why not treat yo-self and buy yourself something nice for the holidays. A la Samantha Jones. 💅🏻You’ve earned it. Like for real… let’s just call this appreciating yo-self. You worked so hard all year long, and it’s about time to thank YOU for the hustle. The holidays can get so crazy with gift buying and sometimes we (lol jk I’m not included in that “we”) forget to get a little something for ourselves.

I am so-pro self-gifting it’s ridiculous. Before you go ahead and accuse me of being selfish, consider this: after you have lovingly picked out your gifts for your family and friends, items you have carefully selected to let them know you care…. What about you?? Why can’t you care about yourself? Everyone should love themselves. So yolo and get that thing at Sephora that you’ve had your eye on. 💄

I’m an enabler when it comes to shopping. It’s a problem, I know. But I feel it is justified in this situation because I’m encouraging self love. 😉

You know?

Anyways, I’m major into online shopping lately. 👜 So much so that sometimes the idea of driving to a mall, and wandering around for hours, actually is offensive to me. It’s 2017. Anything I want should be delivered to my door. 💁🏼

K sounding like a brat, but point is: online shopping is the best. So convenient, and you can do it from home with a nice cup of coffee in your jammies. ☕️

Some of the sites that I am totally vibing right now for holiday self-gifting (more people do it than will admit, I am just the first to admit!!) are: Blue & Cream (specifically IRO, some major sales happening atm), Rebellious Fashion (I got the sweater I am wearing in the pics above from them. But beware of UK sizing, messed that up on my first order), Missguided (have suchhh cute winter coats, 50% off rn too!), and of course… naturally Revolve. Duh.

With that, I must be off to do some holiday shopping. For the people I love, AND for me. Cuz I also love me. 👑

Do you guys have any other great sites I can check out?? LMK in the comments pls!




1:57 | December 8, 2017



Are you subscribed to Skinny Belle YouTube?

Yay! My travel vlog from Park City last weekend is uppppp. 🎥

Seriously loving doing these vlogs (even though this is only my second one lol😝) Vlogging my travels feels way more intimate, like you can actually see what is going on better than if I just snap a few pics. That being said, I love photography and that will always be a part of my blog. Just very stoked on this new medium!

If you want to come along for a weekend with me in Park City, check out the video above. Tried to be fancier with my editing this time and added some voice over, to explain some things not featured in the video. Still getting the hang of filming and editing in this way, so be patient! I’m learning ☺️

**Little update on the LA fire situation mentioned before: we are safe and sound, but it does feel like I smoked about 100 cigarettes over the last two days (I don’t smoke, obviously🙅🏼🚬 ) because of all the smoke in the air and ash that fluffs off the ground as you walk. I legit vacuumed my balcony today to try and get rid of the ash. 😒

Park City Vlog is a pretty dope edit, so check it out and let me know what you think!




1:44 | December 6, 2017



The perfect holiday cocktail = a Martinez


Officially official.

Like, we get to hang out and make cocktails? Hell YES!🍸

All about that life.

Okay enough blabbering from me, time to get to the festivities. 😆

On this week’s Skinny Belle Cocktails/Boozy Belle episode (seriously please comment with which name you prefer… I need to decide lol) we are making a drink called the Martinez, and it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

To me, this is the perfect holiday cocktail. Full of big bold flavour, and even more full of boozy goodness. One of these and you will be G2G. 😉

Martinez Ingredients (aka the perfect holiday cocktail)

**this is for one serving, if you are making two, double it!

– 2 oz gin (I really like Nolet’s)
– 75 oz sweet vermouth (Dolin is great)
– 1 bar spoon of maraschino cherry juice (I buy Luxardo)
– 1 dash orange bitters
– 1 peel of an orange

All you need to do is combine these ingredients in a large glass or shaker filled with ice, stir, and pour into a festive cocktail glass. Garnish with the orange peel.


Making Tuesdays great again. 👌🏻




4:13 | December 5, 2017



Taken on my balcony in Santa Monica, this morning 😨

Uhmmmm no wonder I woke up last night thinking “someone is having a campfire!” Holy shizen is it ever smokey!

This is happening about 60 miles away from Downtown LA, and let’s hope that that doesn’t get any closer….

Very scary stuff. Hoping the firefighters get this one under control asap.

Anywho, going to go attempt to workout now… probably not the best idea in the world considering the air quality, but we will see how it goes. Maybe just a walk.