3:01 | December 24, 2017



Can you spot the drone?

Whatsup friends!

I really hope I didn’t overly alarm any of you with yesterday’s post. 😅 I just want to keep it real here and I know that birth control and depression are a major issue that so many women go through and nobody talks about it. I mean, if we are ALL experiencing the same thing, why the f is nobody talking about it?! So crazy. Anyways, that is why I am here. 💞

In other news, Christmas came early!!! 🎄

Today my boyfriend and I did our Christmas gift exchange and spent the day together enjoying our gifts. Troy got me a drone (!!!!!!) and I got him the NES Classic Edition & some Trump toilet paper. So he could LITERALLY shit on Trump. 😂😂😂 It is legit toilet paper with Trump’s face on it. I honestly think it’s a better gift than the nintendo gaming unit that I got into a savage bidding war on ebay for. The NES Classic Edition is MAJORLY sold out everywhere (duh) and I had to go to secondary markets to get it. I am pretty sure I was in a bidding war with 12 year olds, but you know how it is with Nintendo. Gotta do what you gotta do.

K so back to my drone. I am BEYOND EXCITED to be the new owner of a drone. When the robots take over, I will obviously be first in line because I have been working with mini-robos (like drones) for ages. So the photo above is me test flying my drone. This was after I crashed it into the bushes, and sent Troy into the wilderness to find it. Of course.

I am currently in the midst of editing a ganggggster vlog🎥 from the other day at home. Still learning how to actually edit videos, so it takes me longer than I would like to publish vlogs but I am getting quicker!!!  🙂 Slowly but surely. 😜

Point being, I am going to integrate some drone footage into my upcoming vlogs as well. Super excited. It will be great.

Anyways, Uber Eats has arrived with the obscene amount of food we ordered (ramen + about 10 side dishes we defs didn’t need to order), so Ima go eat that and then continue to play with my new drone and fight over the Nintendo with Troy.


Love you guys. Thanks for accepting me for who I am. I know there’s a lot of facets to me, but, that’s just me being me.


Happy-almost-end-of-2017. This year has been a shit show, and I have SO MUCH to say about it. But that’s coming soon in a podcast. For now, ta-ta! 😘




3:05 | December 22, 2017



Well, things got realllllly real on Skinny Belle – The Podcast today 😐

Alright guys, I went there. I talked about the thing you are not supposed to talk about.

Today I recorded a podcast where I share my recent struggles with some seriously negative side effects of birth control, namely: depression and severe emotional volatility.



If you are a woman and you take birth control, chances are you have also experienced some negative side effects as well. Which is exactly why I wanted to share what I have been going through lately with a new birth control I’m taking. My hopes are that anyone reading this or listening to Skinny Belle – The Podcast can feel less alone, because feeling depressed can be an isolating experience. No matter what the cause.

I really got into it in this episode. I also accidentally cried. 😅 Definitely did not plan on doing that, but it’s kind of where I’m at right now with all this hormonal madness going on in my body.


There is really no advice in this podcast, it’s more just letting you guys know where I’m at. I haven’t solved the hormonal issue yet, but I am soon going home where I will see my family doctor and do just that.

For now…. 😬😬😬🔥😩 😤 😡

Hahahaha. Haha. Hahahahha. I’m insane. Really. Birth control is the worst. You know how it is. Listen to the podcast and you will get the gist of my situation.

Love you guys, and if you have ever experienced something like this (which like 99.999999% of women have) then slide on into my dms and let me know. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be allowed to talk about this, considering the fact that we all go through it. So ridic.

So let’s break the silence! Really really hope this podcast helps at least one person feel like they aren’t alone. That will make crying on the internet worth it. ❤️

Ok off to eat a massive bowl of pasta cuz I luv myself. And it’s the holidays. 🎄




7:17 | December 18, 2017



This tutorial, is the best.

My Highlight & Contour Master Class on Skinny Belle Youtube is the anti “instagram contour” video. No more drawing a bunch of lines on your face, let’s do this shit right friends.

Celebrity makeup artist, Jen Tioseco, explains in detail how she highlights and contours clients, such as: Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, Nicole Richie, Adriana Lima, Sophia Richie, Jenna Dewan, & more.

So obsessed with this video and I truly believe it is the only beauty tutorial you ever need to watch if you want to learn how to properly contour and highlight.

This tutorial is definitely on the longer side, but it is ohhhh-so-necessary. We got into depth on all techniques, products, & brushes you need to get the perfect highlight and contour. This is one of my favourite beauty videos and I am personally watching it 1000x to make sure I get all Jen’s pro-tips down.


Be patient, if you get through the whole thing you will honestly learn SO much. Jen is an unreal makeup artist and she shared so many of her best tips with us.

Products we used:

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealers (shades: honey & custard)

Hula Quickie Contour Stick

Tatcha Fixe Spray

Givenchy Prism Powder

Hula Benefit Contour

Iconic London Highlighter

Artist Couture Highlight

Nars Lustre


Make sure you are subscribed to Skinny Belle Youtube!




– Robyn

8:07 | December 16, 2017



Yours truly muscling through a Lagree class in Vancouver

LOL hiii guys!

Super excited to share my very first INTERVIEW on Skinny Belle – The Podcast!

This episode is so so fire. I feel like I say that every time, but my guest was super dope and had a ton of valuable fitness + diet information to share with us.

I learned SO much. And you will too.

Ok so who is this mysterious guest?

Let me introduce you to Jenny Brian.



Like wtf you guys. Look at those abs. I aspire. 🙌🏻

Jenny Brian (insta @fitlikejb)  is known as being one of the toughest trainers in LA, she’s a Master Lagree Instructor (aka a BFD), my personal ‘fitness goals’ role model, and an overall badass babe.

In today’s interview we talk fitness & diet. Specifically, we get real deep into Lagree, wtf it is, and all the fab things it will do for your bod. I’ve been a huge fan of Lagree for over a year now, so I was more than thrilled to have Jenny on Skinny Belle – The Podcast to share the Lagree love with you.

Here are some key points covered in this Skinny Belle – The Podcast episode:

– How Jenny lost 20 lbs 😱
– WTF Lagree is
– Why Lagree fitness is definitely NOT pilates
– Fitness as therapy
– Fitness fuelling accomplishment in all aspects of your life
– How to eat if you want to be slim & trim




Alright enjoy everyone!!

Oh yeah, and if you have not already, make sure you SUBSCRIBE & rate Skinny Belle – The Podcast 5 starts on iTunes!! Thank uuuuuuu. 🙏🏻





11:42 | December 13, 2017



Hellllzzzzz yessssss 😍

Choppity chop

Bechamel sauce

Bottom layer of goodness

First layer of veggies, kind of messy but we will neaten this shit up

Second layer, now neat


What’s up you beautiful people!! 👋🏻

Writing to you from my bed. It’s 3 pm, totally normal. 😅

Today we’re making Ratatouille. Well, not today, I made this the other night. But I have been busyyyyy so we’re just properly giving it the attention it deserves today.

To be totally honest, this was my first time making Ratatouille and I wasn’t sure I was going to blog it because… well… that’s a bit risky lol. But it turned out so damn good that I had no choice but to share it. NO. CHOICE.

I feel like I do so much cooking that I never share here with you guys. Do you want to see more? Tell me pleaseeee!

That being said, food is my sweet sweet lover til the day I die (sorry Troy) so it will basically always be part of Skinny Belle lol. But still, if you want more of this action tell meh and I will make your wildest dreams come true. 😉

Okay so Ratatouille.

I was inspired to make this when I had a very average-at-best Ratatouille dish in Park City last weekend. Does that ever happen to you? When you are at a restaurant and someone serves you something and you’re like…. uhmmmmmm nope! Try again stud. I can do better. 💪🏻 #flexin

Anywho, I did a bunch of googling and combined a few recipes to figure out how to make this dish, being that it was my first time and all.

The result? A garlicy kind-of-spicy pumped-up Ratatouille. Yes, pumped up. That is a way to describe food lol.

Ok before I get weird here let me just share the recipe with you:

– 1 zucchini
– 1 Japanese eggplant (the long kind, my whole foods didn’t have one so I had to use a regular eggplant and it was kind of a bitch)
– 1 yellow squash
– 1 red bell pepper
– 2 red potatoes  (try and find small-ish ones that have a similar circumference to your other veggies, makes things easier)
– 2 yellow potatoes (^^ditto)

Béchamel sauce
*Just saying the name of this sauce makes me feel so sohpisticated. Even though I 100% butcher the pronunciation every time 😂
– 1 tbsp butter
– 1 tbsp all-purpose flour
– 1 cup 2% milk or whole
– 1/4 tsp nutmeg

Tomato sauce
– 2 cups basil tomato sauce (just buy it, makes ur life easier)
– 3 garlic cloves, sliced
– 5 thyme sprigs
– 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
– 1 to 2 tsp dried chili flakes (I like two, just depends on your spice tolerance)
– Salt + pepper
– more EVOO to coat the baking dish (extra virgin olive oil, duh.)

How to make dis Ratatouille

Step 1: Preheat oven to 375. Cut all your veggies nice and thin. If you are fancy and have a mandolin slicer, use that. I did not have that, so I did it with a knife. Worked just fine for me!

Step 2:  Bring a pot of water to a boil, add the potato slices and boil for about 3 – 4 mins, so they are a little soft. Drain the water and put the potato slices on thick paper towel so they aren’t soggy. (Gross.)

Step 3: Make your béchamel sauce. Microwave 1 cup of milk, set aside. In a small saucepan melt 1 tbsp of butter. Add the flour and cook for about 1 – 2 mins. Careful the flour doesn’t start to brown, that’s bad news bears. Little by little, slowly whisk in your warm milk. Make sure there are no clumps. Add nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Set aside, stir every few mins so the top doesn’t get weird.

Step 4: Rub the inside of your baking dish with EVOO. Don’t put a ton, I use a paper towel to make sure it’s just a thin layer. Put a layer of tomato sauce, sliced garlic, chili flakes, thyme, pepper, salt, and 2 tbsp olive oil. Mix it up, then swirl in your béchamel sauce with a whisk.

Step 5: Take your veggies and place them in a swirl pattern around the baking dish. Start at the outside and work your way inside. I decide on a pattern of veggies, then make mini sticks in my hand to lay out in groups. First layer doesn’t need to be too pretty, just even. Second later should be pretty!

Step 6: Garnish your dish with more thyme, a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cover with parchment paper, bake for 60 mins. Let rest for a few minutes before you dig in.

The best part of this recipe is it feel so satisfying and rich even though it is actually super low cal. Great for me because I have been major in vacation mode the past few weeks and seriously need to get my shit together. So, Ratatouille all day for me!