5:50 | March 28, 2018



Yup, so this is happening!!!

The last week of my life has been consumed by two things:

1) fighting with my 9 year old laptop which is dying a shockingly fast death lol, and

2) preparing to MOVE TO COSTA FRIGGIN’ RICA!!!

Like, what?

I can’t wait to post my first instagram from Costa Rica with the caption “NEW NUMBER WHO DIS.” I’m such a loser. This legitimately excites me. You heard it here first folks.

Nobody steal my caption. #originalthots

Want to know the full juicy details on Costa Rica? Watch the video above and at about 6:45 mins I get my life together and tell you wtf is going on and WHY I am moving to Costa Rica!

But actually you should probably watch the whole vlog, because I got up at 5 am to film some EPIC SUNRISE SHOTS on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver.

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This is what’s happening. Next week, I shall begin my Costa Rican adventure. And ya’ll are coming along for the ride!! This girl is finally semi getting the hang of vlogging and Ima film the whole dang thing.

I will also have a new laptop so the technical difficulties experienced this past week will hopefully be reduced to a minimum. 🔥


I’m off to go watch some sort of trashy tv show. Haven’t picked my poison yet. But it’s gonna be minimal on the intelligence high on the entertainment value.

CANT WAIT TO BRING YOU TO COSTA RICA!!! Is this even happening?!?!

Love you, miss you, hugs for you.




9:04 | March 22, 2018



How to make your lips look bigger!

Want to make them lips POP?! 💋

This is the tutorial for you. I share 5 easy steps you can take in your regular beauty routine to make your lips look way bigger than they are! Kylie Jenner style baby. 😉

I mean…. Just look at the before and after photos above lol. Girl does some SERIOUS WERK to make my lips look like they do. 😂

And I shared alllll the juicy details!!!

Here are the products I used to get big juicy Kylie Jenner-like lips:

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Lip Cheat’ Lip Liner – http://bit.ly/2IGxE9A

Charlotte Tilbury ‘B*tch Perfect’ Lipstick – http://bit.ly/2ILpc8T

Rosebud Lip Balm $6!!! – http://bit.ly/2G1mTNl

Marc Jacobs Contour Kit – http://bit.ly/2pz3oEK

OKAY GO WATCH THE VIDEO!! 🎥 Enough chitter chatter from me.

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2:21 | March 18, 2018



7 Day Vegan Challenge!

This was sooooo much harder than anticipated.😅 Ya girl went full-on vegan for 7 days, and it definitely was no walk in the park.

Even though it was a challenge, I am so sooo glad I did it. I have a new appreciation for plant-based eaters and the major commitment they have made.

As is, I don’t eat that much meat. But, I do eat a lot of fish and diary. Like, a lot. So that’s where the difficulty was for me.

I’m always looking to make that 80% of the time where I am eating healthy even healthier. Going vegan for a week was a great way to learn some new plant-based recipes to integrate into my diet. 😄

Honestly was SO nervous to post this video because people tend to get really passionate/cray when it comes to vegan/vegetarian/meat diet choices. It’s kind of like politics. 😖

That being said, this is Skinny Belle. And we talk about it all. 😏 The spicier the better. 😉

If you guys liked to see how it went being vegan for a week, would super duper appreciate you going to Skinny Belle Youtube and hitting the “thumbs up” button on this video👍🏻 AND leaving a comment!❤

All and all, I am super happy to be reunited with my one true love: cheese. It was so hard to be apart. 😂

If you want to know some of my favourite vegan products, recipes, and restaurants, I put this all in the youtube description! With links, of courseeee. I gotchu girl. 😉

Hope you enjoyed this vlog!!




7:03 | March 12, 2018



some big a** trees
(Avenue of the Giants)

big a** rocks
(Southern Oregon Coast)

me admiring the big a** ocean

tbh I was super proud I got those two birds in the shot

Road trippin from Santa Monica –> Vancouver

Hello hello! If you follow my instagram stories (if you don’t, shame!!), you already know I have been on an epic road trip from Santa Monica to Portland for the last few days.

It was been a TON of driving (total driving time is something like 26 hours) but we have seen some pretty amazing sights. Pictured above, obviously. 😝 We drove part of the California coast, and part of the Oregon coast. Honestly I had no idea half the stuff we saw even existed so close to home! Girl was like 😍😍😍 for most of the drive.

I am writing to you from Portland, Oregon. We spent my bday night here last night at The Nines Hotel (highly recommend, the inside of this place looks like a Tiffany Box which OBVIOUSLY makes me v happeh) and went around and did some beer/cocktail tasting. There are so many “micro” and “nano” breweries here it is hipster heaven.

Anywho, today we are driving from Portland –> Vancouver which will definitely not be as scenic, so this will probably be the last of the photos I share from this trip. If you have ever driven from Portland to Vancouver (Canada) you also know it is a pretty borrrrring drive. Luckily, Troy (bae) and I have my beautiful singing talents to entertain us for the drive. LOL. I’m actually the worst at singing. Like, the worst ever.  😭


We are stopping in Seattle today, which means I will likely hit up Din Tai Fung (aka the best Chinese dumpling spot everrrrrr) for some Xiao Long Bao. If you know what this is, you know what’s good. Basically Xiao Long Bao is a traditional soup-filled dumpling from Shanghai that is just TO DIEEEE FORRRRRRRRRRR. THEY EVEN HAVE TRUFFLE FLAVOURED ONES!!!! (Not excited one bit.😁) Anywho, follow instagrammmm for updates on my dumpling journey. I will likely post about it here too because dumplings = life. 😊

OK GOTTA GO. Time to get on the road peoples.


Luvs ya. 😘




4:47 | March 9, 2018



Birthday glam tutorial! <3


How did this happen? I’m freaking out.

Every birthday over the age of 25 just gets worse. I swear. I’m not even willing to type out how old I’m turning because teens will think I am ancient. Teens, do you read my blog? I feel like you don’t….. 15 year olds thing anyone over 20 is soooooooo old. *cue eyeroll* I know this because one time I told my 14 year old cousin that “I really liked instagram” and she told me “instagram is for old people.” I laughed it off like it was no big deal (because I am obviously a chill/cool/hip older cousin), but I really went home and cried.

The entire experience was V traumatic.

To console my rapidly aging self…

***PAUSE FOR DISCLAIMER*** to anyone reading this who is older than me and thinking “you little piece of sh*t you are so young”….. 1) You remember what it was like when you suddenly went from your early 20’s nearing 30. PRACTICE EMPATHY MY FRIENDS. 🙏🏻 2) I know 27 is actually SO YOUNG it’s cray cray. I am just being dramatic/jokey/this is all in good fun. 😝

*Back to the regularly scheduled programming*

To console my rapidly aging self, I made this video on how I’m gonna glam myself UP for my birthday this Sunday! And, more importantly, I made this video so everyone knows my birthday is coming and sends gifts. 😉

Anywho, this makeup tutorial is a bit longer than I normally do, but it is honestly SO HARD to fit a full face glam into under 10 mins, PLUS this time I did two different first impressions in the video as well. One of which was the Sephora birthday gift for this year. Which is V relevant cuz you need to know what to pick when your birthday comes!!

Lots of good stuff in this one.

Take a gander, and if you like the tutorial pretty pleaseeeeeeee go to Skinny Belle Youtube and throw a thumbs up on this bad boy. It helps a lot. And it makes me feel happeh inside. V V happeh. 😊