3:14 | May 27, 2017



Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

The other day I posted this photo on my instagram, and received a few panicked messages about the picture (mom, I’m looking at you lol). It prompted me to post this on my blog too, and put together a short but meaningful rant on what it means to be a feminist and why my lack of shirt in a creative photoshoot should mean SQUAT about my status in society. #freethenipple

There’s a common misconception that to be a feminist means you cannot be feminine or sexy. A great example of this is when Emma Watson, a well known advocate for gender equality, posed for Vanity Fair with her under-boob showing. The trauma. ?

Some people have the belief that feminism and the fight for gender equality (which is clearly still a battle based on recent political events) must be presented in a particular light. In my opinion the beauty of feminism is that it’s about the freedom, equality, and liberation of all genders. Feminism is giving women and men the choice to be exactly who they want to be. Feminism has no dress code, or lack thereof. 😉 As a feminist I can be an intelligent ambitious businesswoman AND have the right to be confident in my own skin.

So let’s throw some love out into the universe, and just be ourselves. Have fun, and do you. No matter how that looks. 🙂

Love all around ?


9:01 | May 14, 2017



Shirt: Aritzia / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Shoes: Timberland

Anyone ever have those days where you are just ridiculously happy? Like, way too happy? And you walk around smiling like a total idiot? Yes well, that is me right now. 

It is likely the fact that the rainy days here in Vancouver are becoming fewer and far between. Thank god for that. Summer is coming and it’s going to be great.

Short update today, but will talk soon!


10:56 | April 2, 2017



Dress: Honey Punch / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

When I tried this dress on in the store, I thought, “oooohhh so pretty and chic! I could definitely wear this to a wedding this summer.” Promptly marching my butt up to the cashier I bought the dress + about 14 other things. (Shopaholic, anyone??) In hindsight after looking at these photos, the dress is still very cute and I love it but Vegas would be a more appropriate place to wear it. ? I most certainly underestimated the level of see-through it has going on and the very deep V in the front. Regardless, who could be mad about an excuse to go to Vegas? Not me. That’s who.

Ok totally RANDOM rant, but have you guys noticed how EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM EVER now has “live stories”? We are talking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (obviously.) This is sooooo unbelievably unneccesary and nobody is using the feature on any platform other that Instagram and Snapchat. I blame this excessive use of stories on Facebook entirely, becasue they own both Instagram and Whatsapp. We get it, you tried to buy Snapchat they turned you down and now you are determined to show them their product ain’t shit by putting it in literally every single other platform you own. In a way, I respect your rage. ? BUT, let’s think about the user for a second shall we? I do nottttt need to be posting stories on all platforms I use. WhatsApp, for example, is not a social networking platform (in my opinion.) It is a messaging platform and it is not entirely relevant to have live stories on a messaging app. The following meme perfectly describes my feelings about this subject:

LOL. Can you imagine. Hilarious. So a public message from me to Facebook: STOP THIS MADNESS. Nobody wants stories on Facebook mobile or WhatsApp. Kthxbi.

Anyways, random rant. But that’s how things go around here ? Thanks for sticking around and hanging with me 🙂 Maybe you come here for the cute outfits, travel photos, and bikini pics… but sometimes you get a serious side of random ramblings. And for reading that, I love and appreciate you. ?


6:40 | March 31, 2017



Some sights from Los Angeles last weekend

Can I go back already? Today was the first sunny day in Vancouver since I’ve been home. Not. Cool. 

Anywho, it has been a crazy busy week and I’ve been loving it! There is honestly nothing better than just giving’r and pushing yourself. So much great stuff on the horizon can’t wait to share more.

Talk more soon!


4:54 | March 26, 2017



Jacket: Zara / Jeans: Citizens / Shoes: Michael Kors


Just wrapped up a weekend in LA and was it ever amazing. There was a sun, I saw the sun, the sun was on my face, and I was not cold. I repeat: was. not. cold.

Definitely packed as much fun as possible into this short trip… Starting with Malibu! These photos were shot just outside Malibu at “Malibu Creek State Park”, which was simply stunning. The pictures really don’t do it justice. If you are ever visiting California, or live there and haven’t been yet, definitely go check out this park. There’s a great walking trail and the further you go the more gorgeous it gets!

As for my outfit, did my best to rep Canada with a Canadian tuxedo on my American weekend. Jean-on-jean all day every day. Really into it right now haha. I especially love these Citizens I picked up at Aritzia the other week. They fit like a glove and somehow comfortably fit my bum and are still tight on the waist. It is a real struggle finding jeans that fit both my waist and rear end (really.) So super happy about this purchase. Also shout out to the Citizens team for FINALLY lowering their prices back down to $300 a pair. For a while there these went for $420 each… which in my opinion is kind of stretching it considering in a few months they will likely not be in style anymore. So yay! Back to semi-reasonable pricing 🙂

What do you think of this look? Would you rock the Canadian tux?