9:50 | January 5, 2018



Current summer inspo: Blue & Cream‘s dress collection

Last night, kind of felt like summer. KIND OF. A bit. Enough so that I pulled out a summer dress I bought for my yacht trip in Croatia last July. And, my favourite vintage Miu Miu sunnies. 😎 (Are they not to-die-for???)

A summer dress was kind of a stretch. Girl got a bit nippity tbh.

Regardless, the warmer weather these last few days in Santa Monica has made me very excited for spring/summer.

*Cue all my Canadian/European friends rolling their eyes in tandem.*

**Side note: I’ve become a massive baby  and acclimated to the California “winters”. In the mornings I shiver and huddle up in a dramatically large wool poncho. At night, I bitch about how cooooooooold it is. ***EYEROLL*** 😒 Oh how quickly one forgets what a Canadian winter is like. Guess that’s what moving to California does to a girl. 😜 💁🏼 #extra

In yesterday’s excitement of pulling out my summer dresses, girl got thinking about what my vibe is going to be this spring/summer. I knowww it’s a ways away…. but damn it I will be READY! 👍🏻

Later in the evening last night I was doing my usual routine of internet creeping everything imaginable (*ahem*), and found my way to Blue and Cream. Those guys know what is UP when it comes to fashion. I got so deep in the rabbit hole that is their online shop, that my cart was FILLED (when I say filled…. I mean FULL TO THE TOP. I don’t mess around.) with spring/summer pieces. Once I start shopping, kiiiind of hard to stop me. It’s like one purchase is a gateway drug to a series of other purchases with little to no regard for my bank balance. 👜


Anyways, here are a few of the Blue & Cream things I was peepin’ last night. (I’ve included some potential scenarios of me wearing these things. Something I do when I shop hahaha. Helps visualize. Visualize with me, people.)

Scenario 1) Me wearing this on a vacation I have yet to book. Hawaiiiii???


Scenario 2) OMG me just being casual going to the Sunday farmers market! So. Casual.


Scenario 3) The dress I’ll force my boyfriend to take my on a date so I can wear it.

JK this isn’t a potential scenario this is a regular occurrence in my life 😂



Give it all to me, now. ALL OF IT! So much to choose from. Dying over here. I need  help!! Which should I get?? Comment, pls. <3

Also, anyone else already excited for summer? hehe… too soon?




6:19 | January 1, 2018



Quick iPhone snaps after Dave Chapelle’s NYE show in LA

This post title is relevant on so many levels

First, hello from 2018!!!! Here’s to hoping 2018 is slightly less of a global shit show than 2017 was.


If you didn’t read my last post (shame 😉) I’ve been very sick for a few days.

For real, this flu, was the worst. I was not able to leave my bed/couch/house for 3 days. Did not eat for 3 days (that’s how you KNOW it’s bad.) And at this point I am actually bored of sleeping. Because that is all I have done. For the last 3 days.


Sweet baby jesus, never let this happen again.

I woke up this morning and was like “I AM BACK!!!” Then sat up a bit and was more like “k I’m slightly back!!!”, then I thought “omg, food might be nice!!”

Moral of the story: this flu sucked. It is nearing it’s end and I now feel like a semi-resemblence of myself again. Woop woop! 🎊

As you can imagine, based on my condition, I had a SUPER wild New Years eve. Got wasted, partied til 6 am.🍻🍻🍻

LOLOL. jk.

Here’s what really happened:

  1. Forced my bf to make soup for me, which I couldn’t eat because I was still so sick.
  2. Stayed in bed all day “conserving energy.”
  3. Took all the Neocitran (aka cold/flu medicine delivered straight from the gods) and dragged my tucus out to the Dave Chapelle show.
  4. Went straight home to bed.

Like I said, it was R-O-W-D-Y. 🎉

I actually had a really good New Years aside from the fact that I was dying. hahah

Real for realz.

Hung out watching cartoons like Bobs Burgers & Family Guy with my bf at home until it was time to go to Dave Chappelle. Drugged up, went to the show. Enjoyed the show. Kissed at midnight (bless u Troy for making out with my snotty face… you’re an everyday hero). Went home. Slept in. Not hungover. ✔️

Ok so let’s talk about the Dave Chapelle show. It was good. But it wasn’t one of his usual masterpieces. Basically what he told us at the beginning of the show was this was the day the show he normally does was released on Netflix, so he wasn’t going to use any of that material and wasn’t really prepared.

Uhmmmmm…. WHAT?

So he and John Mayer (who was co-hosting) each did about 20 mins of their craft. John sang, and girls’ panties dropped. Dave made sweet jokes, and we all laughed. Then….


They totally ran out of content. 😂 And were just winging it. They actually did a pretty good job at it and DID stretch the show out until it was past midnight, which was appreciated, but still…

I guess I will just go watch the Netflix special today and see the show I was supposed to see last night lol. Everyone on Twitter says the Netflix special was LIT so I am defs watching it today. 👍🏻

Have to say, I was impressed that they managed to keep people entertained for so long with no plan at all. It was pretty cool. The back-and-forth banter between the two was hilarious. Dave would make a random joke and John would croon it along to the tune of “Your Body is a Wonderland.” At one point, he was legit singing about “salty tasting titties.” HAHAHAH. Can’t deal.

And John Mayer is actually very talented.🎸 Defs not his #1 fan, but last night made be respect him a lot. Man can rip on the guitar.

So all in all, I am happy to report NYE 2017 was a success despite some of the mishaps along the way.

Happy to be in 2018! Good luck with all those hangovers I’m sure the rest of the world has today ❤️ (yours truly not included, for once 😜)




12:09 | December 30, 2017



Dress: Zara // Boots: Small shop in London

Whatsup fam! 🙏🏻

Writing to you from the safety and comfort of my nice warm bed in LA. I legit have the WEAKEST IMMUNE SYSTEM EVER. Your girl is sick again. 😷 But this time I don’t feel so bad because it seems like everyone I know has a cold/flu right now. Runny nose, sore throat, headache nasty ass cough…. you know the drill.

Ok, enough with me disgusting you with my delightful plethora of symptoms. And on with the important stuff. 😁

**Oh one more thing… photo above is obviously not from today. If you want to see a video of me and my grossness head on over to my instagram story for that hot mess.



Must. Heal. Self. ASAP. 😓

The panic is real. Because we have tickets to Dave Chapelle and I do NOT plan on being sick for that. He is hilarious.

While I recover (hopefully) in time for the big night, I have a looooooooot of time to think. Like, way too much time. I hate being sick I get cabin crazy in like 0.00078 seconds.

Like I said, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About how 2017 went, and how I would like to see 2018 go.

Total honesty: I’m not a hugeee New Year’s resolutions person, I actually have a 6 month/weekly/daily goal system that I highly prefer. (Will do a full breakdown of that on my podcast soonsies!) It’s just what works for me, and I really think if you give it a try you can get it to work for you as well.

I digress.

New Year’s resolutions.

I do like to take some time and think about what I want for the new year. It IS a great opportunity to reflect, and set your mind to be in the right space for the upcoming year.

I tend to make slightly loftier goals as my New Year’s resolutions because I usually like to focus resolutions on being mindset changes or bigger picture changes.

So, here you have my two 2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

Lead my life with happiness

Oh my god that sounds fruity. Just writing it out is like uhg. Girl. Stop being such a fruity-tootie. It issss true though. For most of my life I have done the things that are expected of me, and what society deems “correct”. Those things are not necessarily what makes me happy. All I want for 2018 is to focus on the things that make me happy. End of story.

Stay the course & be relentless

2017 was a year of big-ass changes for me. For 2018, I really want to zone in and focus on achieving success in the areas I set out to be successful in this past year. No point in making all the changes you ever dreamed of if you don’t follow through.

And that’s pretty much it for me! I really do want both of those things for myself for 2018.

How about you guys? What are your resolutions for 2018? Would love to hear below! 💞




4:56 | December 27, 2017



New vlog on Skinny Belle Youtube! 💞


Currently still in Chicago, but I filmed this Santa Monica vlog the day before my flight so figured miiiiiight as well share this meow. 😸

Anywho, the point of this vlog was to show you a bit more about what my life is like at home in Santa Monica. Given this is just a small snippet of my day, but it was part of my day nonetheless. 😄

Soooooo with that being said, if you want to hang out with me at home and see what some of my days are like, check out this vid! 🎥

If you are not already subscribed to Skinny Belle Youtube, make sure you SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Also if you are still in the festive mood, you should listen to the Holiday Special on Skinny Belle – The Podcast!

In my Holiday Special podast we talk about:

– WTF are you supposed to get your boyfriend who you’ve been only dating a few months?
– How to avoid gaining weight unnecessarily during the holidays
– Work party best practices

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas hangover! My body is about 40% cookie, 40% cheese, and 20% wine at this point. Not even mad. 😂 JK I actually wasn’t even that bad this year. Listen to the podcast and I explain how to not go overboard during the holidays. ❤️




10:58 | December 25, 2017



Jeans: Parker Smith // Shoes: Michael Kors

Merry Christmas from snowy Chicago!!

I’m here visiting my boyfriend’s family for the holidays this year. Love coming to Chicago.  So nice to hang out in the snow. Thoroughly enjoying this white Christmas. My little Canadian self is thrilled. 😄❄️

The temperature?



Anyways, hope you are spending today with family and/or friends 😊. To me, Christmas is a commercial holiday that is a great excuse to hang out with the famjam.

Anyways, off to drink some eggnog. ✨ If you want to come along for more of my holidays make sure you are following me on instagram. It goes down in the DM people.

Happy holidays! 🎅🏻