3:49 | June 26, 2019



Finally back in Santa Monica! Feels amazing to be in sunny California weather again.

Only in town for about a week and a half but trying to fit in as much as possible.

Quick little vlog today but I hope you like it! My schedule has been all over the place lately and I am **hoping** next week things get back to normal. 🙂

Thanks for your patience!


4:02 | June 21, 2019



Today’s vlog is from Connecticut and NYC! This was my first time ever visiting Connecticut and it was SO beautiful. Honestly had no idea the East Coast had any beaches like that – very very pretty.

Highly recommend visiting Greenwich Point Park if you’re ever in Connecticut! Also I’ve since learned it’s not pronounced GREEN-WITCH but GREN-ITCH, because…. logic. English makes zero sense, honestly lol.

Anywho, great day in GREN-ITCH and New York! Make sure you head over to youtube and show this video some love!



3:46 | June 19, 2019



It is SO LONG OVERDUE that I did an update to my everyday makeup look. The last time I made any sort of beauty video was well over a year ago, and I have to say… a LOT has changed. A lot.

Today’s natural makeup tutorial is the new and significantly improved version.

Looking back on some of my older videos (okay… MOST of them) I just CRINGE. I don’t know what I was doing or who I was trying to be but that shit AIN’T ME folks. I guess when I started YouTube I thought I had to be “bigger” than I am in real life. Took me a long time to figure out how to just be myself on camera.

With that, not only has my makeup routine changed significantly since I started filming (no more “baking” or thick ass makeup that looks like shizen in real life) but also you can now see me doing my makeup without trying WAY too friggin hard to build some sort of “online persona.” Now you just get boring old me lolol. But I think that’s better than fake me (aka what I used to do when the camera started recording a year ago.)

I really love making this kind of chill video, so make sure you head over to my youtube channel and leave some love if you like this too! It helps me know what kind of stuff you want to see.

Also, here are the links for all the products used in today’s video!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – http://bit.ly/2Iqk2kB

Laura Mercier Concealer – http://bit.ly/2RlB9ac

Marc Jacobs Contour Set – http://bit.ly/2ZsqAFc

Benefit Brow Pencil – http://bit.ly/2Is9sd5

MAC Brow Gel – http://bit.ly/2ZqZvCb

MAC Fix + Setting Spray – http://bit.ly/2wYEvXk

Glossier Haloscope – http://bit.ly/2Im81gh

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner – http://bit.ly/2Xgc8CT

Rosebud Lip Salve – http://bit.ly/2x0Hyyi

Lancome Hypnose Mascara – http://bit.ly/2x4fmL2

MAC Highlighter – http://bit.ly/2WHKEBL

Hope you enjoyed this natural makeup tutorial!


3:20 | June 16, 2019



This is the first time in a VERY long time I’ve taken a little staycation! Troy and I decided to wrap up our trip to Montreal by staying at Hotel Le Crystal in downtown Montreal.

We were able to stay in the Executive Suite and it was SO beautiful! Legit all we did was lay around and eat room service and drink champagne. It was PERFECT. My version of a vacation is literally doing nothing hahah. Exploring and seeing things is travel to me, not vacation. Vacation is a very special category where I just want to be fed good food and drinks and have no other purpose to my existence except to eat said food and drinks. Also possibly have a very long bath. That is up there too.

Hotel Le Crystal also had a cool outdoor hottub – I can imagine it would be STUNNING in the winter as well when the whole area is covered in snow!

Actually quite sad to be leaving Montreal after two months now that the weather has gotten so nice. The city really came to life when the weather started warming up. Every night everyone would be hanging out in parks having wine and picnics, going to festivals, enjoying outdoor patios, etc. Super cool vibe and I really would love to come back in the summer again!

Anywho, that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed this Montreal Staycation and feel free to leave a comment here or on YouTube saying hi 🙂


12:41 | June 7, 2019



First time pole dancing today and holy CRAP was this a good workout! I can barely move my arms now lol.

Honestly never thought I’d try pole dancing, but I keep seeing friends of mine practice it and they are in incredible shape so decided to give it a go. I haven’t had that much fun in a fitness class in… years? Really. It was like dancing and gymnastics and weight lifting all in one. Super hard, super rewarding.

Will definitely be going back! Have you pole danced before? What did you think?