2:50 | February 25, 2019



Woo!!! Finally made it to Bali! A bit out of it right now cuz if the jet lag, but still having a great time.

Trip is off to a great start, and I have so much more goodness coming your way.

Talk soon!


2:21 | February 22, 2019



Today’s video needed to happen haha. I was feeling so nervous about getting sick during my upcoming trip to Bali I just HAD to get it off my chest. Was honestly planning on filming something else, but here we are lol.

Any tips on staying safe and not getting sick in Bali?

Pleaseeee and thank you!


6:01 | February 20, 2019



reallllllly not obsessed with this vlog, but I still think it’s kind of fun so I posted it anyways. it kind of turned into a “how to make a fire” tutorial? not even sure what that means hahaha

what else is new.




1:27 | February 18, 2019



Not every day goes how you plan… in fact, when does ANYTHING go as planned?? At least this seems to happen to me haha!

Watch today’s vlog to find out what happened while my boyfriend and I were skiing at Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe. Nottttt ideal, that is for sure lol!

I promise my next vlog is actually very happy lol. This one just… didn’t go well haha.

Thank for for accepting my sensitive-ass self.


5:54 | February 16, 2019



When I initially started this blog back in 2014, I had a different vision than I do now. The “Skinny Belle” name was supposed to be the go-to source for all things lifestyle, fitness, food, etc. Over the last 5 years I’ve grown a lot and learned a lot about myself. Where I’m at right now, I don’t believe anyone is the “go-to source” for anything. We are all just big kids trying to figure life out, and do our best. I don’t want to pretend I am perfect, and don’t think I’ve ever done so. That’s where I have been going with my videos for the last year or so. Trying my best to be brutally honest about my shortcomings, failures, and struggles. Simultaneously, I have learned a thing or two in my day and DO have some awesome tips and tricks for you. Whether it’s about dating, beauty, or food… I DO have a lot to say on those subjects! And somewhat consider myself an expert? No. Not expert… just a friend, who has experienced things just like you.

What I am trying to get at with my rambling today, is I’ve made the decision to move away from the Skinny Belle brand and self-title my blog, videos, and other content. It feels right. This gives me the freedom to be ME. Which god knows is an ever changing construct (help?? haha!) I want to have the ability to not always be perfect. Skinny Belle just sounds… too proper. If you’ve been watching my videos for the last 6 months or so, you know I’m the farthest thing from proper.

Not sure if this decision warrants an announcement, but I thought I’d let you know the reasoning behind the change. Albeit small, it is meaningful to me.

Thanks for listening, or uh.. reading lol. The gist of what I am trying to say is I want to be unapologetically me, and the only way I know to do so is through my own name.

OK, that’s all for today! TBH it’s been forever since I’ve done a written blog and I really miss this. Old school haha!

Bye bye, love you.