6:24 | March 13, 2019



This was hands down one of the coolest/craziest experiences I’ve ever had! The other day my new friend and I went to Uluwatu, Bali to visit a dayclub called OneEighty° (or, The Edge.) OneEighty° has this INSANE SKYPOOL that hangs 6 meters over the edge of a FREAKING CLIFF!

How insane is that?

Oh, it also has a glass bottom. *nervously laughs*

Anyways, so today’s travel vlog stars this particular spot in Uluwatu and it honestly was one of the most fun days ever. There is nothing I love more in this life than good food, beautiful views, and of course… prosecco. (Mostly cuz I can’t afford champagne all the time lolll)

this pool thooooo

total honesty, i did have a moment where i thought “what if there was an earthquake RIGHT NOW” while swimming.. aiyaaa

told my friend we would split this pizza, but i accidentally ate the entire thing minus the one slice she had. true story.

fun fact, i took this myself. such talent.

ANYWHO, hope you enjoyed this vlog! I had way too much fun making it lol!

That’s all for today, see you soon.


2:58 | March 8, 2019



Silent Day 2019 – the Hindu tradition observed as the New Year in Balinese culture. I honestly had no idea this holiday even existed until about a week ago!

When I first heard about all the sanctions and rules surrounding Silent Day (aka Nyepi), have to admit I was a little nervous. Staying inside? Internet cut off? Fines? No food? No lights? Sounded intense!

Watch my full video explaining what Silent Day (Nyepi) is to get more details on the actual rules/regulations. They differ a bit for locals and tourists.

In reality the day was actually very peaceful. Something I failed to mention in my Silent Day vlog was how great the day is for the environment. Not a single car, scooter, truck… ANYTHING would be running for an entire day. Imagine if the USA did that. It would be incredible for the earth! Also kind of nice that everyone has a day off, time to meditate, and break free from the hustle of every day life.

Really enjoyed my silent day experience, but I have to say….. I do love having my internet back! hehe #addicted


4:09 | March 6, 2019



Ah yes, the jungle. Simultaneously one of my favourite and least favourite places. Favourite because the jungle is beautiful and filled with nature. Least favourite, it is filled with nature.


For real though. Whenever you are staying in the jungle, chances are you are going to have some kind of bug infestation in your accommodation. Today’s episode involves an unwanted cockroach sneaking it’s way into my airbnb in Ubud.

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Hope you are having a great week. 🙂


6:29 | March 4, 2019



To be totally honest, this ONE waterfall is 90% of the reason I wanted to come to Bali. I couldn’t believe anything like this even existed! K obviously I could “believe it”, it just looked like the most magical place i’d ever seen (in photos) and I had to know if it lived up to all that instagram hype. Sometimes things don’t haha. Nature catfishing, as i like to call it.

Today I FINALLY got to see Sekumpul Waterfall in real life.

Have to say, the waterfall itself was likely the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Had one hell of a time posing about in my little swimsuit hahaha. Really it was incredible.

Sekumpul waterfall is about 2 hours North of Ubud. Totally worth the drive imo. I’ve been staying in Ubud for a few days just to go see this waterfall because the drive from Canggu or Seminyak would be WAY too long for me. 3 hours + and both ways? 7 hours ish of driving in a day is NOT my cup of tea lol.

So anywho, hope you enjoyed this vlog! I had way too much fun making it, and can’t wait to share more soon.


2:10 | March 1, 2019



Hello from Seminyak, Bali! Here are my vlogs from my time staying at a little AirBnb in Seminyak. Seminyak is not actually my favourite place in Bali, mostly because it’s super busy, expensive, and touristy… BUT, but.. there are some beautiful things to do in and near Seminyak.

Have you been to Seminyak before? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!