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Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

The other day I posted this photo on my instagram, and received a few panicked messages about the picture (mom, I’m looking at you lol). It prompted me to post this on my blog too, and put together a short but meaningful rant on what it means to be a feminist and why my lack of shirt in a creative photoshoot should mean SQUAT about my status in society. #freethenipple

There’s a common misconception that to be a feminist means you cannot be feminine or sexy. A great example of this is when Emma Watson, a well known advocate for gender equality, posed for Vanity Fair with her under-boob showing. The trauma. ?

Some people have the belief that feminism and the fight for gender equality (which is clearly still a battle based on recent political events) must be presented in a particular light. In my opinion the beauty of feminism is that it’s about the freedom, equality, and liberation of all genders. Feminism is giving women and men the choice to be exactly who they want to be. Feminism has no dress code, or lack thereof. 😉 As a feminist I can be an intelligent ambitious businesswoman AND have the right to be confident in my own skin.

So let’s throw some love out into the universe, and just be ourselves. Have fun, and do you. No matter how that looks. 🙂

Love all around ?


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Dress: Honey Punch / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

When I tried this dress on in the store, I thought, “oooohhh so pretty and chic! I could definitely wear this to a wedding this summer.” Promptly marching my butt up to the cashier I bought the dress + about 14 other things. (Shopaholic, anyone??) In hindsight after looking at these photos, the dress is still very cute and I love it but Vegas would be a more appropriate place to wear it. ? I most certainly underestimated the level of see-through it has going on and the very deep V in the front. Regardless, who could be mad about an excuse to go to Vegas? Not me. That’s who.

Ok totally RANDOM rant, but have you guys noticed how EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM EVER now has “live stories”? We are talking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (obviously.) This is sooooo unbelievably unneccesary and nobody is using the feature on any platform other that Instagram and Snapchat. I blame this excessive use of stories on Facebook entirely, becasue they own both Instagram and Whatsapp. We get it, you tried to buy Snapchat they turned you down and now you are determined to show them their product ain’t shit by putting it in literally every single other platform you own. In a way, I respect your rage. ? BUT, let’s think about the user for a second shall we? I do nottttt need to be posting stories on all platforms I use. WhatsApp, for example, is not a social networking platform (in my opinion.) It is a messaging platform and it is not entirely relevant to have live stories on a messaging app. The following meme perfectly describes my feelings about this subject:

LOL. Can you imagine. Hilarious. So a public message from me to Facebook: STOP THIS MADNESS. Nobody wants stories on Facebook mobile or WhatsApp. Kthxbi.

Anyways, random rant. But that’s how things go around here ? Thanks for sticking around and hanging with me 🙂 Maybe you come here for the cute outfits, travel photos, and bikini pics… but sometimes you get a serious side of random ramblings. And for reading that, I love and appreciate you. ?


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Some inspo on how to achieve your goals 🙂

Hi everybody! So little update here… Things have been absurdly productive for me lately. Lots of fresh and inspiring new projects coming into my life, all of which I can’t wait to tackle! Along with this, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my goals, milestones, and things I want done in my life. This past week I spent at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Anyone else go? It was THE BEST. I absolutely love that event, it is the spot for all tech, music, and film. Anyways.. at SXSW I was talking to someone who mentioned a quote by Peter Thiel (c0-founder of Paypal) that really resonated with me so I wanted to share it with you all.

“How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months?” – Peter Thiel


Think about everything you want in 10 years. Chances are, most things on that list can actually be achieved in 6 months if you really commit. I took the question posed very literally and wrote down everything I want to achieve in 10 years.

6 out of the 8 goals I wrote down are achievable within 6 months.

How am I going to get there? HUSTLE. That’s right folks. Good old hard (and efficient) work. 

You guys should really try this too. I mean… why the hell not. Write down things you want to accomplish in your life in 10 years. Look at this list, and realistically assess what you can do in 6 months. It will likely surprise you as much as it surprised me! 

Comment below, I want to hear your thoughts 🙂


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Suit: Moana Bikini

Hi! For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@robynkimb) we did a bit of a Q&A on my instastory last week. Thanks for submitting all your questions, I picked my favourites and have answered them below! Hope you likey 😀

Q: How do you collaborate with brands on your blog?

A: Having the opportunity to collaborate with brands I love on Skinny Belle is definitely one of my favourite parts of being a blogger. There’s getting to know the team behind the brand, learning more about their values, and (obviously) getting to show off what I love most… the product! So, how do I collaborate with different brands? There’s actually a few different ways that I go about it. First, it is as simple as an email. Realistically you can reach out to any company you want and say, “Hey! Love your brand, let’s talk.” Nobody is stopping you. Good old fashioned knocking on the door can get you pretty far in life. I choose to reach out only to companies who I am obsessed with, as I like to be selective on who I connect my own personal brand to 🙂 Another way I collaborate with brands is through instagram! Instagram is a fantastic platform for getting to know other bloggers, brands, and just friends in general. Start posting things you love, and the opportunities will begin to pop up before you know it.

Q: Any tips for beginner bloggers to start collaborating?

A: Just do it! Seriously… just start reaching out to companies you like. Start posting on your blog and really get to the core of what your own personal brand is. This is definitely key.

… Leading into our next question…

Q: How did you create your own brand?

A: Honestly this is a significant struggle for a lot of bloggers – the way I see it is your blog is YOU. So your blog should be filled with things you genuinely love. This is a big one for me. I never post anything on Skinny Belle that I don’t truly love… because, why the hell would you ever do that. It literally doesn’t make sense. Your authenticity will be compromised, your readers won’t appreciate it — a lose/lose situation in my books. Skinny Belle is a place for me to share all the things I love with the world. From cute swimsuits, travel photos, to recipes I am addicted to — it is all me! And that is how you start to build your very own brand. Just do you, honey boo. 😉

Q: Who shoots your photos?

A: Hah! I love this question and get it all the time. Total realness: My friends shoot for me, my mom shoots for me.. anyone can do it. Let me be clear: handing someone a camera and telling them to shoot will never compare to professional photographers. After 8 years of modeling, I can say that with absolute certainty. BUT, if you invest in a quality camera (I love the Nikon D7100) you can do a pretty stand up job on your own. Shout out to my mom for being a down as hell to take photos of her annoying daughter all the time. She always says: “Robyn, look ‘bitchin’”. Whatever THAT means.

Q: Do you edit your own photos? What program?

A: Yes! I love editing with lightroom! The program is so easy to use and super fast. Great for editing large quantities of photos. My favourite feature is being able to make pre-set filters that are easily applicable to all your photos – and can be adjusted once applied too! Super easy, and costs about $15 per month.

Q: How did you start blogging?

A: Okay so this one is a little bit of a story… I was on exchange in Prague for my last year of university. Discovered that the education system in Eastern Europe is notttttt exactly as challenging as it is in Canada (no offense to my euro friends, this was just my experience at this particular school.) My classes were 3 hours long and I was SO BORED because who can sit in one place for 3 hours and learn next to nothing? Not me. That’s who. So, I started lurking the internet…. Hard. I began finding more and more blogs that I loved, and was SO inspired by the unique fashion and different styles of writing I saw. I knew that I too needed my own little spot on the internet to share the things I love. So the planning began. I actually took about 6 months to plan out my blog, everything from how it would look and feel to what my core message was going to be. The first version of Skinny Belle was designed by me and painstakingly coded by my friend who was so kind to make a website for me. It took a long time, but I was SO happy with the final result. I used the first version for my two years, and switched to this new one about 6 months ago. The new look of Skinny Belle was curated to be a more visual space to share the things I love! Having a blog has been endlessly rewarding for me, and I am looking forward to getting to know more and more of you over the years to come 🙂


Okay that’s all for now! Hope you guys found these answers useful, if not, hope you were at least amused by them. ?

Talk soon!



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Happy 2017 everyone!

Well 2016, that’s a wrap! What a year. I think we can all agree that 2016 had some seriously sideways stuff go down. First off, the United States election. The unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency is indeed now a reality. Also, Brexit… a big LOL at that one. This year, my friends, has been a douzie.

But in my little world, 2016 was actually pretty fantastic. This isn’t to say there haven’t been tough times, because believe me there have been plenty, but overall 2016 was great to me. I have traveled to more places than I expected this year, including: Philippines, London, Paris, Austin, LA, Bali, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Travel is one of the most culturally rewarding experiences, and I am so happy to have seen so much this year. Wonderful new people have come into my world, and I have made friends that I know will last a lifetime. And my little bloggy blog!!! Helloooo! It has been a FABULOUS TIME hanging out this with you this year, sharing new collabs (heyyyy Billabong friends!), celebrating Skinny Belle’s 2nd birthday, and being rated one of the top stylists in Vancity. So much goodness in one short year. 🙂

Basically what I am trying to say is that even though 2016 had some pretty horrid things happen I am thankful to have had such a gratifying year in my life. If each of us looks closely at our own personal 2016, I am confident you can find something that will put a smile on your face.

It is fun to take a minute to reflect on the year that has passed, and I am looking forward to all that is coming in 2017. Started the year off right by spending the day skiing in Whistler on January 1st. That is what it’s alllll about my friends.

Love you to the moon and back, HAPPY 2017!!






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A much needed weekend in the sun 🙂

What a weekend! Could not have been happier to spend my weekend in sunny LA. It literally has been WEEKS since I have seen the sun here in Vancouver, so it was a much needed change of scenery.

The weekend started off with an AMAZING brunch at Blu Jam Cafe. Yes, the caps-lock was necessary. It is that good. I go to Blu Jam pretty much every time I am in LA because it’s so good. What to order if you are in town? My top picks are the Chilaquiles, Migas, French Toast (to-die-for), and the Blu Jam Benedict. Do it, you won’t regret it. ? I’m starving now just thinking about this again haha.

In the evening we went to The Bungalow which was totally up my kind of spot. It is designed like, well… like a bungalow. Super chill vibe, totally loved it. Recommend checking it out if you are ever in the LA area. 🙂 The night finished off with some food and drinks at The Nice Guy for some food + drinks.

Seriously so nice to get out of town for a little bit, and enjoy the beautiful California sun. Fully intend on living in there at some point in my life, I just love it so much. I could be one of those California surfer girls who is all tan and exotic. Lol except I am a ginger so that is just not happening. The tan part, that is. #realtalk

Anyways back to the reality of rain and cold in Van. But, to be honest, not that sad about it. The rain has a way of making you feel cozy at this time of year. (Disclaimer: I am probably just saying this because I spent my weekend in the sun lol.)





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Robyn Gummer (4 of 6)

Robyn Gummer (6 of 6)

Robyn Gummer (2 of 6)

Robyn Gummer (5 of 6)

Robyn Gummer (1 of 6)

Top: Zara France / Skirt: One x Oneteaspoon

Hey babes! How’s your weekend going? I have been in full fitness mode this whole weekend. Really trying to get back into it for summer, as bikini season is fast approaching. Well… it is kind of already here so I am a bit late to the party but what else is new lol. 😂 The other week I shared my top BIKINI BODY TIPS here on Skinny Belle, so if you are also needing a bit of a “body boost” for summer it is a good one to check out. Will be sharing more of my slim-down tips soon. 🙂

Love love LOVE this top I got when I was in Paris earlier this year. I swear that Europeans get a higher quality of clothing at pretty much every store. When I was shopping there, I bought tons of stuff at Zara that I would have never found in Canada. The difference in quality was nuts. Everything is made in Morocco or Italy in the Zara France store, and in Canada that is definitely not the case. I linked the Zara France store for you so you can order online if you like. 😊





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Skinny-Belle-Blog (2 of 7)

Maca capsules: Vega

One thing you should probably know about me is that I am obsessed with supplements + keeping my body as young/healthy as possible for as long as possible. When I say obsessed, I really mean obsessed. We only get one body, and it is up to us to make sure we are staying as healthy as we can. My goal is not only to stay healthy, but to actually reduce my body’s natural aging process. Crazy? Probably yes. But hey, no harm in trying!

Maca Root has been on my radar for quite a few years, but I just started taking it a few weeks ago on a daily basis, and thus far… loving it! Why has my eye been on maca? There are tons of health benefits and it is known as a superfood — especially for women. 🎉

The list of health benefits of taking maca on a daily basis is extensive, so I will share with you what I love most about this little root vegetable.

1) Makes you happy!

Maca root supports your mood and overall brain health! Uhmmmm yes please. Nothing like a little extra dose of happiness in a day. Sign me up.

2) Gives you energy!

Maca’s natural vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and protein help you feel more energized throughout the day. Yes yes yes. All the good stuff here!

3) Boosts antioxidants! 

Yes yes yessss maca root can help prevent the development of diseases that arise from high antioxidative states. AKA your immune system will be improved and you will be less likely to get sick!

There are a bunch of other benefits that have to do with… erm.. *cough cough* “fun times”….. (AKA maca is an aphrodisiac 😂) So I will let you read about those in this article here. LOL it was too good not to share.

Needless to say, you can see why I am taking maca powder every day now. It makes you happier and gives you more energy… What’s not to love?!

Where can you get maca? Vega is one of my favourite brands, and I love their maca capsules. So easy and convenient to take, because ain’t nobody got timeeee. My attempt to be forever young might sound a bit silly, but I am dead serious 😂 Girl means business. 

Thoughts? Will you be taking maca powder? Yay? Nay? Comment below!





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Skinny-Belle (13 of 13)

My top tips to prep for bikini season!

It is just about that time of year where the weather is getting hotter, days longer (thank the lord for that), and the beach is calling your name. Until, that is, you realize your pale ass hasn’t seen the gym since September and you are still losing your “Christmas holiday” weight…. Ahhhh yes. The joys of spring. There is nothing like the thought of being in a bikini in public to make you want to crawl under the covers and just avoid the whole situation.

But, this is where I am here to help. DO NOT FEAR.

There are a few simple things you can do to prepare yourself to be a total babe at the beach this summer. 


LITERALLY CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Have you ever seen a girl walking around in her swimsuit like she owns the damn beach? You just know she feels great, and because of that… she looks even better. How you carry yourself and how you feel about yourself has a huge impact on your appearance. If you are withdrawn and slouchy and looking all insecure, A) chances are you are not having any fun at all, and B) it is obvious. So throw those shoulders back, and strut your stuff lady!! Seriously, we are all unique and that is what makes us so beautiful. If we all looked like weird alien clones (a look that is kind of trending right now unfortunately) things would be so boring. So be confident, love yourself, and just have FUN.


Annnnnnnnd if you want to go the extra mile to prep that bikini bod, here are a few more tips:


Keep a journal

Sounds a bit weird, but sometimes you are not even aware of your poor eating habits because they have become… habits. If you actually write down everything you eat in a day (this INCLUDES mini snacks and “bites”) you may be surprised at how many wasted calories you consume in a day. Try this even for a few days and it will be really eye opening, and a good starting point to know where you need to make some changes to get your bikini bod in check!

Cut the snacks

Snacks are the best yet worst things ever. If I let myself, I would be snacking all day long every day. Having little bites of lots of different foods is my FAVE thing. Unfortunately that is how you consume way more than you normally would while thinking you really aren’t eating anything at all. Seemingly innocent bites add up quickly. So beware of snacking, shit is dangerous haha.

Start with cardio

I am a bigggg fan of doing cardio to kickstart my workout routine when I have been slacking on my fitness for a while. The feeling of having big healthy lungs and getting your blood pumping is literally the best thing in the world. It makes me feel overall so much healthier. Once I have been doing cardio for a while and feel comfortable with fitness again, then I add in my core workouts.


When it comes down to it, looking your best is all about feeling your best. If you feel like a queen, you will look like one. Easy peasy babes. So remember, you are beautiful inside and out! Go git yo-self on the beach and rock it!





5:34 | March 13, 2016




Officially hit the ripe old age of 25!

That’s it guys! I am officially 25 and could not be happier about it. For whatever reason 25 just feels right. It might be because secretly on the inside I am already a little old lady, but who the hell knows haha. Seriously though I feel like I should get senior discounts because I am such a grandma. Hehe 😝

Anyways I just had the most amazing birthday weekend in San Francisco. It is my first time in the city and I am loving it. Kind of reminds me of Vancouver with all the rain its got going on haha. Found a great healthy brunch spot that I will share with you shortly! 

A big thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes, you are the best!! 💕