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Me looking unimpressed at how unbelievably hungover I get 

I was going to share the designer of this dress with you…

But given the fact that my ta-tas were out the ENTIRE time, I 10/10 do not recommend

Holding up this damn dress

Uhg, getting old sucks the BIG ONE. 🍆

I literally get so hungover now, it’s not even funny.

All it takes is 4 – 5 drinks and I will be dead on the couch the next day. DED. 💀

What happened to the days of chugging the shittiest/cheapest booze I could find all night long in lethal quantities and waking up the next day and going for a light jog? Maybe a fitness class. Uhg, I was such an asshole and I didn’t even know it. 😒

My youth is gone. The days of savage hangovers are now upon us. FYI I am only 26 but when girl hits the town it makes me feel like I’m about 90.

Since I am getting more elderly by the minute, my nights on the town need to be much (MUCH) more carefully planned out.📝

Another thing is I have a pretty strict bedtime of 9 pm or so. I don’t set it but at that time I am PTFO whether I like it or not lol. 👵🏻

Over my years of experienced drinking (can I add this to my resume?) I have developed a careful blend of strategies to reduce the gravity of hangover I endure.

I cannot deal with being hungover. It’s a total waste of time, so gotta do what we can to avoid it. 


In honour of Friday 🍸 here are my top tips to avoid a hangover:



Oh my god do not stay up til 4 am. You will look like a sack of balls, and you will feel like one too. You need time to rest, beauty sleep is EVERYTHING. I posted about this as one of my first ever blogs on Skinny Belle.



Get that Smirnoff AWAY from me!✋🏻The higher quality booze you are drinking, the better you will feel. So much more worth it to drink less of a higher quality alcohol. It tastes better, and ain’t nobody got time for the savage hangover that is sure to come from Polar Ice. 😷



When I am yoloing everywhere and mixing and matching my drinks all night long I always end up with the worst stomach ache. 😩 So just decide… is tonight a tequila night? A vodka night? Pick your poison, and stick with it.



Okay we all love ordering festive cute drinks,🍹but you need to really consider how much sugar is in your order. Sugar is like the hangover devil. Avoid at all costs. 



Honestly, if you don’t know this one by now… stop reading my blog. We can’t be friends. Kidding, luvs u. ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜



Drink this, like it’s your job. You need it. All those margaritas you are tossing back are major dehydrating you, and you will wake up looking like a raisin. Not a good scene. I do the 1 for 1 rule.



Okay sooooooo let’s say you totally failed at all of the above, and wake up with a raging hangover delivered straight from satan. 

Here is some stuff you can do to minimize your pain and suffering:



Or just something fizzy. It helps reduce the nausea just a little bit. Key word: little.



These work too. I just like the taste, not sure about how healthy they are, but they help get my lazy bum up and going when I have over indulged.



Seriously, even if you are on the verge of chundering, get up, go throw yourself in a cold pool or ocean or ideally go skiing. 🎿🏄 No matter how horrid you feel, this is basically the only way I know to make me feel better. The other morning I woke up with a raging hangover for literally no reason, I had like 4 weak drinks the night before, and I was feeling hung AF. Got myself up, went surfing, worked like magic. It probably works because you cannot just lay there wallowing in your pain anymore.



You need juuuuuust enough grease to absorb the alcohol in  your stomach. I like to cook turkey bacon (available at Whole Foods) because it is way healthier than normal bacon AND it tastes better, in my opinion.




HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. JK. That would be so wrong.


Those are my best tips for curing the senior hangoveritis… aka the hangover that should NOT exist. If you were to ask my college-self, I would never believe this was a thing. But, alas, here we are. I am 26 and apparently 4 drinks keeps me bed-ridden the entire next day. 

Comment with your strategies to avoid a hangover! I want to know what other super secret tips and tricks are out there.

Happy Fri-Yay friends! Have a great weekend 🍻




10:09 | October 16, 2017



Shot taken in Malibu, by moi

Counting calories is something I have tried a few times, and in my not-so-humble opinion, it is seriously not good for you. 🙅🏼

Let me start by saying, if there is a diet, eating fad (ahem, looking at all you “gluten intolerant” people…), or cleanse… I have tried it. Strictly monitoring your calorie intake, is one of those things that I have indeed tried and tested.

For me, it was basically the worst.

Calorie counting is one of the first and most obvious things people will do to try and be healthier, or lose weight. Let me be clear, this is not a post about how to lose weight. This is a post about why loving yourself and eating healthful foods is always the best option.

Companies producing packaged foods are legally obligated to put the nutritional content on their labels (which I think is awesome!) and right at the top, is the calories. Food companies also use “low calorie content” as a marketing strategy. They will take foods that have negative nutritional value, make them taste good with a bunch of chemicals, and market them to us as being healthy and “low calorie.” This messaging is flashing in our faces all day, so it makes sense that so many people start counting calories to try and be healthier.

Here is my story of calorie counting, and why you SHOULDN’T do it.

Think of this like an episode of “What Not to Wear.”

Oh and as a warning, I was 100% honest and spared no details here. 😅 Might be a bit alarming for some, just an FYI.

Let’s start with the apps.

There are a ton of apps out there where you can set a daily calorie goal, you have to enter a bunch of information about your height, weight, goal weight, etc etc etc. Then, the idea is, you are supposed to enter every single morsel of food you eat into the app.


If this doesn’t breed unhealthy obsessive behavior, I am not sure what does. When I tried one of these apps, I literally became obsessed with it and it took over my life. I wouldn’t go out for dinner, because I couldn’t guarantee that whatever I was going to have for dinner would be on calorie counting app. THAT IS ACTUALLY INSANE. Do not recommend.

My second experience with calorie counting was…

When I was modeling in Milan, it was a seriously tough time for me. The European modeling market is very different from North America, and has a different set of standards. Clients wanted models to be rail thin, and basically be gaunt clothing hangers. This is obviously not my vibe, I’ve always been more successful at commercial modeling (for clothing stores, brands where actual humans buy the products, etc), so to enter this market I was told I needed to lose a few inches off my precious booty.

*Dear booty, I am SO SORRY I DID THIS TO YOU. It was wrong and I’ll never do it again.* 😭

Anyways,  in Milan I was regularly measured by my agency and expected to maintain a certain set of numbers. What being “measured” means, is you go in front of a room of people in your bikini and the agency takes a measuring tape and measures your hips, waist, and bust for size. This was in 2014 and even though it was only a few years ago, standards were considerably different than they are now. There was no such thing as curves, and the old school “all models must look like coat hangers” mantra was in full-force.

Okay now what I am going to tell you is something YOU SHOULD NEVER DO EVER. IT IS FUCKING CRAZY.

I was young, in a new market, and a hyper-over-achiever who wanted to be super successful. To maintain the measurements required of me in Milan, I restricted my calories to 700 a day, and only ate cans of tuna and salad I made at home. HOW. FUCKING. SAD. Honestly, I am so embarrassed to even write this out because it was SO SAD. *Cringe*

The reason I have chosen to tell you this story, even though I am aware this is an outlier kind of situation, is because when I had restricted my calories in such an extreme way, I didn’t actually lose any weight, AND, I noticed my skin stopped glowing, AND, I had no energy. 😵

If I knew then what I know now, and felt as fabulous as I do today (without any calorie counting and plenty of pizza🍕), I would have just done my own thing and only worked with clients who appreciated me for what I naturally am. 🙏🏻

In summary, my experiences with calorie counting have been both physically and mentally unhealthy. Obsessively counting calories did not get me the result I was looking for, and I definitely wasn’t happy doing it.

If you want to be healthy, what should you do?

Focus on mindful eating 😊

Mindful eating means eating when you actually feel hungry, and stopping when you feel full. This is something that takes active practice for me, because I loveeeeee to eat fast (as my boyfriend so kindly points out.😒)

Eat Real Food🍏

Eat nutritious foods that are whole, natural, and great for your body. If you were counting calories you would probably never eat a whole avocado, but then you would miss out on all the fabulous health and beauty benefits. Often times the high calorie foods are the most packed with nutrients! Go figure.

**ALSO A QUICK NOTE ON LOW CALORIE DRINKS/FOODS ETC: it is usually fucking poison. Don’t go there. All sorts of ungodly ingredients are created in labs to mimic the taste of real food with “no calories”. That shit will literally kill you, don’t do it.

Treat Yo-Self 🍦🍟🍕

If you overall are living a healthy lifestyle, you are a-okay to be eating junk food too. Honesly, life is all about balance. I love myself, so I eat pizza and drink all the martinis I want. 🍸 Like fuck it, why wouldn’t you? When you are happier, you will look better, feel better, and live a better life.

The point I am trying to make is food should never be so heavily regulated and reduced to calorie counting. Why? It’s bad for your mental health and your physical health. Take me as case study #1. Tried, tested, and it doesn’t work ya’ll.

What does work? The non-diet diet. Just live your life and be happy. ❤️ You are beautiful the way you are. 😍

Hopefully parts of this post didn’t traumatize you, but inspired you to eat more mindfully and live your best life. This is just my opinion based on personal experiences, and what works for me. I am not a doctor, and you should always do what works best for you and your personal health!




5:54 | October 11, 2017



LOL, yup. We’re going there.

Looking for love? Here’s why I think you should give dating apps a try.

Online dating is something noooobody talks about, unless you are a bottle (or two) of wine deep with your besties.🍷 Which is why we’re gonna talk about it today.

Real talk, people.

Online dating has a super gross stigma, like e-harmony early 2000s vibes. *Shudders* 🤢😷 Not the case, in my opinion. Everything we do now is digital. Legit, EVERYTHING. When someone calls me (mom… talking about YOU), I actually get mad. Genuinely, angry. Because that is my time. Send me a text, send me an email, and I will get back to you in my own time. But yes back to my point, our entire lives are digital and that’s not going anywhere. 💻

I am of the belief that if you want something to happen, you need to MAKE it happen. I’m not one to sit around and wait for something to magically happen, in any aspect of my life. And yes, even with love. 💕 If you are under the impression that you will bump into your next boyfriend as you are entering your apartment building, spill your groceries everywhere **oh my how EMBARRASSING** and as you giggle he helps you clean them up in a very Audrey Hepburn b-fast at Tiffanys kind of way… I hate to break it to you… but it’s probably not happening.

My *dream* way to meet my future husband? 💭 On a ski lift. 🎿 So romantical, so magical. ✨ But, in reality, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. I have sat next to the HOTTEST guys on a ski lift (when I was single,) I am skiing alone, they are skiing alone, and NEITHER OF US SAYS A DAMN WORD. 😒 True story.

So, ladies and gents, if you are looking for love, what is wrong with putting the cards back in our hands and trying our best to actively make something happen?

Truth be told, I actually used to be SUPER opposed to tinder/bumble/etc. I thought I was wayyyyy too cool for apps like that. 😎 They were SO below me. *Major eyeroll.*

It’s 2017. We sit behind our screens all day every day, netflixing, texting, scrolling instagram, snapchat, whatever.📱 Look our lifestyle as an opportunity to meet someone you would never have otherwise serendipitously bumped into.

Typical reasons people shy away from dating apps:

“There’s no good people on Tinder…”

Did you ever consider there are likely many people just like YOU on Tinder? Who genuinely want to meet someone?💑 Amongst the mess of a “hookup culture” we have built, there are actually some good ones out there. That being said, it’s basically guaranteed you will match with a TON of people who are not genuinely interested in a relationship, who you will probably hate, but… how is that any different than stumbling into someone at a bar?

“I don’t have time”

LOL. Okay…. Just no. That is a straight up lie. 😂 You can now DATE FROM YOUR PHONE. How freaking amazing is that? Like, sign me up. I can look for my future husband while sitting on the bus to work? HELL YEAH! Honestly… You have time. Maybe just scroll instagram for 10 minutes less a day and try and meet someone new. 😊

I feel like this whole dating revolution is a pretty cool opportunity. We can literally sit at home on a Friday night, eat ice cream, drink wine, be naked in bed, and go on Tinder to meet your potential future husband. 💯 No more getting glammed up after a long work week to go to a gross club, and have sweaty dudes slur at you. 😒 Also, did I mention you can be eating in bed naked and using a dating app? HOW IS THAT NOT THE BEST THING EVER?! 😂 Being the introvert I am, this is V appealing to me.



Final thoughts on Tinder: a cool way to meet new people, and likely make some great friends in the process. There is a ton of negative stigma around dating apps (definitely not without warrant), but, if you take the right mindset it just might work out for you. 💘 Personally, I like to take things into my own hands and not sit waiting hopefully for Mr. Right to stumble along.

That being said, this is just my own personal opinion. Make sure you always do what feels right for you! 🙏🏻

Thoughts?! Funny stories? Comment below!




10:13 | October 4, 2017



Ya girl is back 🍸

OMG. You guys. I’M BACK!!! 🎉

And holy shit we have a lot to talk about. I am 110% sure I just had my quarter life crisis. Is that a thing? Well… based on how the last few months have played out for me I am very positive the “quarter life crisis” is a real thing.

WTF do I mean? Okay, let me back up for a second here. My blog has been down for about 3 months now, I took a major social media break (not counting a few insta-stories here and there 😉), quit my corporate job (a really fantastic job at that), moved counties, AND now live with my boyfriend of 5 months. If all those things do not qualify as having a quarter-life crisis, I am not sure what does. On paper it might sound like I’ve lost my mind, but in reality, I’ve never been better. I needed these last few months to make the changes necessary to be living my best and fullest life. To refocus on making my personal health and happiness a priority. I’ve been struggling with some personal stuff over the last few months (ahem, more like this entire year..), but can now confidently say I am en-route to being my best self. Gettin’ my sparkle back, if you know what I mean. ✨

Where to start…

The blog.

Let’s start here. Skinny Belle launched 3 years ago, as a way for me to share my outfits, recipes, and lifestyle tips. It is my absolute FAVE thing on the fucking planet. I promise you that. But, family pressures were building to get a “real job.” *eyeroll*  For the last few years I have been doing the branding and marketing for some very cool tech companies, and really loved both what I was doing and the companies I was doing it for. As a result, Skinny Belle became more of a weekend hobby, and started to drift further and further away from what I really wanted it to be. Skinny Belle was supposed to be the platform to share myself and everything I have learned with the world, and it was literally killing me that it was not being given the attention it deserved. KILLING ME. 😭 So, I decided to take Skinny Belle down, completely revamp the site (which was a battle in itself… don’t even get me started on web development. Fuck.) and start fresh. Obviously keeping all the old content, because it will be fun to lol at myself in a few years time. So here we are, new blog design, and entirely new mission. Skinny Belle is going to be like my own personal diary. I will be here every day — sharing, asking, and sharing some more. I hope you’re excited, because I sure as hell am. 😁

Social media.

Yup, me, the girl who LOVES the gram just stopped posting for the last few months. I literally just needed to stop. There were so many big changes happening in my life, and I was experiencing major anxiety. It was definitely a problem. It felt insincere for me to be posting happy highlight reel shots, when the reality of my day-to-day life was the complete polar opposite. Instagram is definitely not a reflection of reality, we all know that, but I was so far away from being in a happy place that I couldn’t even fake it. The whole, “fake it til you make it” thing doesn’t really work for me. So unfortunately for you (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), you’re gonna get alllll the real stuff here.😅 Anywho, more on this later.

Relationships + moving countries.

Well, here’s a topic I have NEVER discussed on my blog before. Relationships. Truth be told, this year was a whirlwind for me. Had a very rough breakup right at the beginning of the year, while on my family vacation in Hawaii (fabulous…right??😒), and then just planned on being single for eternity and adopting like 14 dogs to keep me company. I wish that was a joke lol. 😂 Well, not the case. I met someone V special only a few months after my breakup, and lets just say I am fully head over heels for him. What are you supposed to do? Just ignore an amazing person who happens to come into your life because of past negative experiences? Lol screw thattt. So anyways, we kind of just jumped all in. And so far, it’s fabulous. We will talk more about this later. There is sooooo much to talk about and I cannot wait to get into dating here. It’s gonna be fun fun fun.😉

In conclusion, over the last few months I needed to take a step back, look at my life, and address how I can move forward and achieve my macro life-goals. Personally, that required going in full-on hermit mode, hiding from the world, and setting my plans in action. 6 months ago I wrote this blog post on how to accomplish your 10 year goals in 6 months, and go-figure, I actually achieved almost all of mine.💪🏻 It was time for me to make a new set of goals for the next 6 months. I’ll share my 10 years –> 6 month specific goals soon. There is really no reason we can’t all accomplish 10 year goals in the next 6 months.

Looking Ahead

I am BEYOND EXCITED (LIKE THE MOST EXCITED ANYONE HAS EVER BEEN😀😅😂🤣☺️🙃😜🤓😎🤠😏 😱 ) to be back blogging, and even more excited to give you a full-on no-details-spared coverage of my life. Let’s get personal people, it’s been a long time coming. 🙏🏻

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your patience over these last few months. But baby, I’m back and I’m here to stay. So CHEERS to the next Skinny Belle chapter! 🥂🍾🍸




10:09 | October 4, 2017



Skinny Belle is back!! 🎊 I am SO EXCITED to relaunch my blog, and share all that is to come together. 😊 Check out the video above, to see what Skinny Belle is all about!

Oh, wondering what happened these past few months? Why the radio silence? Why did I take my blog down? All the juicy details can be found in this post. 💕


8:19 | May 31, 2017



Top: Zara / Bottoms: Zara

Is it too much to ask to just be John Lennon? ? Loving the vibes in this series shot by Aneta Michniak. This is the second set that we did together on this day.

Busiest week ever this week, lots of great projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with you guys. Was so tired tonight couldn’t be bothered to make an actual dinner so I ate Mr. Noodles ? So shameful/ratchet to admit… but I legitimately love eating Mr. Noodles LOL. I guess I just have a very “diverse” taste in food haha. Oh well, gotta do you. And if that happens to be a Mr. Noodles once and a while, so be it. It’s all about balance. 

Early morning tomorrow to do a workout with my trainer at 7 am ?. It’s always hard to get up at that time but when I do I feel so much more energized throughout the day. Worth the wakeup for sure! Will put some of my workout on Instagram, so make sure you are following along! @robynkimb


ps: Covfefe. HAHAHA. Still funny. ???

8:52 | May 29, 2017



Bodysuit: Out From Under So Over It / Jeans: BDG

Okay so these jeans? Obsessed. I have been wearing them legitimately every single day and I will not stop. They are one of the few pairs I’ve found that actually fit my bum (shocking, I know) AND don’t gape at the waist. Does anyone else have that problem too? Where jeans are just tight in all the wrong places? It sucks. Far more than it sounds lol. Anyways ladies if you are shaped like me…. which is…. larger around the hip region *ahem* then you should pick these up too. They are my new go-to summer jeans for sure.

Love these photos shot with Rishad from Stay and Wander the other day. Went out to Buntzen Lake and it was gorrrrgeous! If you haven’t been before, go. 

Hope everyone is having a great week! Go get your dreams people ? 


3:14 | May 27, 2017



Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

The other day I posted this photo on my instagram, and received a few panicked messages about the picture (mom, I’m looking at you lol). It prompted me to post this on my blog too, and put together a short but meaningful rant on what it means to be a feminist and why my lack of shirt in a creative photoshoot should mean SQUAT about my status in society. #freethenipple

There’s a common misconception that to be a feminist means you cannot be feminine or sexy. A great example of this is when Emma Watson, a well known advocate for gender equality, posed for Vanity Fair with her under-boob showing. The trauma. ?

Some people have the belief that feminism and the fight for gender equality (which is clearly still a battle based on recent political events) must be presented in a particular light. In my opinion the beauty of feminism is that it’s about the freedom, equality, and liberation of all genders. Feminism is giving women and men the choice to be exactly who they want to be. Feminism has no dress code, or lack thereof. 😉 As a feminist I can be an intelligent ambitious businesswoman AND have the right to be confident in my own skin.

So let’s throw some love out into the universe, and just be ourselves. Have fun, and do you. No matter how that looks. 🙂

Love all around ?


10:56 | April 2, 2017



Dress: Honey Punch / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

When I tried this dress on in the store, I thought, “oooohhh so pretty and chic! I could definitely wear this to a wedding this summer.” Promptly marching my butt up to the cashier I bought the dress + about 14 other things. (Shopaholic, anyone??) In hindsight after looking at these photos, the dress is still very cute and I love it but Vegas would be a more appropriate place to wear it. ? I most certainly underestimated the level of see-through it has going on and the very deep V in the front. Regardless, who could be mad about an excuse to go to Vegas? Not me. That’s who.

Ok totally RANDOM rant, but have you guys noticed how EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM EVER now has “live stories”? We are talking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (obviously.) This is sooooo unbelievably unneccesary and nobody is using the feature on any platform other that Instagram and Snapchat. I blame this excessive use of stories on Facebook entirely, becasue they own both Instagram and Whatsapp. We get it, you tried to buy Snapchat they turned you down and now you are determined to show them their product ain’t shit by putting it in literally every single other platform you own. In a way, I respect your rage. ? BUT, let’s think about the user for a second shall we? I do nottttt need to be posting stories on all platforms I use. WhatsApp, for example, is not a social networking platform (in my opinion.) It is a messaging platform and it is not entirely relevant to have live stories on a messaging app. The following meme perfectly describes my feelings about this subject:

LOL. Can you imagine. Hilarious. So a public message from me to Facebook: STOP THIS MADNESS. Nobody wants stories on Facebook mobile or WhatsApp. Kthxbi.

Anyways, random rant. But that’s how things go around here ? Thanks for sticking around and hanging with me 🙂 Maybe you come here for the cute outfits, travel photos, and bikini pics… but sometimes you get a serious side of random ramblings. And for reading that, I love and appreciate you. ?


6:00 | March 19, 2017



Some inspo on how to achieve your goals 🙂

Hi everybody! So little update here… Things have been absurdly productive for me lately. Lots of fresh and inspiring new projects coming into my life, all of which I can’t wait to tackle! Along with this, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my goals, milestones, and things I want done in my life. This past week I spent at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Anyone else go? It was THE BEST. I absolutely love that event, it is the spot for all tech, music, and film. Anyways.. at SXSW I was talking to someone who mentioned a quote by Peter Thiel (c0-founder of Paypal) that really resonated with me so I wanted to share it with you all.

“How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months?” – Peter Thiel


Think about everything you want in 10 years. Chances are, most things on that list can actually be achieved in 6 months if you really commit. I took the question posed very literally and wrote down everything I want to achieve in 10 years.

6 out of the 8 goals I wrote down are achievable within 6 months.

How am I going to get there? HUSTLE. That’s right folks. Good old hard (and efficient) work. 

You guys should really try this too. I mean… why the hell not. Write down things you want to accomplish in your life in 10 years. Look at this list, and realistically assess what you can do in 6 months. It will likely surprise you as much as it surprised me! 

Comment below, I want to hear your thoughts 🙂