3:05 | December 22, 2017



Well, things got realllllly real on Skinny Belle – The Podcast today 😐

Alright guys, I went there. I talked about the thing you are not supposed to talk about.

Today I recorded a podcast where I share my recent struggles with some seriously negative side effects of birth control, namely: depression and severe emotional volatility.



If you are a woman and you take birth control, chances are you have also experienced some negative side effects as well. Which is exactly why I wanted to share what I have been going through lately with a new birth control I’m taking. My hopes are that anyone reading this or listening to Skinny Belle – The Podcast can feel less alone, because feeling depressed can be an isolating experience. No matter what the cause.

I really got into it in this episode. I also accidentally cried. 😅 Definitely did not plan on doing that, but it’s kind of where I’m at right now with all this hormonal madness going on in my body.


There is really no advice in this podcast, it’s more just letting you guys know where I’m at. I haven’t solved the hormonal issue yet, but I am soon going home where I will see my family doctor and do just that.

For now…. 😬😬😬🔥😩 😤 😡

Hahahaha. Haha. Hahahahha. I’m insane. Really. Birth control is the worst. You know how it is. Listen to the podcast and you will get the gist of my situation.

Love you guys, and if you have ever experienced something like this (which like 99.999999% of women have) then slide on into my dms and let me know. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be allowed to talk about this, considering the fact that we all go through it. So ridic.

So let’s break the silence! Really really hope this podcast helps at least one person feel like they aren’t alone. That will make crying on the internet worth it. ❤️

Ok off to eat a massive bowl of pasta cuz I luv myself. And it’s the holidays. 🎄




4:13 | December 5, 2017



Taken on my balcony in Santa Monica, this morning 😨

Uhmmmm no wonder I woke up last night thinking “someone is having a campfire!” Holy shizen is it ever smokey!

This is happening about 60 miles away from Downtown LA, and let’s hope that that doesn’t get any closer….

Very scary stuff. Hoping the firefighters get this one under control asap.

Anywho, going to go attempt to workout now… probably not the best idea in the world considering the air quality, but we will see how it goes. Maybe just a walk.





8:15 | November 17, 2017



Me in my natural habitat. The kitchen.

For today’s post, I bring you into my kitchen and share 10 food items that I alwaysss have stocked in my fridge! 🍴

Not only did I let my freak flag fly throughout the entire video 🎏 (there were so many f-bombs I had to stop editing them out because it was too much lol) but I also shared the specific reasons why I love the food items shown so much. 🍉

Food + nutrition have always been a huuuuuuge thing for me. I need to be healthy 80% of the time so the other 20% I can eat nachos + In-N-Out + pizza… etc etc etc. For real though. 🍕 80% of the time my body is a temple and 20% I just straight #YOLO.

Because, life is too short not to eat the burger, fries, milkshake, and cake too. 🍔🍟🍰

#realtalk 😂

If you want to know some of my fave foods to eat in that 80% of the time I am being healthy, check out this vid!

❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

Here are links to all the food items I mention in the video:

Organic Quinoa

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes Cereal

Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt

La Croix Water

Mary’s Crackers

Challenge Butter

Adams Peanut Butter

Barista Blend Almond Milk





12:16 | November 16, 2017



Jeans: Parker Smith // Jacket: Bernardo

What a weeeeeek.

Wait, it’s only Wednesday. 😂 Hahah omg.

It was a battle and a half getting this podcast recorded. My friggin recording thingy (that’s the technical term) broke halfway through the episode and it took foreverrrrrrr to fix. By that I mean it took a day. But I am impatient so in my brain that is foreverrrrr. 😉 A bit of a rage-enducing delay on my end… but all is well as the show has FINALLY aired! 🎉

This is the first ever Skinny Belle – The Podcast episode all about fitness. And how to keep that bod rockin’.

V important.


Using an iPhone?



Using an Android?



What’s in this episode?

First, I share all the details of my lifelong fitness journey. And when I say ‘share’, perhaps I mean ‘over-share’. hahaha. #truestory. Really didn’t leave any detail out when it comes to highs and lows of my personal fitness.

Yes, we got into the fat college years. The shame. 😂

Point being, I go over all my learning experiences from this fitness journey and oh-so-smoothly transition into talking about my top tips to stay fit that I employ in my day-to-day life. 💪🏻

One topic discussed is how accomplishment fuels accomlishment. This is a big one for me, and I mentioned a book that really helped me called “The Power of Habit” which is a great book on why we do what we do. The author goes into why we build habits, and how we can change them to be more productive habits. A fabbity fab read for me, so check it out if you’re into that.

In my “How to Stay Fit – 4 Simple Tips!” podcast episode, I shared strategies to stay motivated in your fitness that are super practical and easy to use every day! 💯

Check out the episode, either on iTunes or Soundcloud, and let me know what you think! 💞




2:56 | November 10, 2017



Jeans: Parker Smith (made locally in LA, I am OBSESSED!💞)

Woop woop! Another Skinny Belle – The Podcast episode is now live!

This one is all about Adulting. The struggles of being a less adulty adult, in the big bad world out there. I think a lot of you will relate to some of the things I talk about in this episode, namely: how the f do you do your taxes, going to the lady-doctor, pervy random dudes, car insurance issues, and so much more ridiculousness.




Basically I talk for 25 minutes about all the struggles I’ve had with adulting. From one hilarious story to the next, this is a very “millennial” post. 😂

Check it out, and if you like the show, please subscribe and rate Skinny Belle – The Podcast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on iTunes! 🙏🏻

**Android friends, here is the link for Soundcloud.





10:17 | November 4, 2017



Tea time, pumpkin spice to be specific.

Hi world. 👋🏻

Here we are. 2 am, and I am wide awake. 😒

Thought I would take to my internet diary (aka Skinny Belle) and do a little journaling since I am clearly not falling back asleep anytime soon.


Usually I am a good sleeper, but tonight I guess not lol!

2 am is a funny time. You will wake up feeling a certain way and thinking certain things that you can’t really control. At least, I feel like I can’t. 😜

How am I feeling?

My hips friggin hurt, and I am slightly hungover. Just slightly. LOL.😉 It is Friday, after all. 🍸

But for real, my hip pain, is probably the most annoying thing in the entire world. THE ENTIRE WORLD. It’s this deep aching which feels like it’s in my bones, but is totally just my muscles being all tight and messed up. 😣 I am obsessed with staying healthy and forever young, and really dislike waking up with my body aching in the middle of the night. Probably need to go back to my physio again at some point. Anywho, if you see me rolling my hips on instagram, which I occasionally share on my stories like the instagram whore I am, that is why. 👵🏻 #SeniorMoments

I legit cannot wait until I can be a full on cyborg. I’m talking being part robot. Genuinely, I think that would be absolutely amazing. THINK ABOUT IT. Just replace them hips with mechanical ones! Would be so awesome. And I basically would be Superwoman. That’s pretty cool too.

Anyone watch Archer? Just like Barry in Archer except not evil. LOL. **If you’re not watching Archer, you NEED TO. I crushed through all 7 seasons or whatever in a sickly short period of time. NO REGRETS. 🙅🏼

The computers will probably take over one day, soooo I’d like to be on the record that I am pro robot/cyborg… in case any of the futuristic robos are reading this now.

Just sayin’.

Moving right along…

What did I wake up thinking about tonight?

This is going to sound completely ridiculous… but skiing.🎿 I am getting major FOMO that all my friends in Vancouver will be heading up to Whistler soon for the first snowfall. It is actually making me kind of homesick, as lame as that is to admit. Literally, feel like a toddler even saying those words. 😂

I guess that’s what happens at 2 am lol. The deep shit comes out.

Anyways I should probably get back to bed meow. Have a big weekend ahead.

Tomorrow I organized a brunch with some of my Alpha Delta Pi sisters living in the area. Was so cool, I joined the Facebook group for ADPi Alumni in LA and posted basically saying… “heyyyyy so I’m new here and have no friends, who wants to be friends?” and a bunch of super cute girls replied, and I am SO EXCITED to meet everyone at brunch tomorrow! 🍳 Sororities are the freakin’ best. I have an entire post planned on this but ima save it so it’s a bit more timely, like around the time girls are going to college. Not in the middle of the semester lol.

Also this weekend my boyfriend and I are going to do something super touristy together. We decided we wanted to go see all the big “sights” in Los Angeles because neither of us have seen most of them. LOL. Go figure. So the touristing shall begin. He had a great suggestion as to what we should see earlier today… but I honestly cannot remember. hahahha.😂 My bad. 😉 Guess I shall find out tomorrow.

Final note before I am back to bed and the weekend kicks off tomorrow: if you are reading this, I love and appreciate you. I feel like the people who read Skinny Belle, just get me. In a weird but awesome way. ❤️

That’s it for tonight’s late-night diary entry. Before I get super weird on you (it is basically guaranteed to happen) I am going to sign off.

Pce n’ blessings, and in the words of Ellen Degeneres, be kind to one another.




6:18 | November 3, 2017



Episode 3 of Skinny Belle – The Podcast is LIVE!

Yessss!!! I loveeee talking about relationships. It is so much FUN.

If you are looking for💋🌹❤️L-O-V-E❤️🌹💋, this podcast is the one for you.

I talk how to get that very first date, and what to do once you actually get it! 😅 There are some hard truths in this episode, and, some seriously fire tips for those of you getting into the dating scene.

Also, I tell the story of how I met my boyfriend, and what we did on our first date (it was 3 days long, and ohhhh so magical!) ✨




What else is covered on this episode of Skinny Belle – The Podcast?

  1. What a terrible “ghoster” I am… (it’s the worst😒)
  2. How to WIN TINDER, in detail 😉
  3. How to decide what’s important to you in a potential partner 💕
  4. Dos-and-donts of a first date (hint… probably don’t share your deepest darkest secret 😂)
  5. What to do if someone is totally giving you the creeps on a dating app 🙅🏼

This episode is 🔥🔥🔥, if I do say so myself. 😉

I divulge all my wisdom on the early stages of dating. Including, how you can navigate this crazy a$$ digital dating world and hopefully in the process find someone great to share your life with!

*Aweeeee, how mushy. 😷 Hahah, but for real.

Plus, our world is in serious need of more good old-fashioned sweet-lovin’ right now. They way things are going, we all need to be a bit more lovey dovey. Honestly believe that might help ignite a cleanup to the big mess we’ve made.

ANYWAYS, figured this podcast was quite timely.

Sooooo without further adieu, clickey clickey here to listen to “How to Get Yo-Self a Man!

If you like this podcast, pretty please with cherries on top subscribe, and rate it 5 stars! I’m very new to the podcast world, so your ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is greatly appreciated! 🙏🏻




4:39 | October 31, 2017



Dress: Missguided / Sunnies: Vintage MiuMiu

It. Is. HERE people!!! Skinny Belle – The Podcast has finally launched!!!! 👩🏼‍🎤



I am so excited to have this new platform, to share with you in a much more personal way. 💞 Podcasts are the best things ever (especially mine 😉.) You can listen while you workout (I do this almost daily), while you are driving or commuting to work/school, or just at home hanging out. 🎉

Sooooo convenient. And efficient. 👌🏻

Not only is listening to podcasts more convenient, it’s actually so much more intimate. Sounds super weird… but it’s true! It feels like the person you are listening to is right there with you! AKA I will be in your bedroom, your gym, your bathroom… hahaha 😂😂😂

Okay moving right along… to summarize, podcasts are the BEST, and I am BEYOND EXCITED to have launched Skinny Belle – The Podcast!

First things first.

Where do you find my podcast?

The iTunes store!

There are two episodes available right now, think of them like gateway drugs to a whole lot more audible awesomeness coming your way. 😉

**Android people, I am working on getting it live on Google Play Music ASAP. For now, you can listen on Soundcloud!

What’s Skinny Belle – The Podcast all about?

My podcast gets up close and probably *too* personal with me. 😉 It focuses on my musings (which right now mostly means me getting drunk and ranting lol🍸), fashion industry truths, beauty, relationships, fitness, lifestyle, travel, and guest interviews.

What to do once you’ve listened?

If you likey, please please PLEASE subscribe and rate Skinny Belle – The Podcast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on iTunes, AND tell all your friends! Word of mouth is everything to me, and I cannot tell you HOW HAPPY it makes me when someone tells me their friend told them about Skinny Belle.

Like, the happiest. 😆😃

Have a question?

#AskSkinnyBelle on my latest Instagram post or Twitter and I will answer your question on the show! You can also just use that hashtag to tell me a topic you want covered on Skinny Belle – The Podcast. That works too. 😊

Hope you love it!!




6:48 | October 27, 2017



Watch: Daniel Wellington // 15% off with code ROBYNKIMB

Hi friends 🙂

It’s me. Robyn. 🐵

What an amazing week I’ve had! It was so productive, rewarding, and just overall awesome. There’s honestly nothing that makes me happier than getting sh*t done. It’s a great feeling for sure. 😊

Today I am just working away like a little worker bee 🐝and then in the afternoon going out to get ingredients for dinner tonight! Going to cook a whole branzino fish, with way too much garlic, tomatoes, and a bunch of other goodness. If you want to see what I make, make sure you follow my instagram! Most of the time I am live-snapping my kitchen adventures.

Also, bought all the stuff to make Aperol Spritz’ tonight. I am STOKED to get those rolling.🍹 It’s so awesome that North America has finally discovered the Aperol Spritz. It was long overdue if you ask me. If you are also planning on getting lit tonight, as one does, make sure you have read my hangover prevention tips! Nobody like a hangover, that’s for damn sure. 💯

Before I sign off for today, I want to tell you guys that I have a big announcement coming Monday and I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE!! Like, peeing my pants I’m so excited. 😆 Stay tuned 💕





6:53 | October 24, 2017



This view, will never get old 😍

How to relentlessly persist, even when you sometimes feel like giving up.

The reason I want to talk about this today, is I actually had a major meltdown the other day when I was surfing. This photo was obviously pre temper-tantrum. 😂

Told you guys, I am putting it all out there haha!

Physical fitness is extremely important to me. We only get one body (until we can replace all our parts with robots… super stoked on that tbh) and I would like mine to be in the best shape possible. And I like to eat like a pig, so there’s that too. Gotta work out to balance things out. 😉

So basically what happened on this surf was I was just not having a great time out there. It was actually the shittiest time ever. I was getting beat down, again and again, by waves that were way too big for me. So I had a little tantrum, like the adult I am, got out of the water, and sat there all pouty on the sand like a total fucking loser. 😒

Probably going to have to get a new identity after that one. 😂


After reflecting on said incident a day later, I decided I needed to apply my principle of relentless persistence to this very situation.


WTF am I talking about?

Getting back out there, and continuing to push myself to be better.🏄 Keep catching waves, and know that I will get crushed again, again, and again. But, the wins will slowly become bigger with higher frequency the more I apply myself. 💪🏻


Persistence is EVERYTHING.


If there’s anything I’ve learned in this life, it’s that those who just keep on pushing forwards, are the people who usually end up winning.

Think about how many other people before Steve Jobs had the idea of the personal computer. I actually had the damn idea for the iPad when I was 6, and my dad told me it wasn’t possible. (God dad, I could have been the next Steve Jobs if my genius had been more carefully cultivated. 😒😉)

Steve did not have an easy time in the beginning, middle, or… erm… end. (Awkward..) He constantly faced technological, business, and personal challenges throughout his entire career. He had flop after flop, a small win, another flop, was kicked out of his own company, and then asked to rebuild it. CAN U EVEN IMAGINE. 😵

Did he give up? Did he EVER sway from his mission? Even when he was forced to leave, he still created, and pushed forward.

Persistence is key to success. 🔑 This is all just a game of seeing who can stay standing the longest, and in the end, those of us still standing, win.

And I like to win.

Persistence is something I apply to my life in both short term everyday actions and my long term perspective. It comes very easily to me most days, and on occasion, I feel like I need an extra push to keep moving forward.


Here are some strategies I use to stay PERSISTENT when feeling a lack of motivation or discouragement:

1) Take a step back

Did something go wrong? Have you lost sight of your end goal? 🔭

Sometimes I find stepping back, pausing, and assessing why I am feeling a lack of motivation or discouragement is a great way to get myself back on track. ✔️

And I literally step back. Whatever is bugging me or not going well, I will stop, go do something else, not think about it, and then a day later come back to the issue and 99% of the time the solution comes to me right then and there.

Boom. Science.


2) Get some inspiration

The other day I shared the fitness accounts I follow on instagram that help get me going in the morning when I reallllly don’t want to workout. I also follow people who motivate me (@garyvee talking about you!) who I listen to/watch/read about.

Sometimes all you need is a good dose of inspiration, from someone you admire.👑 Think about who inspires you, and make sure you are following them on your social media of choice! It will come in handy when you least expect it.

As for the heros we are getting our inspo from, just remember, it took them a long time to get where they are. “Overnight success” are only overnight in the public eye. To the person who is the success, it was years and years of smart + hard work. 🙏🏻


3) Write down your goals, put them where you can SEE them!

6 months ago, I wrote this blog post on achieving your 10 year goals in 6 months.

✨I have achieved almost every single thing I wrote down on that list.✨

How did I do it?

I wrote my list down on a piece of paper (which I still have) and taped it to the mirror where I do my makeup and get ready in the morning. 💅🏻

You will see that paper, every single damn day. EVERY DAY.

Lots of days you will just ignore it, but I find, on the days when I need it most, I read it, and am reminded of the awesome journey I am on, and feel re-focused on my mission.

It works, like a charm.


We will all have dark times in our life, times where we feel like we are lost or lack motivation. What proves our strength is our ability to come through, learn from these experiences, and bounce the fuck back!

Persistence should be applied to all things you see value in, and are important to you.

Let’s go get those goals, and be PERSISTENT! The payoff will be long term, but oh will it ever be sweet.🍬

Tomorrow, you can find me surfing. 💪🏻