3:07 | November 16, 2018



Finally time to share…

Well, there you have it. Today’s video shares a medical condition that I’ve struggled with my entire life.

Wasn’t sure if I should post this one but it is a larger part of my life than I would like it to be, so it felt like the right thing to do. Another reason I wanted to share is we are all fighting our own battles, and you can never be sure what someone else is dealing with! So be kind to one another, in the words of Ellen Degeneres.

Alrighty that’s it from me for today! I’m actually already in Guatemala and it’s time to shut down this computer and go exploreeee! Stay tuned for the vids 🙂




3:53 | November 14, 2018



Been a minute since I’ve posted…

So I figured the best way to come back was with a Q&A!!! JK, I’m not that organized. It just happened that when I got my shit together and had a minute to breathe aka blog, the video I was posting was a Q&A.

That being said, this was actually my first Q&A! How exciting. Everyone’s questions were about Troy though hahaha. Love talking about him so that’s all good with me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this video!

Also, I will explain what happened at the end soon. Promise.



1:23 | October 26, 2018



These scoots are stupidly controversial…

Honestly people need better things to be mad at lol. The electric scooter is HIGHLY controversial here in Santa Monica and I feel like it doesn’t need to be. It is an eco-friendly ride-share SCOOTER. We have much bigger fish to fry these days lol.

Anyways, this was the last vlog I was able to film before I got the flu! So edited this one in bed today lol. Hope I’m back to full speed soon!

Hope you enjoyed the video 🙂




1:52 | October 22, 2018



And now you know…

My modeling story! I wanted to share this because I kind of bring up modeling at random in my videos, but i’ve never really told you about.. well, anything. So here’s that video.

I feel like even though I talked about this for 10 mins straight, there is still so much more to share. Comment on the video on YT and let me know if you want a follow up at some point! Love your feedback 🙂

Thank you!




2:46 | October 19, 2018



Wish I could say this was a first…

This was not my worst taxi/ride-share experience, not even near. But it was one that I happened to catch on film, and prompted me to talk about other experiences. In addition to how small daily comments can make women AND men feel uncomfortable and small.

So yeah.. watch the video for the full chat.



4:01 | October 17, 2018



Call me basic, but I love a good pumpkin!

This was SO MUCH FUN. Even tho the pumpkin patch was tiny and very “California,” I had the best time.

There’s something about seasonal gourds in the home that just brings joy to my life. 😉

Anywho, hope you liked the vlog!




1:24 | October 15, 2018



Wake up with me…

… because there is SO many unrealistic versions of this video! Honestly, it’s getting out of hand.

Figured it could be fun to do a realistic “wake up with me” video and not pretend I do a bunch of productive things that I don’t every morning 🤣

Hope you enjoyed this video! If you did, make sure to throw it a thumbs up on youtube 🙂

Thanks for watching!




11:48 | October 4, 2018



Decided to just put this out there…

Honestly was so close to not posting this one, but I figured it would be better to share the reality of my day vs refilm and show you something else that wasn’t real!

This day was actually pretty great, it just happened to make a bad vlog lol.

Hope you enjoyed the video!!




2:40 | October 1, 2018



Scammed buying new car?!

Well, it’s safe to say this didn’t go according to plan…. 😂

It’s time that we get a new car, so Troy isn’t my personal driver. Even though I kind of (and by kind of I mean REALLY) like being driven around by a hot blonde. I don’t ask for much. 😉

Started the process this weekend by checking out a car in the valley. Watch the vlog to see what happens, but it did not go well. Like, probably the exact opposite of what you want to happen while test driving LOL!

Hope you enjoyed this vlog! Busy day today so I gotta bounce (but of course vlogging it so you will see tmrw 🙂 )

Have a FABULOUS Monday!!


2:41 | September 28, 2018



Let’s all remember that…

… instagram is NOT reality!

Honestly felt like I needed to end this photoshoot vlog with a quick reminder to both myself and anyone needing to hear it.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE photography and modeling. Both are an awesome creative outlet that let me collaborate with cool people. Yes, yes, yes! to all of that.

BUT, I feel like the state of social media/instagram is wild right now. Meaning, we’ve all been posting our highlight reels for so long that we forget it’s not what day-to-day life looks like. It is proven that social media causes feelings of sadness. While I love being creative and taking cool photos, I also like to keep things real and remind myself that all the carefully curated and edited images I see online are not representative of real life.

I feel like I’m making this vlog seem super serious, when it was actually a hella fun day shooting with my friend Eric. You should check him out if you haven’t already. Very talented and inspiring guy. 🙂

Anywho, felt the need to touch on the impact social media has on us, even though the day was super fun and I love the photos we took!

If you love this vlog, make sure you go over to YouTube and leave it a thumbs up so I know!

Hope you are having a good week 🙂 Hang in there, it’s almost Friday.