9:43 | August 22, 2018



A little life update

Turns out, being in a Canadian/American relationship isn’t the easiest thing ever. There are some challenges that are a bit more out of my control than I’d like to admit.

Today’s video covers my relationship, why I am always traveling, marriage… all the real for realz stuff.

This video is also a bit different than most of the vlogs I’ve been filming lately. Feels like it has been a while since we’ve just sat and chatted, so wanted to try this new style of video so we can hopefully get to know eachother better :). It can be a wee bit hard to connect when I am out and about adventuring and vlogging!

So yeah, if you liked this style of video please leave a comment and let me know!




12:18 | August 21, 2018



Made it to the beach!


I feel like they’ve figured out my aesthetic (and every other millennial’s.) Cute, pretend rustic, healthy organic food, and mezcal cocktails up the ying yang. This is the place to be in Mexico, that is for damn sure.

Made the worlds shortest vlog the other day at the beach, mostly because we were just getting festive all day long and not doing too much of anything. Recorded anyways, because I want to share it all. 🙂

One thing that kind of sucks rn in Tulum is the mass amounts of seaweed washing in. The seaweed has turned the normally crystal clear water dark red. It kind of looks like blood and low key creeps me out. Also I tried to swim in it (cuz im desperate like that) and the bugs were ABUNDANT so I bailed on that real quick.

But other than the bugged up seaweeded up water, was V impressed with the beach in Tulum.

This was our first day visiting it as our Airbnb is about a 20 min cab ride from the area. (more on this later.)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed today’s vlog!




8:19 | August 15, 2018



Ok so turns out, pulling an all-nighter at age 27 is NOT THE SAME as pulling an all-nighter at 20. This is something new I discovered this week. When I, being the smarty pants I am, decided to fly to Tulum on no sleep (like, literally didn’t sleep the entire night) it was the roughest day I’ve had in a while.

At age 20 when I would not sleep one night, the next day I just wouldn’t feel so great. At 27, you can SEE IT IN MY FACE. Everything hurt, I looked wrong (yes, just wrong) and I think I am fighting a cold because of it.

Oh the joys of getting older.

Regardless of my sleep deprivation, I decided to vlog my trip from Vancouver –> Tulum anyways. And yeah… the video above is what we got lol!

Plus I added in a little AirBnb tour from Tulum, so you can see where we are staying. There will be more in upcoming vlogs, I was pretty out of it this entire video so it wasn’t exactly the most organized lol!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the vlog!



7:30 | August 10, 2018



Turns out, ain’t that easy…

hahahahah omfg this video was so brutal to film/edit. “Reacting to my old videos” was so cringe-worthy.


And the worst part? The videos I was reacting to are less than 6 months old. I can’t deal with 6 months ago Robyn.

So yeah, if you want to laugh with/at me about my extreme awkwardness in my old videos….. watch the one above.




6:55 | July 13, 2018



Selling my Nissan X-Trail!

This is by far my favourite video I’ve made yet! lol figured I might as well make fun of my car, while simultaneously selling the HECK out of it. haha

Anyways, if you are in the market for a reliable adventure-mobile, watch the video above or email me at buymynissanvancouver@gmail.com. If you aren’t in the market for a new (and sexy) ride, still watch the video because in my biased opinion it is hilarious.

My boyfriend told me he likes to watch how funny I think I am. But I mean, if I dont think I’m funny who will?! Always gotta be your own cheerleader ya know?


byeeee <3




11:48 | July 5, 2018



the first Vancouver, Canada vlog!

Here we areeeeeee! Back in ye ol’ Canada eh.

Today’s vlog will be the first from my Vancouver series this summer. Kind of stuck to the basics for this one, Gastown, Yaletown, etc. Because I was having a PMS day and couldn’t deal with much adventuring lol.

For what it’s worth, pizza really does help LOL. (watch the video above and that will make a bit more sense haha)

Hope you liked this video! Make sure you leave a thumbs up if you did 🙂




3:52 | June 28, 2018



All the dongles have arrived!!!! Vlogs are BACK BABY!

Ah yes, the glorious day when you solve all your technical issues and can finally VLOG AGAIN!

And today’s vlog is highly embarrassing. Mostly because it does not do great things for my reputation as a competant driver. Evidently, you CAN crash a car while you are not even in it. It really does take talent.


fml tho. I accidentally got this on camera and debated editing it out. Maybe I should have considering I wasn’t techhhhnically insured to drive this car (TECHNICALLY…) but YOLO right?

So yeah. Watch my new vlog from Nosara, Costa Rica to learn more about how bad I am at driving. Good times all around.


OK off to go workout!

pce n’ blessins.




3:56 | May 1, 2018



Why I am in Costa Rica, and what it’s like to date across boarders.

Okayyyyyy so I was hella nervous to tell this story. Not entirely sure why since I am just explaining how I followed the rules like a good girl.


It took a bit of courage to hit upload on this one for some reason haha. 🙈

So pretty please with cherries on top, head over to my Youtube Channel and leave a like + comment on this video!

This was a bit of a different style of video for me, and I really feel like it’s my best one yet. 💪🏻

First, I shared the FULL story behind my Costa Rica trip and the unique challenges associated with being in a cross-boarder relationship. (I’m Canadian, and my boyfriend is American.) I know other people have experienced similar things when dating between different countries, and it’s so rarely talked about! So I wanted to be the one to do it. Naturally. 😉

Second, this is also a vlog from our day spent in Montezuma, Costa Rica. I really liked Montezuma (even though it was small and super hippie lol) and wanted to share the experience with you.

So yeah!

Watch the video above to learn about what it’s like to be a Canadian dating an American. And how we have figured out how to spend more than 182 days together at a time.

Thanks for being here! Love you to the moon and back. ❤




6:40 | March 1, 2018



First time in a wedding dress waddup!

Want to come with me to a photoshoot?

Well my dear friends, this would be the vlog for you!!! (Oh god I sound so salesy… but whatever, if I ain’t gonna sell my DOPE ASS VIDEOS, who will?! #realtalk.)

Anywho, this was a photoshoot I did with my dear friends at And Forever More Photo in Joshua tree, where we wore some stunning Anthropologie dresses. (Didn’t even know they had a line!) It was my first time visiting Joshua Tree, and oh my god IS IT EVER BEAUTIFUL.

My eyes could not handle all the beauty in Joshua Tree. So so so real. I really want to go camping there… and just like, be at one with the nature with a nice espresso martini in hand. That’s how you camp, right? RIGHT?? 😅 I would be great at camping. I know it. 😉


Joshua Tree. Bridal shoot.

Just to clarify, this was not MY bridal shoot, this was a creative shoot I modeled for. Saying this because I shared a photo on my instagram story and got a few crazed DID U GET MARRIED?!?! messages.

Lol so no, not married…. yet. 😉 JK jkjkjk.

Funny fact about me? I am not superstitious about anything but wearing a ring on my wedding finger. For this shoot my friends were talking about whether or not I should wear a fake engagement ring and I was like guys we CAN’T.😱 I have this weird voodoo belief-thing that if I put a ring on that finger I will never get married. 😂


I told you… I’m weird. Anyways, was low key thankful I didn’t have to wear a ring for this shoot because, #cursed!!!



Anyways, hope you enjoy the vlog! If you do, please click into youtube and give the video a big thumbs up. You can think of it like a virtual hug.






PS: My boyfriend literally picked cactus pricks out from between my toes in this vlog. I really want to show you ALL sides of my life. Not just the pretty and insta-worthy ones. ❤

11:56 | February 27, 2018



How to turn a setback/failure into an opportunity

Okay. Some real talk today you guys. I need to get this out of my head, and I feel like what I am experiencing right now is something we all go through at some point or other.

Skinny Belle is about keeping it real. THE REAL FOR REALZ. Sometimes that is messy, controversial, and just taboo. I will always share my favourite fashion, food, fitness routines, beauty tips, etc…  (because those things make my world go round 🙂 ) but I want to make sure we talk about the other stuff too.

The “things you aren’t supposed to talk about.”

You know?

I want to be honest with what’s going on with me rn and how I am dealing, in hopes that it could help you too

With that being said…. I can’t actually tell you what has happened. If I would, I could. Because I basically tell you everything. This one is out of my control tho.

Here’s what I CAN tell you: I’ve experienced a major setback as of yesterday. MAJOR.

What has happened is something I have wanted my whole life and have worked very hard for has been taken away from me.

I cried. A lot.



This is today’s theme because I can’t really pretend to talk about anything else. And, I feel I am pretty good at handling these things despite my lack of ability to control my emotions at times.😝

Setbacks come in all shapes and sizes.

From tiny things that happen on a daily basis like missing a deadline and having your boss freak out on you, to big things like having something happen that alters your life plan.

Of the many shapes and sizes setbacks come in, they all have one thing in common. They hurt. Not like they actually hurt your life (I’m getting to that) but they hurt your feelings. It’s normal to not feel happy, or good when you experience a setback.

Believe me, I know.

If you have also experienced a “setback” or “failure” in your life, it’s okay to let yourself be sad about it for a minute. In my very unprofessional opinion. (For real tho, this is just what works for me. Always do what is best for you! I am not a pro by any means. This is just my two cents.)

That being said, allow only a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME to wallow. Being sad about something is not productive, and does not bring forward a solution. And for every hour/day/minute you feel bad for yourself, is a lost hour getting creative and problem solving. Acknowledge how you feel, feel it, let it the fuck go, and decide your next move.


You now need to look at your “setback” (in quotations on purpose), however small or large it may be, as an opportunity.




Let that one sink in for a second. And never forget it.

Failures and setbacks are really opportunities to do something bigger, greater, more exciting, and DIFFERENT than you had originally planned.

You are probably like yaaaaaa right. *Eyeroll*

But, it’s true. If I think about all my “failures” or “setbacks” in my life, they have pushed me to find new avenues to achieve what I originally wanted OR switch directions and do something better.

In the micro it might seem like everything is going to shit, but if you look at the big picture, usually things work out even better than you had planned. 👌🏻

There is a 100% chance you are going to have to work hard and get creative. But this is good news. Because nothing great in this life comes easy.

If you have experienced a setback lately, please please please don’t just give up. Look at it as a new opportunity to do things better than you ever imagined possible. And always live your best life.


Wow guys. This post was so real. The realest of real. But it’s what I am feeling right now and it needed to get out. Bad.

One day when I can, I promise I will tell you specifically what I am talking about. It might be a ways away tho.

For now, let’s push through these pesky setbacks!!

If you can relate, please leave a comment and let me know we are in this thing together! Love to hear from you guys. I see you reading (on my analytics), and it makes me really happy when you leave a comment and talk with me. Skinny Belle is the place where we can talk about it all. And stop with the bs social media trend of pretending that life is a highlight reel.


Lol anyways, I hope this post inspires at least one person. ❤

Off to finish editing my vlog from this weekend! Can’t wait to share. It’s funny lol.