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Each summer I like to write down what I want to do for the following few months. The simple action of writing it down is enough to make me actually do the things I want to do. So today, I decided I would share that summer bucket list with you so we can compare and contrast! With this post I hope to inspire you to set yourself up for a summer of fun in the sun. 😀

Hereeeee we gooo!!


I ski down them, so why shouldnt I hike up them? That is the fun of mountains when they are not covered in snow! There is something about climbing to the top of a mountain and looking at the gorgeous view that is just so rewarding. It feels like you conquered it!


Learn to sail a boat! Why? Sailing is betchy. It is something I feel like I should already know how to do but for some unfathomable reason I don’t know how haha. And being out on the ocean is one of my favourite things to do, so hell yea I want to learn to sail!


Read at LEAST 6 new books (I mean come on…. I will be spending my weekends lazing in the sun if I am being real so I should be reading!!) It is really important to me that I am always learning and continuing my education throughout my entire life, so this is a great way to do that! <— post on always learning coming soon 🙂


Travel… locally! One of the things I love most about living in Vancouver is the gorgeous summer. And the best part about it is getting outdoors and exploring it! And really not just Vancouver. I am talking about beautiful British Columbia. Basically my goal is to explore as much as possible, and see places I have never traveled before. This can be applicable no matter where you live. There are so many places that we never take the time to explore and discover… so get out and travel local!


Honestly such a waste of time. I can literally think of a million better things you could do after a long day of work to wind down, that are far better for you than rotting infront of the tv. Instead of watching tv, try things like: going for a walk, meeting a friend for drinks, relaxing on a patio, going for a swim… anything! That being said I do love to relax infront of my favourite shows once and while. How I make sure it stays at a reasonable amount is only letting myself only watch 2 shows at once, and keep it to 2 episodes a week. This way I still get my TV indulgence and it is guilt-free. My favourites (both will be forever and always so don’t judge me cuz if you are a judge wudgy you can gtfo right now lol) are Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Top Gear. Yup, pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum, but thats how I roll. Diverse tastes ftw. 😉


Okay so I think by now it is obvious to you guys that I LOVE food and I LOVE cooking. If you read my blog on the reg (which you should cuz Skinny Belle is awesome if I do say so myself hehe :P) you will know I am in hot, steamy, and passionate relationship with food. I dream about it, I talk about it all the time, and I think about it when I am doing pretty much everything. The reason this is on my summer bucket list is because I want to expand my knowledge of cooking. I would like to challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone and start creating some things that are a little more complex! And obviously when they are killer recipes I will share them with you guys. Friends who eat together stay together. You feel me?!

All I can say is I am SO stoked for this summer! In my opinion it has already began, so let the fun times begin. Can’t wait to spend time having fun in the sun with the people I love most 🙂

NOW TELL ME FRIENDS! What do you guys want to do this summer? Do any of our summer plans match up or are yours way different? Comment below <3





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Hi guys! Okay so last ski photos for a while here. Today was my final day skiing up Whistler (Canada) for the season and oh my lorddddd was it great! If you can’t tell by my huge smile, I was pretty stoked about the day. But now it is time to put my skis away for a few months, and start getting my fitness on in other ways!

Do any of you have seasonal fitness preferences? Comment below! <3





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Happy Easter everyone! I spent my long weekend up in the mountains. AKA my happy place. 🙂 There is no better feeling to me than being out in the fresh mountain air, and skiing all day long.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite ways to stay motivated with my fitness. To start, it is so important to do something active that you love. It just makes things so so so much easier haha. Second, (and today’s main topic) is setting personal goals and challenges for yourself. Lately I have been challenging myself to try new things on the mountain to make sure I am always improving at what I love to do. Since I grew up downhill ski racing, I have a bit of a lazy tendency to just want to do the nice groomed runs. Why? Because I’m good at it and it comes easy to me. In my opinion, it is so important to be continuously improving at anything you do and always striving for excellence. Repeatedly doing the same thing over and over can get you into a bit of a “rut.” Your skill level will not improve, and you will become bored and uninterested with the activity because nothing new or exciting is happening (at least that happens to me lol.) I tend to be very motivated by tangible results, or visible improvements in my skill level. This is why I have been challenging myself with my skiing (and in most things I do) to make sure that I am always improving, and always striving for excellence. When you push yourself, you will usually discover that you are better at something or can do things you never even thought you could! Personal challenges in themselves are enough to keep me going up the mountain, and striving to do better. It makes things a bit more interesting, you know? 

What do you do to keep yourself motivated in your fitness routine? Setting personal goals/challenges for myself is a big one for me, and I really recommend you give it a go! Comment below to tell me your favourite way to stay motivated 🙂







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Hi guys! Hope everyone has been having a great weekend. Mine has been so busy but so awesome! Just wanted to say a quick hello today and share my latest obsession with you… the Saje nebulizer! It is basically just a thing that you put water in and it makes steam and is wonderful. My friend Leah got this for me for my birthday, and I am totally addicted right now. Each night before I go bed I put it on for an hour or so, and oh my goddd does it smell good. You can buy different aromas to put in it, which is also awesome. I obviously got the ‘stress release’ one because sometimes I am a bit stressy haha. Anyways, this is one of my nighttime rituals that I wanted to share with you guys! You can get these nebulizers (steamers? misters? all sound odd haha) at any Saje location. Definitely recommend picking one up, I love it! 

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday night friends 🙂





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The other day I found this cute top from Nicole Richie’s brand, House of Harlow. My first thought was hot damn if Nicole Richie will wear this so will I. I mean the woman is hilarious, no?! Not to mention she is such a fashion icon in a very Olsen twins-esque kind of way if you know what I mean. Okay well maybe she’s not an “icon” per-say, but she knows how to put herself together. And she seems chill. Anddddd that’s enough random rambling from me for the day.

Anyways I am getting way too excited for summer over here. One of my staples for summer is definitely ripped boyfriend jeans. They are the perfect thing to wear on those warm summer nights :). I picked up this pair the other day at Levis! I don’t normally wear Levis but go crazy right? (So wild.)

Have a great day everyone!





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Hey guyssss. So I had to share these photos with you, I thought they were so much fun! I took these last weekend at my birthday on an old school disposable camera. Truth be told, I really wanted to bring out my new Nikon that night but my elderly wisdom made me know better than to bring a brand new camera out to a party haha. Yes, my elderly wisdom. 😉 Anyways so I went to Urban Outfitters and got this super fun disposable camera that has shapes/words watermarked over each photo! So much fun I think :).

Anyways, tomorrow is Friday!! What are your Friday night plans?? I think I will go out for dinner with some friends.

Talk soon. <3





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Today is my birthday!! Here are some raw photos of me, and how I look at home. AKA sweatpants all the time. Wearing sweats and flip-flops when I am relaxing at home is literally my favourite thing haha. Now you know. 😛 I wanted to take a picture of myself this morning, to remember this day.

Different events, milestones, and special days in life are quite meaningful to me. If you havent already, check out my thoughts on Valentines Day. I think these special days, like birthdays, are such an amazing opportunity to reflect on all the great things that we have in our life. Not to mention, big days are often the times that I take a more in depth look at my goals, what I want in life, and make sure I am still taking the steps necessary to achieve my goals. That being said, goals for me are not something that just happen at New Years or birthdays. I just happen to find these dates to be a great time to reflect and make sure I am still on track. I am a continuous goal setter, so it is nice to take a step back and make sure my short term goals are still driving me towards my long term goals. Anyways… that’s enough about that for now!

Now on to the important stuff… PRESENTS!!! 😀 The beautiful camera I am holding in the photo above was my birthday present. It is now my child. I will nurture it, care for it, and give it everything it wants and more. (Until it stops taking good photos then I am totally ditching it for a better model 😛 ) Haha! But you get the point. I am super duper happy about this purchase, because it has been something I have wanted for a long time. Wasn’t quite ready to upgrade to a full frame camera (for my fellow camera nerds out there 🙂 ) but the Nikon D7100 seemed like the perfect upgrade for me right now.

Anyways, hope you are all having a great day! I really love you guys, and appreciate you hanging out with me here. It makes me so happy to be able to have this awesome community with you. <3





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So I really struggled with how/when/if I should write this one. Emotional eating is such a bad habit that so many people close to me have, and I have definitely had it worse than many. Through my many years modeling, I have learned how harmful emotional eating is for both your mind and body. Today I want to give you my honest perspective about my struggles with emotional eating, how I learned to stop, and explain further why it is a bad habit. This post is written in the spirit of encouraging you to be as happy and healthy as possible, and to maintain balance in your life. 🙂

This is about to get real… brace yourselves!! 😉

Emotional eating is what happens when you use food as a way to deal with your emotions. Typically, emotional eating happens when you are feeling stressed, sad, depressed, worried, angry, lonely or bored. Basically any strong emotion. And when you feel this emotion, your first response is to open the fridge and grab whatever is closest. This is never an apple. (Ever.) Usually it is crackers, chips, ice cream, pizza, candy, or pretty much any bad food you can think of. Essentially emotional eating is the act of using food to make yourself feel better. 

Emotional eating is the devil. It is actually the worst thing you can do for both your mind and body. Emotional eating totally makes you lose control. Which sucks, because I am a bittt of a control freak (that surprised a grand total of ZERO people lol.) 

It is a vicious cycle because you start eating a bunch of random foods in order to make yourself feel better. Then when the feeding frenzy is over, and you feel even worse than you did before. Because you stuffed yourself full of calories that you didn’t need, and there is a 99.99% chance that whatever you ate had no nutritional value whatsoever. Thus, emotional eating is a total downward spiral.

Okay I will stop pretending to be Dr. Phil now, and tell you how I stopped emotional eating. This habit for me, was bad. Like really bad. I rarely appreciated the food I hate, always ate things that were unhealthy, and hated the way I felt after eating because of my emotions. Food is amazing, and it should be appreciated like you would a first-born child. (Haha! You think I am kidding…) Anyways, my point is is that you should love and cherish the amazing things that you get it eat! Not just inhale it when you get stressed. 

Once I had decided that the habit needed to stop, I came up with a list of things to do when I was feeling stressed and wanted to eat a cake. (Anyone else ever feel like this??? Haha) Here was my “go-to” list of things to do when that emotional eating craving came on: 

1) Allow myself to have unlimited amounts of frozen fruit! Why? It is a sweet “treat” that tastes delicious and is healthy. Also, the fact that the fruit was frozen kind of forced me to take my time eating it and think about what was going on. And it tasted good. So yay. Also knowing that I could have that whenever I wanted was super comforting.

2) Get out and do something with friends. Friends are the best, I love my friends so so much. When you need an excuse to celebrate, cry, or anything really, they are the ones you should call! They always seem to know best anyways 🙂

3) Okay and maybe don’t listen to this one (probably a bad habit to form lol) but I started shopping more. I treat myself to nice clothing instead of crappy food. (Again I am admitting this isn’t the best tip for your wallet, but I like to shop and it worked for me so whatever.)

4) Take a bath! This is super comforting and relaxing to me, and helps me clear my mind. Baths are a great way to let yourself think through whatever is bothering you.

5) Do something you like to do! For me, this might be watching an episode of my favourite show, working out, going skiing, getting my nails done, or exploring the outdoors. Make yourself feel like the queen that you are. <3

If you feel physical hunger, it is so important to eat and nourish your body. That is your body’s way of telling you it needs nourishment! Physical hunger comes on gradually, whereas emotional hunger hits you suddenly. You will also crave better foods when you are physically hungry, instead of the instant gratification that junk food gives you.

I am by no means a doctor, and just wanted to share with you what works for me. This post came about because I have lots of friends who struggle with emotional eating, and I wanted to share what had helped me make sure I am making healthy choices. Please do your own research, and find out what works best for you. 

And remember, we only get one body… so treat it well! <3





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This morning I was looking back at some old photos and stumbled across these, which were taken in Kelowna last summer. My blog is seeming so wintery lately, so I wanted to bring a little more “warmth” back into it with these throwback pics. 🙂

If I could turn back the clock right now and have this beautiful sun again, I would be the happiest girl on earth. Or just hop on a plane to Mexico, that would also help. Actually who am I kidding, beaches and beer are basically the cure for everything. 😉 hehe. Mexico trip anyone?!

I knowwww I just posted about how much I love skiing, and it is honestly my favourite sport! But today for whatever reason I am really craving shorts and a t-shirt, and some nice warm weather.

Considering I am a ginger and all (I am finally able to admit that I MIGHT not be blonde…. but don’t push it. I have hair-identity issues 😉 ) I have a serious love affair going on with the sun. It makes me feel good, it looks pretty, and it doesn’t say much. What else does a girl need?! Kiddingggggg……. 

Just wanted to say a quick hello for today! Hope you guys are having a good week. Love ya <3





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Valentines Day!!! One of my favourite holidays. 🙂 I can literally hear you rolling your eyes as I am typing this. (Literally.) Let me finish, would you! Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on Valentines Day, and why I love it. Lots of people find this holiday stressful, sad, or depressing. My perspective? It is a day where you can do something out of the ordinary, something special, to show how much you care. Now this doesn’t even necessarily have to be for a significant other! It can be for yourself, your bestie, your mom, your dad, your dog, your family, or the Pope. Well, probably not the Pope but you get what I am trying to say.

Valentines Day is such a perfect opportunity to appreciate all the amazing people we have in our lives, by doing something special for one another. For example, two of my friends have this ADORABLE tradition, where every Valentines Day they go together and buy discount chocolate together. Then they eat their treats together, and just hang out. This seems so silly, but I seriously think its the cutest thing ever. They take the time out of a day (when they otherwise wouldn’t have,) to spend time together and do something silly and special.

For me, I just want to make that special person feel extra loved on Valentines Day and show them how much I appreciate them. So whether you are spending Valentines Day with your family, friends, girlfriends, dog, significant other, or the Pope, make sure you do something special for them. After all, it will make them feel great, and you will feel even better. 🙂