10:07 | October 17, 2017



Get that 🍑 LIT

YAAAASSSS! Obsessed with this workout. 💪🏻

This is one of my absolute favourite workouts to do to keep my abs and booty TIGHT AF! 💯

Designed by Braden Touche, head trainer at Four Seasons Vancouver, this workout can be done all at home with no equipment. We used some extra weight and resistance in this video, but it can be done either way. 😊

The best way to do this workout is to pause the video on the move description after watching the demo. If you hit up🎥MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL🎥you can see detailed instructions with clickable links to the right part of the video.

If you want to do the workout right from Skinny Belle (aka here 🤓), you can find the instructions written out below:

Single Leg Bridge
– Lie down with your heel close to your booty
– With one leg in the air, press into your foot on the ground and raise dat ass up into a bridge
25 reps, 2x

Curtsy Lunge to Squat 
– Step one foot behind and across the other and lower into a lunge
– Step back into a regular squat (make sure you engage the core the whole time, ur bod will be lit)
15 reps, 2x

Bungee Kick 
– Raise one leg up and over across your midline
– Keep the rest of your body totally still
30 reps, 2x

Bicycle Crunch 
– Start in a V-sit, engage those abs
– Bring one knee and the opposite elbow together, do the other side
– Reach up and try and touch your toes
20 reps, 2x

Leg Raises
– Put your hands under your booty to keep this move slow and controlled
– Raise legs, at the top, lift your bum off the floor
15 reps, 2x

Plank Claps 
– Grab your bestie and get into two plank
– High five eachother a bunch of times
1 minute! Challenge yourself to see how long you can go for 🙂

Hope you love this workout as much as I do! 😁If you try it at home, send me a message! I want to know your thoughts and feedback. 💌

Thank you to James Manzano for the dope edit! 🎥




5:17 | January 30, 2017



Top/bottoms: Billabong

Longboarding today! Got out there in some pretty savage waves/wind to do some surfing. Definitely was far from my best day on the water (like, the farthest), but it was still awesome to get out there for a little bit.

Enjoying our resort in the Ko Olina area today and relaxing for the remainder of the day! Have some super cute beach looks coming for you guys soon <3


9:04 | January 8, 2017






Another beautiful day at Whistler Blackcomb 

Give me any choice in the world as to how I spend my free time? Chances are, this is it. I am 100% that person who is in bed before 10 pm on a Friday night so I can get up early and go skiing the next morning (I like to party, what can I say ?) It’s all about priorities and making the time to do what you love. After all, what on earth is the point if we can’t do the things we love in life? #realtalk

So make sure you take the time to do what you love, whatever that may be. The world will be a happier place for it.

On another note, lately I have had a badddd case of the travel bug. It has been far too long since I’ve gone on an adventure, so I am stoked to say that I have a few trips planned this month! Will be going to London this week (already preparing my English accent to annoy all the locals), and 2 weeks from now HAWAII!!!! Surfing all day every day? Yes please. All about it. Thinking about buying a new GoPro for that trip so I can take some gangster surfing pics. (lol) We will see.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Happy Sunday 🙂



8:18 | October 9, 2015




Robyn-Gummer (13 of 14)

Robyn-Gummer (6 of 14)

A bit of motivation to get your butt in shape for fall!

Today we are talking about how to not completely let ourselves go in the fall. Lets be real here. I need this post, you need this post, we all freakin’ need this post. It’s that time of year when our overzealous pre-summer fitness goals have long been abandoned, and exchanged for way too much comfort food and Netflix. (<– real talk.)

Ladies, let’s get it together. Just because the temperatures are dropping and it is getting ever rainier, does not give us an excuse to stop all exercise and starting eating like crazy! It is so important to maintain a healthy body and mind year round, and not have an annual “get skinny for the beach” panic attack a month before summer starts. We should feel like we are at our best, always.

Alrighty, so how can we make sure we stay active for fall? Below are my favourite tips!



Get a girlfriend and schedule a gym date together, every week. The buddy system is SO KEY to making sure you go do your workout. It is way harder to say no and ditch someone than it is to quietly tell yourself as you inhale a pie that “it’s okay, you can go workout tomorrow instead….” So, gym buddy. Get one, and stick together like glue!


Even though I am a bigggg fan of being in the outdoors to get my exercise (hence the photos above lol), there are just too many rainy and gloomy days in the fall for me to realistically expect myself to go for walks and jogs every day. It just ain’t happening. So, pick an indoor activity to do! For example: spinning, yoga, pilates, or even kickboxing! All great ways to stay sheltered from this fall weather & still get your fitness on. And obviously when the sun is shining get outside and enjoy it!


Invest in some new workout gear! This is so simple, but ohhh so effective. There is no feeling like rollin’ into the gym like you own the place in your new sneaks. LOL! I am serious. It makes me feel like such a boss. So go out and get yourself a cute new little workout outfit. Who knows, maybe you will catch the eye of the hottie to your left on the treadmill 😉


I have talked about goal setting before and how it can be a great motivator with your fitness! And this is no exception. Make your workouts a challenge for yourself, and see how much you can accomplish. If you set a goal for yourself and have an actual objective to work towards, you will be so much more motivated!


Okay so once you set those goals, and achieve them…. Treat yo-self!!! Buy yourself those shoes you have been wanting for a few months. Cuz babes, you deserve it. Believe me you will feel even more fab when you strut around in those new boots when you know you have earned them!


So guys, those are my favourite tips to stay active in the fall! Just remember it is all about feeling good all year round. You will be happier and healthier for it… promise! 🙂

Okay so now I am going to go practice what I preach… and get my pilates on! What are you guys going to do to stay fit for fall? Comment below, the more inspo the better! <3

Lots of love.





5:00 | September 23, 2015



SkinnyBelle (2 of 7)

SkinnyBelle (1 of 7)


Not going to lie, this hike was cold. Like it was frickin freezing you guys. Think 35 km/hr winds + 4 degrees celcius, at the highest point on Whistler Mountain. But, alas, we did it. Because sometimes you just need to get out there and kick butt

This post is directly related my other post on “just doing it.” Sometimes the weather isn’t great, and you don’t really feel like going out and getting active. But if you suck it up and get out there, chances are you will never regret it. You will also probably feel like a champ. Kind of like I did after we conquered this savage day.(<— get ready for a “how to stay healthy in the fall” post coming your way soon.)

Moral of the story? Get your ass off the couch and get active! It will keep your mind and body feeling great. So… JUST DO IT!





12:37 | July 26, 2015



Skinny-Belle (3 of 8)


Skinny-Belle (4 of 8)

Skinny-Belle (2 of 8)


Happy Sunday everyone!! Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend. 

These photos are from a beauuuutiful hike I did the other day in Vancouver. Just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello, because I am busy doing old-people things like laundry today. Like, I am not sure you guys understand how much laundry is going on right now. Girl needs to get it together and start doing laundry on a regular basis. Literally what I do is just keep buying new clothes because I am too lazy/hate doing laundry. Hahah yup. I wish I was kidding. #responsibility #adulthood 

ANYWAYS, I will be over here up to my eyes in laundry. Hope your Sunday is a lot more exciting than mine right now! (Slash give me tips on how I never have to do laundry ever again cuz it sucks lol)






1:00 | July 8, 2015



Skinny-Belle (3 of 13)

Skinny-Belle (7 of 13)

Skinny-Belle (5 of 13)

Skinny-Belle (4 of 13)



LOOK AT IT. I can’t even. So freaking beautiful.

It wasn’t necessarily the most challenging hike I have done in my life, but HEY. Still counts. The hike up to Cheakamus Lake was about 16km round trip, which sounds impressive but the elevation was not very high so it was easy peasy.

Also I got new hiking boots. I swear to god hikers in Vancouver are so judgey. Try wearing your gym Nike’s on a hike. JUST TRY IT. I dare you. I guarantee some elitist hiker (or whatever you call that breed) will publicly shame you for your inappropriate choice of footwear. This totally happened to me on the last hike I went on to Garibaldi Lake. LOL. Alas, the peer pressure got to me and I went out and got myself the best pair of hiking boots I could find. It feels like I am in some sort of awesome secret club now. Every hiker who I pass gives me a head nod of approval/understanding/RESPECT. Cuz im in the club. And I look legit. And damn straight I give them a nod right back. Because I am IN. 

So I was feeling pretty legit. That was, until I went swimming. HOW COULD I NOT?! Look at the water! After my beautiful and relaxing glacial-water swim (it totally wasn’t relaxing it was fucking freezing) I realized we needed to get going and didn’t want to be hiking for 8km in wet clothing. Soooo I just ended up wearing my sports bra and swim-bottoms for the hike down.

Ya not awkward at all when you pass someone and they are staring at your backside. I like to imagine I looked like a super badass amazon woman who had just fought a black bear or something. Probably was not the case, but I am going to go ahead and continue letting myself think that. (<– Insert a mil crying/laughing emoticons here. I hate that I can’t use emoticons here. The interwebs isn’t letting me live my life!!! Maybe its for the best lol cuz this whole post would just be a range of emoticons, similar to my texting conversations hehe.)

Have any of you guys done any sweet hikes lately? Any good recommendations for me? (Worldwide please!! I am getting a big list of places I want to hike going 🙂 )





1:00 | May 26, 2015











What a beautiful day!! This weekend some friends and I hiked up to Garibaldi Lake near Whistler, BC. It was a phenomenal hike and such a great way to spend a Sunday. The hike was 5 hrs total (about 18 km) and definitely hit my list of “most beautiful places” I have ever seen. There really is no comparison to being way up in the mountains at a gorgeous lake! The air is fresher, the trees are greener, and we were all literally squealing with happiness when we got to the top haha. If you guys can’t already tell, I like to spend my free time either skiing down mountains or climbing up them. 🙂

Hiking is a great way to stay fit, because you can do it with friends! Doing something as a group is such a good motivator to get outside. Literally on the morning we were going to do this hike I was in bed all like “uhgggg it’s cloudy, should I even go up?” But I was en-route to meet friends so I had to move my ass out of bed and get going! Group motivation, works every time. Or peer pressure… lol that works too.

Hiking is a relatively (I say relatively cuz the way down can be rough) low-impact activity which is super beneficial for those of you who have bad knees/hips like I do. And the scenery makes the trip SO worth it. I mean come on!! Would you look at that view?! Gahhhhh I can’t even you guys. Full on white-girl “can’t even.” Lol. Okay that’s enough out of me for one day.

Get outside and get moving!! Summer is here!





1:00 | March 4, 2015








Another beauty day up the mountain here in Whistler Blackcomb! Just loving all this sun lately :). I am always in such a great mood when it is sunny. Sometimes I really think I should move to California, so I can get sun year round. But the major flaw with that is the lack of mountains to ski on :(. So it looks like it will be Canada for me for a while longer! These photos were taken off the side of a run on 7th Heaven up on Blackcomb, one of my favourite spots to ski for sure.

This week has been crazy busy on my end, I have been prepping lots of awesome stuff for you guys! Today my plan is to just chill out a little bit, and get a good workout in at some point. Hope you are all having a fun week so far! 






1:00 | February 24, 2015







… when you REALLY don’t want to. If We are all being honest with ourselves, there are just those days when the last thing on earth you want to do is get some exercise. Yup, the very last thing. When I am in one of those moods (happens more often than I would like to admit) I have a few ways that I motivate myself to get my butt off the couch and do something good for my body.

Without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Ways to Get Yourself to Workout:

1) Go look at Izabel Goulart’s Instagram account. Watch a few of her workout clips, and you will basically jump right up and do your own workout. (She is PHENOMENAL.)

2) Do something fun! Instead of going to the gym, do something a little bit different. For example, swimming, hiking, rollerblading, a Skinny Belle workout.

3) Call a friend. And not the friend who is going to tell you that you guys should order Dominos ASAP and watch Gossip Girl re-runs. Call your most motivated gym friend and do something together! The buddy system is crazy effective.

4) Think of this… the only workout anyone ever regrets is the one that they didn’t do. (<– real talk.)

5) Take a look at that pair of skinny jeans you bought last year a size too small as “motivation jeans.” Go out and get those skinny jeans, girl.

6) Just do an easy workout! If you really are not feeling it, it is always better to do something than nothing at all. I totally change my workout based on how I feel that day. If I have lots of energy, I will do a big workout! If not I do something light and relaxing.

7) Listen to some pump up music! I usually search “girl power” on 8tracks and that gets me all fired up and Beyonce-like. Haha, don’t judge. It works.

8) Plan what you will reward yourself with after your workout! Not with cake, leave the cake alone. Try an episode of your favourite show, or a nice hot bath!

9) Go watch this video of the Under Armour women’s campaign with Gisele. So so motivating. #iwillwhatiwant

10) Appreciate the fact that you have the privilege of a wonderful body that can do amazing things like run, jump, and feel the wind in your hair. Seriously, I am so thankful for my health. Just think, how lucky you are to be able to do these things! We only get one body, so be good to it and treat it well.

 This Top 10 list really does work for me. It is highly rewarding to be able to get yourself to do something that you don’t necessarily want to in that moment. Now I want to know… what is your favourite tip from this list?! Which are you going to use next time you are feeling like sitting on the couch and not getting outside?