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Meet the first ever shiteous iPhone pic that graces my blog. Had a cute video to post, but NOOOOOO. WordPress is a fickle bitch sometimes. 😒

KK moving right along from my rage at WordPress to happier things…

SUPER stoked on this Kylie Cosmetics giveaway I’m hosting. Mostly because I low key wanted to keep this all for myself. And because I would legit be using it like daily… but this girl defs has more than enough makeup right now so I figured I would give away a Kylie Cosmetics 4 pack of Velvet Liquid Lipsticks!

This box was a limited edition run made just for Top Shop, and the colours are SO DOPE.

Here’s what they look like:


1) Subscribe & turn on notifications for Skinny Belle Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUI4T7riAxLPSV4htxMFLqw?sub_confirmation=1

2) Follow Skinny Belle – The Podcast on Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/skinnybelle

3) Comment “done” on this instagram post –https://www.instagram.com/p/BcoGIopgX9R/?taken-by=robynkimb

Good luck!!

***Contest open to USA and Canada only! Ends Dec 20th 😄

I think this exciting contest has officially cured me of my WordPress related rage. 😜





2:51 | November 27, 2017



Just posted on Youtube!

Hey everyone! It’s been kind of quiet here this week, eh. I took a bit of a break for Thanksgiving, and I’ve been traveling this week for family things from LA –> Illinois –> Wisconsin –> Illinois. Right now we are back in Chicago, and going to spend the next two days here.

Super stoked to explore Chicago, have never been before and I’ve heard fantastic things. Deep dish pizza is going to be in and around my mouth today. 😩🍕 I am going to look like that 5 year old kid eating an ice cream cone with half the cone just all over her face 😂 Can’t. Wait. 👌🏻

Anywho, while I am exploring Chicago today, I put together this video where I share my best budget beauty hacks. The most powerful one I share costs $0… Yeah. That’s right, $0.

The reason this video is so great is I am someone who does spend a significant chunk of money on high quality beauty products. That being said, if something is expensive just for the sake of being expensive… I won’t buy it. When I use budget friendly products, it is only because I truly believe that product does the best job.

So, check out Skinny Belle Youtube, if you like, subscribe and share! 💞


If you are strapped for time, I have linked all products mentioned below.

Product links:

Makeup remover wipes

Sephora Pore Cleaner

Mac Prep & Prime Fix+

Rimmel Clear Eyebrow Gel

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil




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Uhhhhh so this stuff is actually really good 😅

Okay today I tried out Kylie Jenner’s Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the shade, ‘Surprise Me‘ for the very first time. 😄

Have to say, Kylie knows her shit when it comes to making your lips look HUUGEEEE. Which I am all about these days. 💋

In this video I unbox the Kylie Jenner Velvet Liquid Lipstick (as it arrived), give my first thoughts, and final buy or run-for-the-hills review!

*Hint: I actually freakin’ loved the velvet lipsticks. It went on so easy, and made my lips look luscious AF.

Okay, if you want to hear my wholeeee review, click here to visit the Skinny Belle Youtube channel! 😘




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This one is good guys. It’s PACKED with amaze-balls tips 🔮

Okay if you can’t tell from the cover of this vid, I am freaking STOKED on this tutorial! 😄

To do this video, I brought in my celebrity makeup artist friend Jen Tioseco. This girl, is big time. She is Patrick Ta’s main assistant, she’s worked on all the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens, Sophia Ritchie…. basically all the celebs. ⭐️

Jen and I actually met on a photoshoot when I was 15 years old modeling. This year, we reconnected through a mutual friend after 10 years! It’s been so much fun doing glam with her and I knew I haddddddd to bring her on Skinny Belle and get her to share all her major PRO-TIPS with you.💅🏻💄💋


Sound the alarm🚨, because this video is so valuable it will legit change your pre-makeup routine forever.

I promise you that.

It has definitely upped my makeup-prep routine. 🙌🏻

Highly recommend watching all the way through, we go over detailed steps on prepping your skin for makeup like a celebrity!

Here are the linked time marks to Youtube, and all the products + steps we go over in the vid:


1) Moisturize

ALWAYS, moisturize before foundation. Good skin care is KEY to having your makeup look good! We used the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.


2) Facial Massage

Helps drain excessive fluid and puffiness out of the face. When you do a facial massage, always massage upwards and outwards, focusing on the contours of the face. This really helps those cheekbones pop and gives a nice brow lift! When you are finished massaging the face, massage the neck downs towards the heart to finishing draining all the fluid!

Ballin option – Orobar

Budget option – Get one like this on Amazon


3) Under Eye Cream

Helps the concealer + eyeshadow from creasing. Today we used the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream.


4) Lip Balm

Moisturize your lips at the beginning so they are not dry and gross by the time you get to painting them up 😉 I legit just used Vaseline lol.


5) Eye Jellies

Helps pick up any eyeshadow that drops down, firms, tones, and de-puffs. The SKYN Iceland brand makes the best ones in my opinion!

This routine, is GOLD! 💯 Seriously never not doing this again before I glam. It makes a world of difference.

Like this vid? Make sure you subscribe, give it a thumbs up, and share with your friends! After all, us gals gotta all look snatched together. 😉




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Skinny Belle (1 of 4)

Skinny Belle (3 of 4)-2

Skinny Belle (2 of 4)

Want your longer and thicker hair? Try Roots!

If you are a person who I have come into contact with sometime over that past month, there is a 98% chance that I have forcefully told you about this product. ROOTS. It is in my hair while I write this post. It is the best beauty product that has come into my life since… well…. my god I don’t even know. I CANT EVEN.

Okay let me slow down and start from the beginning. One weekend I was visiting a girlfriend in Los Gatos, California. It had been a few months since I had seen this friend, and last time I saw her she had a short bob haircut. When I saw her this time, her hair was long, wavy, and STUNNING. I was like HOW did this happen so quickly?! My hair grows insanely slow so naturally I was super impressed. She comes to tell me that she started using this miracle working product called “Roots” from Lush a few months ago, and has it to thank for her newly found beautiful long locks.

I basically ran home and bought out every bottle from the closest Lush to my house. (Wish I was kidding.) But this stuff really works. It has been about 3 months now that I have been using Roots, and my hair has grown significantly faster than normal and has more volume. When I went to see my hairdresser (who normally comments on how thin my hair is lol) he was SO impressed with how quickly it had grown.

How does it work?

You need to do the treatment 2 – 3 times a week.

Step 1: Section your hair into small parts and apply it RIGHT to the scalp. Not the hair, the scalp. Cover your entire head and massage it in.

Step 2: Let the treatment sit for a full 30 minutes. (They recommend 20 but I do 30 because I want to get the maximum benefit.)

Step 3: Shampoo and condition as normal.

I am a very results driven person, and this has shown me tangible results after just two months. But consistency is key here. If you just use Roots a few times sporadically, chances are it won’t work very well. It needs to happen twice a week before you shower (and you should not be washing your hair more than 3 times a week anyways.)

SO. Basically what I am saying is you need to try this product if you want your hair to grow faster. Trust me on this one, it works.




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Skinny-Belle-Blogger (1 of 7)

Skinny-Belle-Blogger (5 of 7)

Skinny-Belle-Blogger (6 of 7)

Skinny-Belle-Blogger (7 of 7)

My fave anti-aging and smoothing eye mask by Sephora!

These little under-eye masks work wonders. My mom was over last time I used them, and after I took them off she literally said “oh my god those things actually work! All your wrinkles are gone!.” That sounds like some sort of terrible corporate ad or something but it’s true lol, she legit said that.

I love using these if I feel like my skin is tired and dry, because they really do perk your face right up. They are also great to use right before going out because you will look fresh AF.

You can pick these up for yourself at Sephora. They make a bunch of different kinds but my favourite is definitely the “Anti-Aging and Smoothing Orchid Eye Mask.” Each pair is $6, which considering the immediate results, is not bad at all.

Have you tried these before? Thoughts?? Comment below! <3





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A simple way to get a beautiful dewy makeup look!

Meet my latest makeup obsession, MAC Prep + Prime Fix+. This stuff is the BEST. It will give you a beautiful dewy finish on your already fab makeup look. Plus, it helps hold your makeup in place and not get all creasy and crusty throughout the day. (Nasty.)

Ever feel like you finish powdering, bronzing, and countering and your face just looks SO dry? Well MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix+ will take that dry powdery look down a notch and make your skin look glowy, youthful, and dewy. Like I said, totally obsessed.

How do you use it?

Step 1: After you wash and moisturize your face, hold the spray a foot or so away from your face and give it a few light spritzes.

Step 2: Do your makeup like the bad bitch you are.

Step 3: After you finish your makeup, holding the Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ a foot away from your face, give it another two sprays and wait for it to dry.

And voila! Beautiful dewy skin.

This has honestly changed the makeup game for me. My skin is fairly dry so I frequently use this mid-day to add some extra moisture to my face and refresh it. Having a clean dewy face is the perfect look for summer, and is much more natural in my opinion. 😁

What do you guys think? Have you tried this yet? Comment below!






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This dry shampoo is literally everything.

Do you remember my post on why you should NOT wash your hair every day? (Or every other day….?) If you don’t, click here to check it out. Basically when you have long or medium length hair, it is absolutely horrible for you to wash it on a daily basis. The ends of your hair will get dry and brittle and your split ends will be out of control. Read this post to learn more about not washing your hair on the daily.

So how do I get away with being nasty and only washing my hair 2 times a week? Dry shampoo. I do not go on any trips without this coming along with me. It is literally a lifesaver. Not only does using dry shampoo help you not wash your hair for a few days, but it also is a major timesaver if you are running late for an event and don’t have time to shower/dry your hair/style it. So gross, but SO useful haha.

Where can you get it?

I bought both my travel size and my large bottle (see, total addict haha) at Sephora.

How do you use it?

Step 1: Brush your nasty-ass hair.

Step 2: Section off long horizontal areas starting at the bottom of your scalp near your neck.

Step 3: Holding the dry shampoo a few inches away from your head, spray the roots of your hair.

Step 4: Continue around your entire head spraying the roots of these sections. Use as little or as much as you need. Sometimes I just do a tiny bit to give me hair a little more volume, other times I go nuts and put that shit everywhere. Depends on how gross your hair is lol 😂

Step 5: Don’t touch your hair for about a minute. Let the dry shampoo do it’s thing. Then, take your brush and brush through everything and be amazed at how fab your hair looks.

BOOM. Major life-hack right here. You’re welcome. 😜

Do any of you guys have dry shampoo brands you prefer? Anyone already do this? Comment below! 💕





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Skinny-Belle (1 of 1)

The newest addition to my skin-care routine <3

Everyone, meet me latest skin obsession: Vitamin E-Oil.

I am determined to do everything in my power to keep my skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible (the natural way.) This means major prevention measures. Nobody wants to wake up one day and wonder when the hell their face got wrinkly. You have got to start thinking about this stuff NOW. It is so much easier to prevent an unpleasant situation that to already be in one and try and get out of it. For all things in life haha. But especially when it comes to the health of your skin. 

Have I got you panicking yet? Haha! Welcome to what goes on inside my brain every day. It’s okay friends, I am here with my verging-on-obsessive determination to keep my skin young, and am more than happy to share my fave tips and tricks here with you!

So, I did some research and found yet another way to maintain and boost my skin’s health. Needless to say, Vitamin-E Oil has definitely been added to my weekly skincare routine.

Here is why I am obsessed:

  • Blocks the formation of wrinkles!!
  • Treats existing wrinkles by boosting collagen production!!!
  • Reverses sun damage and decrease the appearance of sun spots!!!!
  • Diminish the look of stretch marks!!!!!
  • (!!!!!!) 😁 <– exciting stuff right?!

So how do I use my Vitamin E-Oil?

Well, it is a super thick oil so I mix it 50/50 with my regular face cream to make a homemade night cream. E-Oil is definitely not something you want on your face in the daytime. Way too much shine going on. Your face would look like a shiny Christmas bobble or something equally unappealing. So yes, nighttime only.

Also, Vitamin E-Oil is great to put on your cuticles before bed to hydrate them while you sleep. Yes yes yes. All good things. 

I ordered my Vitamin E-Oil on Amazon. Make sure whichever you order is pure E-Oil, and doesn’t have any rando fillers in it. This one here is really good. 

Make sure you check out the “Beauty” section here on Skinny Belle to get all my other skincare tips! They are the bomb, if I do say so myself. 😉

So have any of you used Vitamin E-Oil before? What do you think? Comment below babes! 💕





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Skinny-Belle (1 of 3-size)

Skinny-Belle (2 of 3-size)


Meet my dirty little secret to keeping my pores clean.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are honestly the shit. For the majority of my skin care routine, I am all about using the most natural products possible that are not processed in any way. Think: Coffee Scrub, Vanilla Sugar Scrub, and the Lush Face Mask that I love to use. Biore does not exactly fit in the “natural” category, but holy god does it ever work.

You put these magical little strips on your nose for about 15 minutes, and then slowly peel them off. It legit pulls all the crap in your pores out, and you will feel like you somehow instantly lost 10 pounds (<– I dunno try it for yourself haha.) Your nose will be so smooth, and so fresh. I am secretly super addicted to doing these… like, verging on way to excited every time I pull them out lol.

The best part? You can pick these up at any drugstore for about $8. All kinds of winning if you ask me.

Now you know my dirty little secret! But it’s okay, because now we will both have clean pores. 😛