As a model, there is a type of photoshoot you do every once and a while called a “creative” or a “test.” Basically what this means is just a photoshoot that isn’t for a brand, where the makeup artist, photographer, and model all hopefully use the photos to build their portfolio. Wanted to share some fresh creative shots from a shoot I did the other day in LA!

It’s funny because when I first started modeling (wayyyy back in the day when I was 15) I HATED when makeup artists didn’t use mascara on me. Always thought my eyes looked so weird without black eyelashes. Now I feel the complete opposite! I finally love the way I look without mascara, and am happy to shoot with none at all 🙂

Maybe that comes along with the fact that I am getting older or I’ve just given up and accepted myself as-is. 😂

Anywho, no vlog in today’s post! Just wanted to share some fun new shots with you. And on that note… need to go edit my next video!

Talk soon xx.

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