1:34 | May 8, 2018



Drive with me from Jaco –> Manuel Antonio!


For real tho, the other driving we’ve done this trip (Tamarindo –> Santa Teresa) was roughhhh. We are talking zero pavement, driving through river beds, the whole nine yards. Very Indiana Jones.

Anywho, in this travel vlog we drove from Jaco to Manuel Antonio! Ohhh myyyy gosh was I ever happy to GTFO of Jaco. Our last night was beyond brutal, there was legit sewage flowing into our room at midnight…


I. Can’t. Even. 😭

So yeah, I was happy to hightail outta that place, and head on to our boujee AirBnb in Manuel Antonio! ALREADY SO IN LOVE!!

Check out the video above to see what I mean, and make sure to give it a thumbs up ON YOUTUBE!

Hope you enjoy!!




2:33 | May 4, 2018



I really really really wish this was clickbait.

But unfortunately, I was indeed catfished into staying at the biggest party hostel in Jaco, Costa Rica this week.

First off, WHY THE F IS A PARTY HOSTEL ON AIRBNB?! Like, why. 😫

Second, I could kiiiiind of tell it wasn’t going to be our vibe (aka chic and chill and QUIET) when I booked but the pickins were especially slim in Jaco so I had to go ahead and do it.

Anyways, sleep has been on a minimum since arriving in Jaco as our “luxury room” is immediately next to the pool bar. 🙄

This hostel (Selina) would actually be pretty dope if I was not a grandma👵🏻and interested in going out every night. In college, I likely would have been all about this place.

But now, my body is a TEMPLE (lol kind of ) and I am trying to keep wrinkles at a minimum. Partying does not help that situation. 😂 Also, Troy works every morning at 7. Soooooo not super ideal for us.

What I am trying to say is Selina Jaco (there is a huge chain of Selina hostels, and the one that we saw in Santa Teresa was sooo chill! Not like this at all.) should 150% not be allowed to even be posted on AirBnb. You see, AirBnb posts select boutique hotels and private homes. This place definitely isn’t under that category lol.

Anywho, we have a pretty savage AirBnb review coming their way, mostly because it’s not an appropriate posting to be on the platform. As I write this people are “wooooooing” like is spring break 2005 from the pool outside our room.


LOL. Im seriously so old. Listen to me. 😂

But anyways, tomorrow we leave for Manuel Antonio (!!!!!) AND IM SO FING EXCITED. YOU KNOW WHY??


Girl is on a sloth hunt, I swear. If I don’t see one I will be crushed.

Anyways, about to put in my ear plugs so I can get a few winks tonight.



3:56 | May 1, 2018



Why I am in Costa Rica, and what it’s like to date across boarders.

Okayyyyyy so I was hella nervous to tell this story. Not entirely sure why since I am just explaining how I followed the rules like a good girl.


It took a bit of courage to hit upload on this one for some reason haha. 🙈

So pretty please with cherries on top, head over to my Youtube Channel and leave a like + comment on this video!

This was a bit of a different style of video for me, and I really feel like it’s my best one yet. 💪🏻

First, I shared the FULL story behind my Costa Rica trip and the unique challenges associated with being in a cross-boarder relationship. (I’m Canadian, and my boyfriend is American.) I know other people have experienced similar things when dating between different countries, and it’s so rarely talked about! So I wanted to be the one to do it. Naturally. 😉

Second, this is also a vlog from our day spent in Montezuma, Costa Rica. I really liked Montezuma (even though it was small and super hippie lol) and wanted to share the experience with you.

So yeah!

Watch the video above to learn about what it’s like to be a Canadian dating an American. And how we have figured out how to spend more than 182 days together at a time.

Thanks for being here! Love you to the moon and back. ❤




9:33 | April 27, 2018



Date Night Makeup Tutorial for a special milestone!

Well lookie here friends! Troy and I have been dating for a year! 💞

This little milestone definitely called for a glam tutorial dedicated to the occasion. I mean, the man has put up with my sh*t for an entire year, the very least I could do was look cute for our date. LOL. Kidding… kind of/sort of/not really. 😜

Troy if you are reading this (I honestly don’t know if he reads my blog LOL) you’re the best. And I love you very much. ❤

ANYWHO (I won’t bore you with gushy stuff), this glam was done with just a few products, because I am working with a small portion of my makeup kit while traveling here in Costa Rica. And carrying around the small amount of makeup I brought honestly still feels like way too much. It gets so heavy!!

So I was kind of forced to design this look with just a few products. And, I wanted to make it easy so that you can do it at home as well. In all my makeup tutorials I really try and clearly explain my steps, so that you can get the same result!

Does it help?? Have you recreated one of my looks? Or, used any of the tips and are now obsessed? TELLLLL MEEEE!!! I would legit be shook if you sent me a pic recreating one of my looks. SHOOK TO THE CORE. So pls do 🙂 robyn@skinnybelle.com. Or just slide into my insta dms. You know how it isssss.


Today is officially the last day of our two weeks in Santa Teresa, and we are moving on to Montezuma tomorrow! Then to Jaco. Going to be a busy weekend cuz I will be VLOGGING DA WHOLE THINGGGGG (love vlogs, they are so fun) and we will be moving around lots. Can’t wait to see the next AirBnb we have booked, it has MAJOR jungle treehouse vibes.







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4:08 | April 24, 2018



Santa Teresa, Costa Rica vlog + a BIG travel update

It has been a hot minute since I have updated you with our travel plans. Things have significantly changed since we first arrived in Costa Rica.

Let me explain.

The original plan was to find an apartment/AirBnb we really like here in Costa Rica and just stay put for a few months. Once we’ve been here for a few weeks, this has changed……

Annnnnnd you’re gonna have to watch the video above for the juicy details on Troy and I’s travel plans. 😉

Yes, I’m that person muahahah. 😈

Hope you are having a great Tuesday! Let’s smash our goals this week together 💪🏻






1:50 | April 20, 2018



How to get perfect eyebrows!

This video was created due to popular request…. LOL. I feel like people always say that when nobody actually requested anything. But, in this situation it seems people are very interested in how I do my eyebrows lol. And it just so happens that I have LOTS of wisdom to share on the subtle art that is eyebrows.

This video was 45 mins long, and I condensed it into 6 minutes of goodness for your viewing pleasure.

***A quick little rant before we get started here***

One thing that has been driving me NUTS, like totally bonkers, lately is how there’s this trend of big time makeup artists doing brows FIRST.


It. Is. So. WRONG.

I had a rather ragey bit in this video that took up about 2 minutes where I went deep into why it should be illegal to do your brows first, but it took up too much time so I had to cut it in editing lol.

But alas, I WILL BE HEARD!

Let me explain why it makes NO SENSE AT ALL to do your brows first when glamming.

  1. When putting on foundation, you will move them or get foundation on them and mess them up.
  2. When concealing, the same as above.
  3. When blending, the same as above.
  4. And after you’ ve messed them up by doing steps 1 – 3, you will have to re-do them in the end anyways.

WHICH IS WHY, my brows, will always and forever be done LAST! After I’m finished with the other 6 million steps it takes to get this girl looking beat.

Phew, already feeling better now that I have gotten this out on the internet. It was necessary. Can’t be having you thinking it’s okay to start glam with your brows. The thought of it causes me severe anxiety. 💀 (<– that’s me, ded from brow anxiety.)

I need a prosecco now to recover from this traumatic experience we’ve just had here.

LOL. I kid.

But I really do feel very strongly confused at why anyone would ever do brows first.

***RANT OVER*** (and far too liberal use of caps lock in this post, apologies)

SO yeah. Back to my video and the awesome contents of said video…

I shared the BEST tips and tricks on how to get natural, bombbbbdiggity lookin’ brows in this tutorial! Some VERY REAL pro tips in here that are easy to integrate into your makeup routine.

Oh one more thing… I only used 2 PRODUCTS. Yeah, it’s actually a pretty practical and useful tutorial if I do say so myself in my entirely biased opinion. 😇

This blog just got outta hand so quick lol! Ya girl is fired up rn with all this talk of starting glam with brows.

hahahah im crazy.

That’s enough outta me tonight. 🤡

Talk soon.




5:46 | April 17, 2018



Join me in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

I was so happy to vlog this because it is my first day BACK FROM HAVING THE FLU!!!

There is no better feeling in the world than coming back to health after being sick. Because there is also nothing worse than being stuck in bed, feeling poppy, and being HELLA BORED. Like, the most bored of all time.


(Yes, the dramatics are necessary.)

You can imagine the joy of being able to leave the house.

Anywho, Santa Teresa is pretty great! Today’s vlog shares my favourite lunch spot (shocker, foodie stuffs 😉 ), a cool surf competition, some adventuring, and fun times in the pool at our AirBnb!

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Let’s talk about something that hasn’t really been formally addressed here. You’ve probably noticed a lot more videos and less photos lately on Skinny Belle.


But for reals, figured I would share wtf is up with all the videos and lack of other content here.

Videos feel like a much more personal way that we can connect with one another. I love photography and still do lots (see my instagram!) but writing to you never feels as personal as talking to you directly in a video. So for now, hope you are down diggity down for this, as I plan on focusing my energy on creating awesome/funny/useful videos. Or at least that is my hope for them.😜

It’s been a HUUUUUGEEEEEE learning curve making videos, and I am confident that every upload will be better and better.

Change is good, and this little bloggity blog has changed to be more video focused. For now. 😉 Who knows what will be next!!

So yeah…. thought we should talk about that. Cuz I just kind of went and did it and didn’t really address it at all. Not that it’s something that needs addressing anyways?


There you have it. Lots of videos on Skinny Belle. 🎥

SENDING LOVE AND HUGS AND KISSES YOUR WAY! (I’m V chipper today if you haven’t noticed lol!)

Until next time. 💞


4:34 | April 12, 2018



It’s official. Obsessed with Nosara, Costa Rica.

I’ve got to say, Nosara was way more my jam than Tamarindo. It was much less touristy and much more cute/chic/my vibe. That being said, Nosara was definitely still a tourist driven spot, but not the bad kind of touristy. If that makes sense..


New vlog! From, you guessed it… NOSARA!

This was for sure my favourite part of the trip so far. The boutique hotel we stayed in was called the Vivo Nosara Hotel and it had the besttttt little brunch cafe on site. We had the smoothie bowls EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. because they were so good. The staff was kind enough to make me custom smoothies that didn’t include the approximate 56329 ingredients that hurt my stomach.

Ha… ha… ha…. kidding. But not at all. My stomach sucks and basically all the things hurt it.


Meaning to say that the team at Vivo Nosara Hotel was awesome and worked with my ridiculous dietary restrictions.

Anyways, we had a great stay. I share all the best things to do, eat, see, and where to stay in further detail in the vlog above!

Make sure you give it a thumbs up on YouTube if you enjoyed the video! 😄





7:36 | April 8, 2018



Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel vlog!

Well folks, there we have it! My very first vlog all the way from Costa Rica 🙂 Let me tell you, it is VERY likely that my hair will be in braids like this for every video/photo/whatever for this whole trip. The humidity does NOT do fabulous things for my mane.

I mostly just look like Monica from Friends when the crew went on vacation lol!


We spent the first few days here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It is definitely a super touristy town with prices comparable to Hawaii… I KNOW. Who would have thought.

But it was still very beautiful and we had the best time. Watch the video above to see what Tamarindo looks like and what I did on day numero uno! (That’s me practicing my Spanish 😉 )

Writing to you now from Nosara, and omgggg is it ever amazing here. Vlogging today so I will have you fully updated in a few days. Still learning to edit these dang video thingymabobbers and it takes me a while lol!

Anywho, I gotta go. Ya girl has a date with a fresh fruit smoothie. #romance


Pura vida!


4:41 | April 1, 2018



Scotch tape, works every time!

New makeup tutorial!!!

These are sO MUCH FUN TO FILM. I love glamming SOOOOooooOOOoooOOOO MUCH! And my new camera makes it so much easier to see wtf is going on on my face.

You know?

This tutorial was inspired by a look that Chloe Morello did of Bella Hadid. The badass winged liner was achieved VERY easily by using some scotch tape! Watch the full video to see how I did it!

Also, make sure you give this video a THUMBS UP!

Once you’ve gone and learned how to get a gangster winged eye liner above and left me a cutie little comment and “like”……


3. More. Days.


Like wtf? Is this life?

Ya girl cannot wait. I am so impatient with these things. Not going to lie the last few weeks in Vancouver have felt like a lifetime. Time always seems to move extra extra slow when you are excited about something.

Do you feel like that too ever?

Anywho… I’ve got about 6 million chores to do before I leave. Really annoying pre-travel stuff haha. SO IMA GO DO THAT.

Hope you like the video!!