Hi there! 👋🏻 My name is Robyn — I’m the founder and creative director of Skinny Belle. However you have stumbled upon this corner of the internet, welcome! I guess this is the part where I am supposed to give myself a proper introduction, and explain wtf Skinny Belle is. 😉

Let’s start with me.

For 9 years I was an international fashion model (no, not an “instagram model”, don’t even get me started on that one 😒) and traveled to work from Los Angeles to Milano. Being the little Vancouver, Canada born and raised girl I am, this opened up some pretty unique opportunities. Modelled for some dope designers, and learned to be a major #GirlBoss from the age of 15. Seriously, you need to know how to handle yourself when you are basically a child who works with adults all day long. Managing myself, navigating strange cities to go to castings, negotiating contract terms, and scheduling my life was a bit of a learning curve at first, but I like to think I’m a smart cookie and got the hang of it pretty quick. Overall, modelling was a highly rewarding experience. Learned a lot, made lifelong friends, and got to travel the world. All-in-all, wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Here’s a few bits and bites of my work:


My modeling career also paid for my Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business. Like I said, have always been a girl boss. Actually fuck the “girl boss” stuff. So sexist. I have always been a BOSS. Period. 😤 Throughout university, girl got realll into the sorority life. You could say I was the president of Alpha Delta Pi or something keen like that. Now, before you quickly close this page and are all “oh goddddd *eyeroll* here we go… Another annoying sorority girl.” I would just like to say, you are wrong. Alpha Delta Pi was one of the best experiences I have arguably ever had, and taught me how to 1) manage 100 women who all think their opinions are the most important (something similar will come up in your working life, I promise), 2) run a full fledged business (sororities are literally the exact same thing as businesses, no joke), and 3) how to be social. I am a classic introvert and really like to do stuff alone, so the whole socializing thing was a good challenge for me. Seriously lol. Sad but true, only child syndrome I guess. 😂



Over the past 4 years I have been a brand and marketing director for a few cool tech startups. 😁 Building brands and connecting them to people with like-minded values is the peanut butter to my jelly. I love it. So much that I even opened my own digital marketing agency — Rok. Rok is a creative studio that helps companies get the right people to care about what they do. It’s cool. We do cool stuff. If ur cool you should check it out. K, cool. 😜

So here we are. Today. A lot has happened in a relatively short amount of time, and I have captured as much of it as I could on Skinny Belle with my hectic schedule over the past few years. I’ve shared recipe secrets, fashion, travel stories, restaurant reviews, how-tos, beauty tips, and a hell of a lot of random ramblings.

With the re-launch of Skinny Belle, I am going to be a straight-up open book. 💯 I will be doing a deeper dive into my day-to-day life, experiences, travels, relationship advice (oh yes, we are going to talk boys), and all the awesome real-stuff I frankly just haven’t had the bandwidth to share up to this point. There’s a lot that has never even made it close to Skinny Belle, and that’s all about to change. 🎉

My life is pretty unique, and I am definitely one of the weirdos who rocks out to her own beat. Tried to be normal once, it wasn’t for me. 😝 So if you’re down to come on this crazy adventure, welcome to the show my friends.


All my love,





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